Let’s Talk About-  01-10-2017


Let’s get going. Looking forward to this based off of last week, however, I have peeked at the results and I fear I may not like what I am about to watch.

We open with Stephanie and Mick, and a performance review…Because I know what I want on my wrestling show is a review of someone’s performance! Also, how the hell is the Undertaker being on RAW just a rumor when they have been promoting him on the show since last week. Not he may come, that he will be there. Seth comes in and had a throw away line that he will be entering the Royal Rumble. Immediately we see Braun Strowman. They brawl and Stephanie screams that everyone will be fired…woohoo.

Match 1: Roman Reigns (C) vs. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens for the United States Championship

Recap: Siked your minds. Braun comes out and beats down Roman. Chris and Kevin come in and help.

Seth comes out and breaks it up, and Roman and he try to take out Braun. Stephanie comes down and makes the US title match for the main event, showing once again that RAW started the night without a main event. She also made a match between Seth and Braun.

Your Winner: You’ll see.

Match 1: Braun Strowman vs. Seth Rollins

Recap: An pretty decent match between Seth and Braun. WWE has done a good job inserting Braun into longer, more meaningful matches without sending him out there to die. Anyways, we see Seth hit a dropkick onto Braun trying to take out Braun early. Braun powers him up but Seth keeps running and trying to take out the base of Strowman. All Braun, all the time with the clubbing blows and stomps. Seth grabs the beard of Strowman and hits the jawbreaker to get some distance. This is momentary as we see Braun hit a spinebuster and then sends Seth out of the ring.  Back from the break we see Braun catch Seth off of a Blockbuster attempt from Bret’s rope. Strowman tries for the super-plex but Seth slips out and punches Braun off of Bret’s rope and hits the Frog Splash for a long 2.

 Honestly, I believe that was the first 2 count that Braun has given up on TV. Seth sends Braun outside and then misses a flying nothing to the outside. This causes Braun to forget about the count and tries to drag Seth back into the ring as the ref calls for the bell. After the match Braun got a chair and Seth thwarts him by kicking the chair into Braun’s knee. Braun tries once to return to the ring but decides to retreat from a chair wielding Rollins.

Your Winner: No Contest/Double Countout

And folks this ends the entertain part of the show until the main event. Well, I must admit Byron selling the poke to the Voodoo doll was nice.

Bayley and Sasha backstage, Sasha keeps bringing up that one day they will face off. I like that they are building to a potential Sasha/Bayley feud. Anyways, Charlotte spits some truth. She is still undefeated in title matches on PPV. Nia somehow, snuck up on Sasha and takes her out, while Charlotte took out Bayley. Charlotte pats Nia on the back and Nia runs her into the wall, while Charlotte tries to look scared.

Match 2: Jack Gallaher vs. Drew Gulak

Recap: GULAK, STOP WITH THE SLAM THAT SENDS THE GUYS LEGS ACROSS THE TOP ROPE! Anyways, nothing happens and Gallaher wins with a dropkick. Not really showcasing the talents of their cruiserweights in these 3 minute matches. After the match Gallaher asks for a parley with Daivari to work through their differences.

Your Winner: Jack Gallaher

We waste a HBK segment to bring him out for some HA-HA. We see him come out, make it known that he is not going to be in another match, ever. Then he does a skit with Rusev and Jinder.

All of this was to make a Jinder Mahal vs. Big Cass match. On top of being pointless it was also excruciatingly long! Was it funny? Not really, Rusev was pretty entertaining how deadpanned he treated the jokes in the ring, but it was the definition of filler. Just like the last four sentences of the paragraph have been.

Match 3: Big Cass vs. Jinder Mahal

Recap: An absolutely pointless match. We see Jinder and Cass fumble-fuck around in the ring. Rusev eats a Sweet Chin Music on the floor and Cass hits the Empire Elbow for the victory.

Your Winner: Big Cass

Match 4: Neville vs. Lince Dorado

Recap: Neville has a failure to launch early. Lince with the dropkick, into a front handspring, rebound stunner, followed by a headscissors, sending Neville Out of the ring. A dive later and we see Lince take Neville back into the ring. Neville finally slows the match down. He works the arm getting the crowd to clap it out for Dorado. Neville catches Lince off of a hurricanrana attempt. He lifts him on his shoulders and drops him down, locking Lince into a modified Rings of Saturn.

He kicks and stomps Lince after the match and locks Lince back into the RIngs of Saturn until Rich Swann comes down to the ring. Neville stomps Swann as he comes into the ring, but for the first time since debuting, Swann shows some passion and intensity attacking Neville with nice punches and Neville bails out of the ring nearing getting his head kicked off by Swann. Looky here, story progression and intensity, and wouldn’t you know it? I liked this and want to see these guys go at it



Your Winner: Neville

Stephanie is all over the show, and now is super heel because she made a match between Sasha and Bayley vs. Nia Jax and Charlotte. I disdain Stephanie and her go away heat always makes this show more of a bear than it should be to watch. 3-hours plus an insufferable asshole is just the icing on this turd souffle of a combo.

Match 5: Gallows vs. Sheamus

Recap: We get a good big man match between these two. Sheamus sends Gallows out of the ring, and I stopped watching the match because I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on, on commentary. We have Anderson talking about being big in Japan, Cole is disputing this with pointing out they have not won the titles in WWE, while Graves is pointing out that WWE is a global brand and that Japan is important,WHILE, Cesaro is speaking French and/or German while Graves is agree with him. I just couldn’t focus on the match because this train-wreck was going on and entering my ear drums causing temporary blindness due to by brain synapses being overloaded with information! I didn’t even fast forward because I needed time to recuperate. Anyways, Sheamus fights Gallows off with punches, kicks, and knees. We get the clubs across the chest, which should be a DQ, and then dropkicks him out of the ring. You know how I said this match was a good, big man match? Well it was for the first 3 minutes, then it grinded to the finish. Back and forth slowly. Distraction happens because, on the fucking ramp, you know 15 to 20 yards away from the ring, Sheamus sees Anderson attack Cesaro. Gallows then hits a move, gets distracted himself, and then eats a Brogue Kick for a loss. Also, why did Cesaro sell for a water bottle to the chest?

Your Winner: Sheamus

Insert rant/ To get us all hyped for Undertaker’s return we have Mick Foley come out and talk about their history, which is a good thing. Then, because that is just not good enough, we hype it up more by having Stephanie come out and decide to finish Mick performance review…on live television…SO THAT THE UNDERTAKER CAN CUT HER OFF. Why is she out there for this segment? Why is the Undertaker on RAW for this segment? I know why, but storyline wise it makes no sense. All of this hoopla about Wrestlemania not defining him, and that he was a Smackdown guy leads to Undertaker talking about his Wrestlemania loss, how he will enter the Rumble to headline Wrestlemania, and he did all of this on RAW!!!

Anyways, Taker was good, he put Stephanie in her place, like others should be doing but can’t, and got to the point that he will be in the Rumble match.

Kevin and Chris promote the main event. I would like to point out that Chris is still wearing the anchor scarf that he gave to Braun months ago. Chris tells “Chaz” that he thinks it is time for the United States to have a couple of Canadians as champions.

Match 6: Bayley and Sasha vs. Charlotte and Nia Jax

Recap: Immediately to a commercial and we come back to Sasha being taken out. Bayley gets the tag and some offense but Charlotte takes her out with a kick. Nia comes in and flings Bayley around the ring. Bayley is beaten, and beaten, and beaten, and beaten, and beaten, and thrown around the ring for what felt like an eternity. Nia comes in hits a leg drop and wins.

So you have an out with Sasha being hurt. She could have gotten the tag and her leg gives and have Charlotte lock in a Figure Eight causing Sasha to immediately tap, but instead we need to beat the woman that will be competing for the championship at the Rumble…cool.

Your Winner: Nia Jax and Charlotte

Noam Dar gets his face worn off by Alicia, who then says that Alexander was right, that Noam couldn’t handle a real woman, as Noam looks on in euphoria.

New Day segment…with Titus…it was too long, and too pointless for me to care. It was also basically the same thing we saw last week. We have a pretty pointless segment leading to one of the New Day wrestling Titus and winning. At least have Titus win or something to make this a little different.

Match 7: Titus vs. Kofi

Recap: I also don’t care about this, how the hell is a face group making fun of a guy for being clumsy, still faces? The are assholes and I actually feel bad for Titus. Three men coming out, making fun of one guy and expect me to cheer for them? Nah! Trouble in Paradise and a victory for Kofi.

Your Winner: Kofi


Match 8: Roman Reigns (C) vs. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho for the WWE United States Championship

Recap: So, because 22 separate times we have seen these guys go at it in the past few months we need to see Chris and Kevin together vs. Roman. Early on we get a pop from the crowd because Roman tries to lock Chris into the shark cage. Kevin and Chris continue to work Reigns over before the match begins. Chris and Kevin send Roman into the cage sending it crashing to the ground, cool spot there.

We don’t see too much in this match, but they all did a good job of getting everything out of it. We see Roman fight off Kevin and Chris, and then the both take him back out. Rinse, repeat, Superman punch.

Somehow off of the Superman punch attempt by Roman, Jericho cut his head on Roman’s gear. Jericho hits the Lionsault and tried to lock in the Walls. Kevin tries to hit the Popup into the Codebreaker but Jericho is punched, sort of. Crowd boos because they think Roman is going to win, but he can’t connect with the spear. Jericho is taken out but Roman gets kicked in the face at ringside. Powerbomb attempt by Kevin on the outside is reversed and he is hit with the Driveby. Superman punch by Roman, but he is caught with the Codebreaker while he was trying to enter the ring. Kevin takes Roman and hits the powerbomb on the ring apron. Roman is dragged back into the ring. Chris and Kevin take turns slapping Roman in the face and ultimately work together to have Chris Jericho win the match with the Codebreaker.

Match was good, however, I would have liked to see the spot at the beginning happen in the middle to try and get the crowd back into it. Nitpicking aside they did what they could with what they had. Problem is that  the crowd really did want to boo Kevin and Chris and weren’t really cheering Roman. It was almost like the crowd had apathy for all the men in the ring and I think that hurt the ending of this match.

Your Winner and NEW United States Champion: Chris Jericho

Show Overall: Not a shitshow this week, but most of the middle just felt like filler again. I think I know what they are trying to do. They are trying to give us short match set up by long segments, sort of like Smackdown is doing. However, the segments weren’t really building to an overall story and was more building the the match right then and there. And the issue is still the length. The segments before or after a match on Smackdown are short and sweet, while the segments tonight we all 10 minutes plus leading to a short match. Show wasn’t bad but you could roll up the important things and get it into a nice one hour package which isn’t a good thing. Anyways, looking forward to Smackdown and what it may, or may not hold. So…

Until Next Time,

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