So, I missed it and I am sorry…but I am also sad that Eli Drake lost. However, I am so glad that DCC revealed themselves as James Storm, Bram, and some other bloak.

We open with Eddie Edwards in the ring. Babyface promo by Eddie, telling the DDC that he likes chaos and he likes to fight. DDC, put their mask back on…why? That’s stupid, it’s stupid, I’m stupid for watch it? I hate this stupid gimmick…Well hell then they changed their opening, but I am still not digging the mask. They triple team Eddie in the ring. Also, the other bloak is Eddie Kingston, which could turn very interesting. Belt shot is set up by James Storm but Jeff comes out and stops them. This was a pretty good start to the show.

Match 1: Jessie Godderz vs. Aron Rex (c)

Recap  Thank God that Aron changed his trunks to pink. Crowd was absolutely dead for this to start. Jessie gets taken to town for a good portion of this match. Jessie gets heel’d out on by Aron, who keeps raking the eyes and taking the match to the outside. Jessie gets the momentum back and rakes Aron’s eyes and then gets him into the Adonos Crab for the tapout victory. Match was alright, if not very forgettable.

Your Winner: Jessie Godderz via the Adonos Crab

Gail has to vacate the Knockout’s Championship after what Rosemary did to her last week. New champion crowned in 2 weeks.

Match 2: Laurel Van Ness and Sienna vs. Brandi Rhodes and Madison Rayne

Recap: Laurel slaps Madison to start off, which causes Madison to tell Brandi to tag her in. She slaps, artistically so, Laurel back. They we get an hour and a half of Madison getting beat up. Brandi can’t even get into and out of the ring without it looking like a chore. Hot tag to Brandi, leading to shitty clotheslines, but she is cut off with a boot. Shitty looking dropkick, shitty looking European uppercut, and a shitty looking Codebreaker for a 2. Wow. Also, the fuck was that reverse Russian legsweep…Wow, that was shit and she should feel bad about this.

Your Winners: Brandi Rhodes and Madison Rayne

We get Normal Matt Hardy deleting his emails. He is totally normal, so much so, that he is more abnormal than he was when he was broken. Anyways Rebe and her boobs wants to show him some videos to try and jog his memory. Also, how dare Jeff not come to the ice cream social Matt put on. Matt worked hard on that custard.

Match 3: Michael Bennett, Bobby Lashley vs.Trevor Lee vs. EC3 for the Number One Contendership to the TNA World Championship

Recap: They fight, and fight, and fight, and fight, and fight, fight, fight…fight, fight, fight, the Trevor and Bennett SHOOOOOOWWW! A lot of punchy, kicky early from all four. EC3 takes over on Trevor and Bennett, when they turn on each other. EC3 goes for a double 1%er on Trevor and Bennett but is pushed into a spear by Lashley. Bunch-o-moves by the foursome. Spinebuster PARTY!!!! Trevor with the “What a collision”. Trevor hits a suicide dive out onto EC3, and Lashley. Trevor and EC3 are back into the ring and EC3 hits the TKO and a sleeper for the victory.

Your Winner and Number One Contender to the TNA World Championship: EC3

And this is where my DVR took a shit on me. The rest of the show went as follows:

Mahabali Shera defeated Basile Baraka- Wow, we are still trying to get Shera over huh?

The DCC (James Storm, Bram & Eddie Kingston) defeated Eddie Edwards & Jeff Hardy- This was a good call

Show Overall: Well, for what I saw of the show tonight, I wasn;t disappointed. However, I must say the Brandi Rhodes stuff is so bad. She isn’t even remotely ready to be in the ring.On top of this the Storyline with Maria have her goons has run its course. Jeff and Eddie teaming up and the other guy being Matt in this story missing in Action due to…amnesia, is a fun storyline to watch. Overall, show was good, I just hope I can see the whole thing next week! So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank