We open with a recap of last week and a cut to Drew in the back from last week with a hell of a battle scar from the kendo stick shot he took from EC3. He is pretty irate and tells the interviewer to get the hell away from him. Also, foreshadowing for what may be in store for EC3 tonight.

In Ring with EC3 and Bennett: We cut right to the ring with a cold open and EC3 and Bennett are in the ring talking about their match tonight. Bennett talks about how he is still being screwed over. Bennett talks about how he beat Jeff and then Drew, with the help of EC3. Bennett reminds EC3 that he is the only one in the company to pin EC3. EC3 tells him that he wants to tickle Bennett’s insides, not exactly his words, and he tells Bennett tonight we find out who is really bound for glory. Bennett heels out some more , EC3 faces out some more as we end with…well a Moose. A shirtless Moose at that. This excites…strike that, distracts EC3 and both of them lay waste to EC3 in the ring.

Overall: good build for tonight’s main event but it was a little jarring that we cut to the arena and poof I got JB asking a question to EC3 and Bennett. Good, simple promos by both so I just have to say, job done.

Vignette of Rosemary and how she became so awesome, it is a to be continued story so stay tuned.

Match 1: James Storm vs. Eli Drake (C) for the King of the Mountain Championship

Overview: Quick Start between the two with Storm meeting Eli Drake on the entrance ramp. Eli takes the early advantage with a nice neckbreaker and a 2 count. Elbow by Drake across the neck of Storm. Storm gets back into it but is favoring his leg. He rocks Drake with a flurry of offense ending with a running neckbreaker for his 2 count. Spinebuster by Storm but Eli is just too strong. Storm, like a stupid face, goes to the top rope but is cut off. Storm fights him off but Eli flies back up and hits a top rope super-plex followed by the Alabama Slam for a not so close 2 count? Drake goes to the outside out of frustration and get the belt. Eli goes to hit Storm with the belt but Storm counters and hits the Eye of the Storm for a 2. Eli tries to spit beer in the face of Storm but hits the ref. Storm rolls up Drake but there is no ref. Drake hits Storm with the belt but can only muster a 2. Storm and Drake pick up the pace trying to hit finishers. FinAllie Eli comes off the ropes and runs right into the Last Call for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner and NEW King of the Mountain Champion: James Storm

Overall: Good match overall but it dragged a little in the middle. The match was very formulaic, and I just think they can give me something different in these matches. However, it picked up when it should have and in the end Storm winning was the right move. Eli is such a fun guy to watch but honestly he doesn’t need a belt, he is fine without one and will be able to move on to his next feud after he finishes up with Storm, with or without that belt.

After the match Lashley’s music hits and he heads down to the ring. Lashley, holding both the X Division and World Heavyweight title. He implies that he wants the title that Storm holds. Storm tells Lashley he really likes that world title. He says how he won that title. How he beat an Olympic champion in a minute and implies that Lashley is only a NCAA champ so he could beat him in 30 seconds. Lashley challenges Storm for his belt and Storm agrees. Storm tells Lashley that Lashley’s arms will hurt from punching him but Storm’s foot is going to be sore from kicking his teeth down his throat. Lashley tells him that he doesn’t need to be scared because a lot of brave men have gotten their ass beat. He tells Storm he can just hand him that title. Storm tells him he lost that respect for Lashley because he does enjoy an ass whooping, bitch.

Overall: I really liked this back and forth. Lashley is a badass and good at it. Storm isn’t scared and wants to take Lashley on.Neither one backed down, nor did either one of them get beat up. I liked that, make them wait for it. I am really excited to see this match! I loved Lashley telling Storm a lot of brave men have gotten their ass beat. I thought that was such a perfect thing to say. He doesn’t care if you’re scared because he is going to hurt you regardless, that was such a badass thing to say and it just turned the corner for me on Lashley. This guy has gotten so good at his job and Storm is always good…when he is motivated to be so…so not always good, but could be if he wanted to be! Again, Can not wait to see what happens next between these two.

Match 2 Gail Kim vs. Sienna and Allie

Overview: I can’t stand Allie’s gimmick too mousy and too over the top. It doesn’t make me hate her, it makes me want to stop watching, which isn’t what they want, obviously. Sienna continues to beat up on Gail but Allie keeps squeaking to get in the ring. Gail fights back because of the distraction but Sienna hits another fall away slam. Gail finAllie gets Allie alone in the ring but Sienna gets in and hits the Ak-47 but Gail kicks out. Sienna gets back in the ring but hits Allie and Gail covers Allie for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: Gail Kim

Overall: Throw it away. I hated this match. Gail has to act like she just has no chance against Sienna, when she had no problems taking on Awesome Kong for so many years. Allie’s voice has got to stop or she has to tone it down. It isn’t heel heat it is go away heat and that isn’t good. Stuff like this makes people tune in and then tune out or tone out in a heartbeat. She can be annoying without being so bad it makes me question the reason I am watching this. Sienna is good in the ring but this match gave her no time to show it, it was for a reason, but it was still sad. Gail hit her typical moves and snuck out the pin so the cosmic ballot rolls on.

Matt promo: Matt comes out and runs down Jeff, who was in the ring, and talks about how he cost him the match last week. He spouts out the typical stuff he says when he talks to Jeff, I’m sorry Brother Nero. Matt tells Jeff that he will atone for his sins. He says he will have to work his way back to the tag team championship but he will not have Matt’s help and he will not be able to jump off the top rope.

Match 3 Jeff Hardy vs. Two Prospects (Don and Taylor) Edit: I did look it up JT Dunn

Overview: Storyline match. Jeff fights against both guys to start. Jeff takes it to Chuck Taylor as Matt keeps talking on the mic. Chuck keeps the pressure on Jeff with kicks in the corner. Chuck and Don, DAWN?, continued to hit double team moves on Jeff, as we cut to the outside as Matt has a “fan” on the ground and he starts biting at his ear. Blood on the mouth of Matt as he groans into the mic. Jeff gets the comeback with a dropkick and the, I didn’t hit you in the nuts so it isn’t a DQ, leg drop. Twist of Fate on Taylor and Don avoids the Twist of Fate. Don, Dom?, who waits too long and is hit with the Twist of Fate. Matt gets in the ring and gets in the way of Jeff so that he can’t come off the top rope with the Swanton Bomb. However, Jeff jumps over him and Matt hits Jeff with the Twist of Fate, tags himself in, and pins Don for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: The HARD…Nope Matt Hardy

Overall: I am at the point that this gimmick is starting to jump the shark. I don’t think it has gotten bad, per say, I just think he is getting too over the top. He bit a fan’s ear off…!? He talked over the whole match!??? The ending was fine I liked that he hurts Jeff, tags in and pins the guy. I liked that he is putting Jeff down whenever he can, I just think he needs to take it down a notch. Match was fine by the way. Chuck and Dom, I am not looking it up out of spite, someone tell me in the comments, looked good, Chuck more so than Don. Jeff did a good job of not going to the top until the story needed it. All and all, it was fine.

Match 4 Shera and Grado vs. the Tribunal

Overview: Firstly, we have TWO Pokemon Go storylines going on in separate american wrestling companies. Secondly, Al Snow is my boy. Tribunal took the early advantage with the three on two tilt in their favor. Grado hits Dax with a nice clothesline but Dax knocks Shera off the apron. Snow gets in and takes Grado to his corner and begs out Grado’s arm for a tag. Grado gets away from Snow and hits a crossbody. Story of the match is Shera is waiting for the hot tag. Snow keeps getting in the ring and just slows it down and beats Grado up. Grado gets the inside cradle but Shera is distracting the ref allowing Snow to kick out. Hot tag by Shera and he clears house. Shera sends Grado into the corner, who hits the corner cannonball on Snow. Stereo bodyslams by Grado and Shera. Shera stops the punch of Snow, impossible, and hits the Sky High for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: Grado and Shera

Overall: Basic match. Snow is good. I am sure that one of the Tribunal guys can’t work as I didn’t see him once in this match besides to get slammed. Grado and Shera seem to mesh well together I just didn’t care for this match. It was just one where I knew the outcome and I was just waiting for the hot tag and to see Shera get the win. It happened, the crowd seemed happy, so congratulation. Let’s move on.

So Rosemary seduces a guy gets him into the barn and Crazzy Steve and Abyss kill him, basically. So, I liked the story, but it was ultimately pointless.

It’s time for your MAAAAAAIIIINNN Event!

Match 4: The Miracle Mike Bennett vs. EC3 for the Bound for Glory TNA World Title Match

Overview: Fast start by EC3 with a bunch of chops and a few drop kicks. Bennett takes over with work in the corner and a kick to the head. EC3 press slams Bennett and drops him on the floor. EC3 has moved on from Sting’s moveset and tries the Warriors out but misses the big splash on Bennett after the press slam. Long abdominal stretch by Bennett, who uses the ropes like a smart heel. Bennett keep trying to work EC3 ribs. EC3 gets some space but they both go for the crossbody. Back to their feet and EC3 misses the splash in the corner and is hit with multiple German suplexes. EC3 fights off the last one and has one of his own sending Bennett neck first into the mat. EC3 goes for the 1%er but is countered, and powerbomb by EC3 but can only get a 2 for his efforts. EC3 gets back to his feet and goes for the TKO but Bennett sends him into the ropes. Side Russian leg sweep sending Bennett into the turnbuckle. Bennett hits a big move off the top but EC3 finds the power to kick out. Kendo stick tries to make an appearance being accompanied by Maria. Maria makes a scene allowing Bennett to use the Kendo Stick. He misses and is hit with the 1%er for his attempt. Moose comes out but Eddie Edwards comes flying out over the ropes onto Moose but he is sent into the crowd. Bennett hits the MIP but EC3 kicks out at the last moment. Bennett tries the 1%er but is thrown off. EC3 gets the Million Dollar Dream but Bennett tries to Bret Hart him for the pin but EC3 lets go in time and pops back up and hits the 1%er for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner and Contender for the TNA World Title at Bound for Glory: EC3

Overall: This was a good match, EC3 typically has the same match when it is the main event. This was refreshing. Slowed down, back and forth match between the two led up to the ending. They didn’t kick out of a bunch of finishers and I liked them pulling out all the stops in the end, with Bennett going for the 1%er and EC3 trying for the submission. The recall of their last match was nice and EC3 learning from his mistake was a nice touch. Clean 1,2,3 at the end was exactly what EC3 needed. Lashley (presumably) vs. EC3 at Bound for Glory should be fun with them switching roles.Great match and good ending to the night.

Show Overall: Good, solid show tonight. The show reAllie flowed and led to an awesome main event. TNA has consistently done this, as I have said previously. They have made me want to watch next week and their build to Bound for Glory is actuAllie very solid. The beginning of the show was a bit sudden but when you can cut things off the show I guess entrances for people that will be out later is fine. Not a whole lot of promos but the ones they did were appropriate. I wasn’t happy that Drew didn’t come out and do something in the match, the story was begging for it. However, I like that they are building that animosity between those two if and when EC3 wins the belt. Do I think Lashley should keep the belt? Yeah, I sort of do. However, a monster heel is there to build steam and let it culminate on the biggest show to the biggest face and that is where they are heading so I won’t be disappointed either way. I will say this though, they better not wait too long like they did with Drew and put the built on EC3, as a face, at the right time which is probably  at Bound for Glory. We will see where this heads, so…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank