We open with Matt and the gang go through Senor Benjamin’s amazing, corn maze. Matt has a premonition and says someone will come to to compound with a message.

Match 1: EC3 and Jessie Godderz vs. Eli Drake and Aron Rex

Recap: Early action goes to EC3 and Jessie. Dropkick party from the duo as Aron has to fight off EC3 to get the tag to Eli. Jessie with a amateur throw and tries for the crab on Aron, who powers out. Eli comes off the top but is hit in the gut, and is double flapjacked for his efforts. Hot tag doesn’t last long for EC3. He does hit a reverse Russian leg sweep, which looked really bad. Grounded, EC3 has to fight off the quick tags from Drake and Rex. EC3 finally hits the hot tag to Jessie. Jessie with an assortment of slams, but again Eli cuts off the barrage. Jessie fights off Rex and hits the dropkick onto Eli, who was on the top rope. Jessie is ambushed by Aron and is knocked out with a shot from Aron, who gets the 1…2…3! Commentary gets over the fact that they think Aron had a foreign object, but they can’t show anything conclusive. Match was a little long but was entertaining. Also, Aron is slowly going heel, and not just full going into it.

Your Winners: Eli Drake and Aron Rex

Backstage segment…skip it.

Grado is going to be dressing up as someone tonight…cool.

Matt is at the compound and they acting weird in front of trick or treaters. He gives out green beans to the children and tells them that no one likes a fat Hardy.

Spud talks about how he is sick of being overlooked in the X Division. He says he will bring a couple of other guys that have been overlooked to take on DJ Z and his team.

Grado is on the stage, not dressed up. But he tells the crowd he wants to bring out the best wrestler in the world…Robbie E. Robbie get a very mild reaction, I mean less than the pop for Halloween. Robbie makes a point, why is he out there. Grado tells him that he wants to be a Broman. Oh my God, Grado reappears with Bromans trunks and a shitty, dripping spray tan. Robbie finally gets into it as the online activists come in and break up the party. Apparently they are called the BBC? Must say though the piledriver was nice. A wasteful, but entertaining segment.

Allie gets a pep talk from a creepy Billy Corgan. Also, is Billy Corgan, Willy Wonka? Allie kind of pumped herself up, while Billy booked the match.

Match 2: DJ Z, Braxton Sutter, and Mandrews(With a skateboard) vs. Rockstar Spud, and Decay

Recap: Damn right, Decay. Spud tries to use Decay to his advantage. He keeps getting in the way, and he slowly starts to make it awkward. Mandrews gets manhandled by the team. Vicious forearms by Steve. Big splash by Abyss. Mandres gets the double stop and gets the hot tag to DJ Z. Decay is taken out and DJ Z hits the DZT for the 1…2…3. Match was sudden. Decay took it to them and Rockstar eating the pin was fine. We will see where this goes. I still don’t understand the point of these matches, or the “crazy” rules.

Your Winners: DJ Z, Braxton Sutter, and Mandrews

Contract signing for Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Lashley

What’s the point: Well, you know, it was basically all contract signings we see in the ring. No physicality until the matchup next week. BOOOOOO. Lashley makes some fair points. He says every time they meet Eddie gets beat up. He then tells Eddie that this company needs a credible champion. He offered to allow Eddie to forfeit and retire as champion. Eddie talks about what happened the last time they faced, and that was him walking out as champion. He gets over that next week they will have a rematch. Lashley admits he underestimated Eddie Edwards. He tells him that this time he will not be lucky and he will pay. Contract is signed! Eddie asks Lashley what happens if Lashley loses. He asks if Lashley will be remembered as Eddie Edwards’ bitch. Lashley flips the table, but the voice of reason, JB, reminds them that they are not to become physical. This was really well done.

Shane Helms sighting. He is deleted, and gets caught up in a web. Jeff is asked where his costume is at. Jeff leaves and is immediately back as Itchweed. Wow. Itchweed is then seen manicuring his yard. Wow…

Match 3: Laurel Van Ness vs. Allie

Recap: I am over this angle. Also, Allie suddenly doesn’t have any ring gear? Allie gets beat up and loses to the Curb Stomp. So, here is an idea why not have Allie come down and just get shit on?

Your Winner: Laurel Van Ness

Trump and Hillary show up at the door. Benjamin tells Trump he is going to build a bigger wall and then bury him underneath it. He then tasers Trump. Itchweed asks where all his emails he sent Hilary went. Matt comes in and starts chanting Delete, delete, delete. Vanguard 1 chases her off.

House of Hardy assemble. DCC, ok so not BBC, tells them that they are coming to get ‘em. I already hate their gimmick.

The Bennetts cuts a promo on Cody and Brandi Rhodes. It was good, but wow this was a late in the show.


Match 4: The Miracle Mike Bennett and Maria Bennett vs. Cody and Brandi Rhodes

Recap: Story of the match was Cody getting the advantage ripped away from him every time Brandi did something distracting. Cody and Mike fight on the outside. Mike runs into Maria, who gets pissed off. Maria sneaks around and takes out Brandi before Cody could get the tag. Maria kicks Mike in the balls. Brandi, gets the hot tag and we get a CAT FIGHT…so it is very apparent that Brandi can’t work. Maria is drop toe’d into Mike balls. Double submission hold by the Rhodes and we get a double tap out. Match wasn’t very good. Too many “spots” not enough actual wrestling. Brandi is not ready to be in a ring. She is so stiff, and so awkward in the ring. It looks like she means well, but she just isn’t ready. Especially when she is in the ring with Maria, who is more of a valet than wrestler. Also, we see Cody’s swan song in the back, but he is beatdown by Lashley in the the back. Oh, and to make it look like shit at the end, they put the camera down where Cody would be, and Lashley speaks into it. Wow, that was stupid.

Your Winners: Cody and Brandi Rhodes

Show Overall: This was a pretty entertaining, if not forgettable show. Nothing really happened, but we did build up to next week. Lashley vs. Edwards should be a fun match. However, I am not looking forward to Allie getting the crap beat out of her for weeks on end. I am not looking for a dead spot in my show, seeing a “non-wrestler” get beat up. I am done with it. I am wondering where were are heading with Decay and I am hoping that once the DCC gets into the ring that we can forget the awful gimmick they have. Also, Billy needs to get off of these inventive camera angles because it makes their backstage stuff look unnatural and hokey. Anyways…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank