Let’s Talk-  01-30-2017

We open with a lie! We were told Stephanie was going to address Seth but we got Jericho and Kevin Owens. Look guys Kevin is actually selling his match with Reigns. Will Reigns follow suit? Best sign of the night, “I thought this was Smackdown!” We get Eight minutes of Kevin telling us all that he is the best and that he won last night, and then Jericho talking about being in the Rumble for over an hour begging us to tweet out 61 minute man. This was the definition of filler. Braaaauuuuuunnnnnn comes down and demands the title match that he was promised. Kevin denies his request but Strowman had video footage. Mick comes down and makes it so. Braun did well in his small spot. He is a bully, a bully that is right, but a bully that makes demands. Also, Mick is wear a pajama top and bottom trying to be a suit.


Match 1: Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho


Recap: We open with an exchange of holds. Jericho and Sami end up outside with Sami hitting a springboard moonsault off the barricade. Jericho fights Sami off the top rope and hits a nice Frankensteiner but is rolled up for a 2.

Sami with the Blue Thunder Bomb for a 2. Sami set up for the Helluva Kick but Chris bailed out, Sami looked to do the dive through the ring ropes at the turnbuckle, but again, Jericho ran. Helluva Kick attempt again but he is scooped up by the legs and put into the Walls. Sami does a good job of selling the move and the struggle to get to the ropes. Sami with the Exploder into the corner and the Helluva Kick for the 1…2…3! Good, slower paced match between the two.

Your Winner: Sami Zayn

Sheamus and Cesaro are having a moment backstage. They are back to bickering. Are they working well together or aren’t they? Bayley interrupts because she is in a 6-person tag team match with them vs. Charlotte, and the Club. However, because they are all children in the WWE, Charlotte and the Club act like schoolyard bullies and call them nerds…such shit when it is such an easy thing to do to not seem so lame and childish.

Recap of the Seth/HHH saga. Football season is over, so it’s HHH season! How much do you want to bet we forgot all about HHH willing Kevin the belt and how it affected Stephanie and her plans. I bet we forget about the hug Stephanie and HHH had after a PPV that had Mick and Seth wondering what was happening. I bet we forget Stephanie was a tweener and she goes right back to being a heel along with her husband while Seth will return to whining about not being the chosen one.

Speaking of Stephanie, Kevin and her interact. Kevin asks to overturn his match with Strowman, and she agrees that she will deal with it, only after she deals with Seth.

Match 2: Tony Nese vs. Mustafa Ali

Recap: Ali is fast, Nese is strong, there’s your story. Ali with a nice headscissors and some vertical offense before he is caught by Nese. Nese is on the offensive briefly before Ali take it to the finish. Kick to the head into the roll through into the neckbreaker. Ali looking to get the 450 Shooting Star Press, but he is stopped and knocked off the ropes. Nese with the knee to the face in the corner and gets the victory. After the match Austin asks him about being a charisma vacuum. Nese says he doesn’t have to answer to the critics and Austin tells the crowd that we got what we always get from Nese…Nothing. I can not wait for Austin Aries to be on WWE in a wrestling capacity.

Seth comes out to the ring to confront Stephanie. I actually laugh now that her music literally gets no reaction from the crowd. No boos, not cheers, just apathy. HHH is apparently afraid to show his darkside. He was asked by Stephanie to stay away. Sorry I checked out, but let me see here. Stephanie says something, Seth blows it off. Anyways, Seth says he went to NXT to find HHH, he had security take him out and that what he did was something that a man who is scared would do. He questions all of HHH nicknames, so Stephanie used Seth nickname. Anyways, this just kept going. It wasn’t bad, it is that nothing different happened. Oh, and Stephanie lied and HHH is coming to the show tonight. Ok, first off couldn’t that have been a surprise, and second why not do this part and the HHH confrontation at the same time?

Match 3: Sheamus, Cesaro, and Bayley vs. Gallows, Anderson, and Charlotte

Recap: So, I walked away for a drink to sit back down and see 1 second of action and a commercial. We come back and I see Cesaro trying to the hot tag…I am so lost. Sheamus got the hot tag and ran wild on Gallows. Sheamus did hit the Kane clothesline off the top. Sheamus with the chest clubs, but Charlotte smacks him across the back. Gallows tags in Bayley who used Cesaro’s back to clothesline Charlotte. Cesaro springboards to the outside and the Club misses him and he hit hard. Charlotte is hit with the Belly-to-Bayley and is pinned. Charlotte’s special meter is just not strong enough to be awesome two nights in a row and she just can’t muster enough strength to kick out of like four moves.

Your Winners: It’s Bayley, Sheamus, and Cesaro

Mick and Stephanie are backstage and she questions Micks ability. Mick calls Stephanie out on the music being played last week, to which, Stephanie plays stupid. Mick asks Stephanie if she thinks he is stupid because he isn’t. He says if she is going to keep her word and HHH will be here tonight, then she should let him keep his word and have this match take place.

Neville comes out and cuts a heel promo about winning the Cruiserweight Championship. Apparently no one ever care, or supported him. Promo was fine and it brought down Rich Swann. He tells Neville that he would love to throw fist but he is going to wait because he has a rematch. He questions Neville’s fight with the WWE Universe. Swann got over their match from last night, and offers to shake his hand. So, Neville is taking the King thing like he is an actual King. He demands Swann kneel and then they brawl. Swann dives out onto Neville who is forced to retreat. Where the hell was this Rich Swann last night? Also, they retaped the ropes for this segment, could we not?

Backstage Kevin gets the bad news from Jericho for some reason. This built up the Jericho and Kevin issue. Jericho nonchalantly mentioned that the match tonight was a one-on-one match and that Kevin wasn’t out there when Sami was cheating to beat him early tonight. Kevin asks him several times if Jericho had his back and Jericho reluctantly agreed but looked off in the distance.

Match 4: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Braun Stowman for the WWE Universal Championship

Recap: Kevin comes out with Chris on commentary. Strowman looks over at Jericho and runs at him and front kicks him. He then chokeslams Chris through the announce table before heading to the ring.

In the ring Kevin tried to go right for Strowman and hit a dropkick on Strowman. Then we got like five straight minutes of Strowman destroying Kevin. He clubbed and clobbered him on the inside, he did the same on the outside. Kevin got some offense back because Kevin moved and Strowman went head first into the ringpost. Senton and a Frog Splash allows Kevin to get a 2. Strowman hits a Powerslam but was unable to cover Kevin. Roman’s music hits and Strowman switches his attention to Roman. Superman punch causes the DQ. Reigns sent Braun outside and punched him in the face off to the steps and then hit the spear off the steps as the crowd goes indifferent, and because Roman is a dick he went ahead and speared Kevin Owens. Could have been worse he could have just forgotten about him and made him out as a nobody.

Your Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Kevin Owens

Brock…Brockbrockbrock…Brock…Brockbrockbrockbrock! Brock with Heyman in tow head out to the ring. Also, second best sign of the night was the Brock Lesnar…Drink it in MAN! Heyman speaks for a second and we hear the “GOOOOLDberg” chants from the crowd. Heyman talks about how when looking at everybody’s legacy you can have a yeah but. He talks about Ronda Rousey and how she was dominant, yeah but. Undertaker was unbeatable, yeah but, Brock Lesnar. He talks about how Goldberg is the yeah but in Lesnar’s legacy. This was very well done. Heyman tells the world that Lesnar is challenging Goldberg one last time at Wrestlemania.

Match 5: Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks

Recap: Triple Trouble! We see a rematch from last night. The match is almost exactly the same story they told last night with Nia pretty much squashing Sasha, and the match ended with an awkward finish. The belt just rang, no one knew why, and the ref is seen on camera telling them that he didn’t ask for the bell, but then he goes over like the match was over. There was no end to this as we see Bayley came out and asked Nia to stop, so she does.

Your Winner: Nia Jax I think

Match 6: Rusev and Jinder Mahal vs. Enzo and Big Cass Tornado Tag

Recap: Walk and Brawl, Walk and BRAWL everywhere. Double team in the ring on Cass. Enzo hit a crossbody on Jinder. Suicide dive is blocked and Enzo is Snake Eyes’d on the barricade. Wow, not a whole lot happened here. Rusev looked like he might make out with Enzo but instead bodyslams him. Cass fights back into the ring and gets the Empire Elbow on Rusev. Jinder forgets what he is doing or who’s side he is on, but does finally put the boots to Cass. Another double team happened until they do the Rocket Launcher for the 3. Can these guys stop working together in the match before the main event segment. It has been like 4 months.

Your Winner: Enzo and Cass

Nevermind that shit, here comes HHH! But what, we need to promote, fuck the wrestling show or the fact that they know three hours is too long but still make us suffer through 10 to 15 minutes more.


HHH and Seth confrontation that we have all been waiting for, well some of us…a couple of us? By the way your main event of a show that ends at 11 P.M. Eastern Standard Time started at 10:57 P.M. That was the time HHH’s music finally hit. So once he was in the ring we are talking 11. So I got to thinking, what happened tonight that could have went long and I think it was the Sasha Banks match!!! While HHH is awesome on the mic, he’s reasoning for giving up on Seth was because he blew out his knee? Seth spit in HHH’s face because he came back and went back to doing exactly what he was doing before he blew out his knee? Maybe I missed something but his reasoning is not computing to me. He tells him that he already knows who his creator is, why doesn’t Seth come out and meet his destroyer. AND THEN WE GOT JOE! Seth comes down and as he goes to enter the ring Samoa Joe attacks Seth. Seth continues to crawl towards HHH but HHH just backs up and tells Joe to get him. Joe takes Seth into the ring Senton’s the hell out of him several times and locks in the Rear Naked Choke to send us off the air! Great way to debut this man.

Show Overall: This was an OK night overall. I know this is a broken record again but the third hour is so unnecessary that it makes me sour on an otherwise good show. There is about two hours of good storytelling and action, but the filler still railroads the product. Anyways, we are continuing to see the build up to the split of Jericho and Owens. We continue to make Strowman look strong and I am very interested in what they are going to do with the match between Roman and Strowman. The introduction of Joe in the HHH/Seth story allows something that Seth can work and bump around with while building to HHH at Mania. Hell, I would rather see Him and Samoa Joe go at it at Mania but it will be interesting to see where this is heading. All in all you need to check out the Heyman promo and check out the final promo with HHH. Match wise…Not too much you will miss out on. So…


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Monty the Yank