Enzo and Cass vs. JeriKo



Highlights: Cass and Enzo promo putting over New York, New York. Cass and Enzo hit a beautiful running tossing back splash to the outside onto JeriKo. KO mocking Enzo’s ring apron taunt. KO calling out High Five to Jericho on the tag. Jericho with the chinlock telling the ref to ask Enzo if he gives up. Jericho cuts off the hot tag by literally swatting Enzo away from Cass as he dove! Kevin Owens hitting a nice Eddie Frog Splash. Kevin missed a corner cannonball by way of blowing a kiss at Jericho.


KO hits the cannonball on Cass into the barricade. Scary looking DDG (DDT by Enzo who jumped off the top rope) onto Jericho. Code Breaker by Jericho for the win.

Winners: JeriKo


Overall: Good start to the night…Well I mean it has been going on for 2 hours before this, with a nice match between Sheamus and Cesaro. Jericho and Owens are great heels and played the crowd perfectly. Enzo and Cass looked good but Enzo still needs a lot of work in the ring to be solid. I liked JeriKo winning but I was hoping for Cass and Enzo.

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks © for the WWE Women’s Championship


Highlights: Sasha hitting a nice headscissors and going for the Bank’s Statement early on. Charlotte had Sasha stretched over the top turnbuckle and then slamming her back first onto the canvas…it was a botch and it looked like it hurt Sasha quite a bit. Gory Special by Charlotte. Charlotte hit a nasty looking backbreaker slam combo out of the corner. Sasha with the jumping Headscissors of Bret’s rope.


Charlotte bealed Saha into the corner and put her right into the Tree of Woe. Sasha hurricanrana’s Charlotte off  a Splash Mountain from the top. Sasha hit the double knees to Charlotte onto the outside. Sasha takes her own bump off the back cracker, Charlotte goes for the Natural Selection but is reversed into a Bank’s Statement. Natural Selection by Charlotte for a long 2. Tilt-a-whirl into the Bank’s Statement but is rolled over into the pin by Charlotte.


Winner and New Women’s Champion: Charlotte

Overall: I don’t normally say this but the wrong person won tonight. Charlotte gets the big win at Wrestlemania and then loses on RAW to win the belt back at SummerSlam. This is completely backwards. You heel should be losing at big events not winning. Sasha was looking good as champion and they build up to Charlotte being on her own and Sasha getting to face Charlotte one on one and then loses? Not even to heel tactics. I am not sure why they did this and I hope they have an explanation tomorrow night. Charlotte needs to be safer in the ring. This is not just a one of thing that has happened with her. She has botched up some dangerous spots and someone is going to be seriously hurt is she doesn’t get this figured out. Match was good, if not sloppy as Sasha looked a bit out of it off that big botch off the top.

Apollo Crews vs. The Miz © for the Intercontinental Championship


Highlights: Big dropkick by Crews to a flying Miz. Crews with the throw Miz around and hit the crossbody with the kip up.  Nice Goldberg style powerslam by Crews. Crews caught Miz looking for his clothesline in the corner and hit a nicer Steiner-style belly-to-belly. Standing moonsault by Crews. Miz avoids the splash in the corner and hit Crews with the Skullcrushing Finale for the pinfall?


Your Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

Overall: So what the hell? We kick off the night with all of the heel competitors winning? Seriously? Miz honestly has no business winning this match tonight. Crews on PPV, hell on SummerSlam needed to come out the winner, personally. Miz winning isn’t making him look strong, Miz winning isn’t keep the prestige on the belt in tack. Miz continuing to hold onto this belt is making me forget there is even an IC belt. I could see him winning on Crews at a B PPV setting up the big one at SummerSlam, but why do they continue to build up the big events for the heels to win to allow for the face’s moment to happen on random weekly TV or at a B PPV? Sasha can’t have a moment on the big stage? Neither can Crews? Anyways, Miz won in a match that put over Crews being the better competitor. In fairness. Miz looked good tonight and work a nice heel match. He also sold really well for Crews’ offense. Another match left lacking due to the finish.

AJ Styles vs. John Cena


Highlights: Crowd was very hot for this match. Phenomenal dropkick by AJ. John hits AJ right in the face for taunting after the dropkick. AJ hits a suplex onto the apron, look like that sucked. HUGE back body drop by Cena. Nice stiff headbutt by Cena. Cena Five Move of Doom’s AJ but AJ lands on his and hits the Pele and the Styles Clash for a long 2. Cena hits a quick AA for a long 2 of his own. AJ Style counters a top rope AA attempt into a Torture Rack and then a spin out powerbomb for another 2. Cena hulked Styles up into a, and I quote “What the fuck was that” style cutter for a 2. Cena counters out for a kick attempt and went for the STF but AJ fights him off and hits the DVD over his knee. AJ missed the springboard 450 and Cena hits a very, very clean Code Red. AJ hits a beautiful German suplex into the front face drop, which looked like Cena may have bounced his head off the mat, for another long 2. Cena catches AJ off the springboard into the STF, AJ fought that off into a crossface of his own. Cena stands up with AJ and tries the AA but is countered into a rollup and a Calf Killer onto Cena. Cena, yes Cena, hit a tornado DDT. Cena hits the guillotine leg drop off the top for a 2. Cena goes for the top rope AA but Styles hits the springboard Frankensteiner and then the Phenomenal Elbow for another 2. Cena, in the story of the match, keeps trying to hit the super AA and he finally hits it but Styles kicks out sending the crowd into a tizzy! AJ fights off another AA and hit another Styles Clash. He goes to the outside and hits the Phenomenal Elbow for the 1…2…3!


Your Winner: AJ Styles

Overall: Fantastic match. Both guys were on their game. AJ is such a star and Cena worked this match so differently than he normally works big matches that I was trying to predict what was going to happen next and they would go a different direction. Everything from the story of the match being Cena trying to hit the AA off the ropes, to his facial features and reaction to AJ kicking out of it, was different. He wasn’t playing HAHA. He was so pissed that AJ kicked out. He was not happy and shocked that AJ kicked out. The ending played perfectly into the story of the match. Cena and AJ are on par with each other however, AJ just had more in the tank at the end. Cena had to pick out his moves and he pulled a lot of them out but AJ just had more for him. This was such a interesting match that I wanted it to go longer! I really, really loved this match!

The Club vs The New Day © for the WWE Tag Team Championship


Highlights: Sidenote: I am so, so done with this Dr. stuff. I don’t mind some yuk yuks from the heels but get serious! Good news is in the ring Anderson and Gallows do get serious. Kofi with a huge jumping stomp onto a standing Anderson, stomping him into the ground. Super knee slide by the ref for the 2 count, serious, it was awesome! Long stomp spot by Kofi and Xavier. Kofi hit a spinning back senton dive onto Gallows while posing for the camera on his way out of the ring. Xavier pulls off a walk off the turnbuckle onto the ropes elbow drop onto Anderson for a 2. Double backbreaker into the double stomp by The New Day. Front dropkick by Anderson. Magic Killer by The Club but they are distracted by Jon Stewart. The Club, like stupid heels, decide to forget about The New Day and try and nut shot Stewart. Big E comes out like a ball of fire and causes the DQ


Your Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day Via DQ

Overall: The match was good. Not much to say as it was pretty basic. Kofi flying high onto Gallows was nice. Big E coming out and causing the DQ was fine. Jon Stewart being involved in the match just didn’t suit me. The story of the ending though is The New Day, the faces, set up a plan for Big E to come in and end the match via DQ, like dirty heels?! Anyways, the story must continue, so we will see where this heads.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


Highlights: Dolph with  a splash onto Dean off the barricade into a swinging neckbreaker. Butterfly suplex by Dean from the top. Single leg crab by Dean, who is acting like the heel. Huge dropkick by Ziggler off a diving Dean Ambrose. Ziggler goes for the Superkick but Dean counters and faceplants Ziggler for a 2 count. Dean tunes up the band and goes to Superkick Ziggler, stops and goes for the Dirty Deeds but can’t hit it as Ziggler escapes. Big DDT by Ziggler for a 2. Ziggler was a very deliberate Face-Asser for a 2. DOuble crossbody spot for the double knockdown. Running elbow into the running bulldog by Dean. Dean elbow off the top for a 2.


Dolph gets Dean into the sleeper but Dean bails out of the ring, dumping Dolph off in the process. Ziggler with the Superkick on outside almost sending Dean over the barricade. Ziggler goes for the SUperkick but is blocked, Dean into the Dirty Deeds but it is countered into the Zig-Zag for another 2. Ziggler goes to the ground and pound, getting Dean into a tight rear naked choke. Dean hits the rebound clothesline on Ziggler but takes too much time going to the top and is dropped on his nuts. Ziggler and Dean fight on the top. Ziggler hits the flying nothing and Dean “counters” into the Dirty Deeds for the 1…2…3!



Your Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Dean Ambrose

Overall: Meh! Match wasn’t very exciting. It was good, just not exciting. The story of the match was that Dean wasn’t taking Ziggler seriously and then beat Ziggler?! Not sure how I should feel about that. I would have been OK with Dean starting the match not taking Ziggler seriously but having to turn up the pressure as it went on and stopped being a prick. However, the ending was Dean being a prick, taking his time getting to the top, and then looking out at the crowd, like a prick, before pinning Ziggler. The ending actually took Ziggler back down to the level he has been at for a while now. I didn’t think he should have won but the match should have portrayed Ziggler as a threat to Dean but the whole match was Dean just playing with Ziggler knowing he was going to win. Now, if the endgame is Ziggler turning heel, I am fine with that, but if their plan is for him to continue to be a babyface, I am not sure I need another second-tier babyface on Smackdown, a show that desperately needs more top-tier talent.

Six Women tag team match BEcky Lynch, Naomi and Carmella vs. Natalya, Alexa Bliss and Eva Marie’s announcement, replaced with- Nikki Bella


Highlights: Naomi with an assisted springboard rollup on Nattie. Nattie hits an assdrop on Naomi. Carmella danced, looked green, and hit the fake as shit spinning headscissors on Nattie. NIKKI, ON THE HEEL TEAM, GETS THE HOT TAG. Nikki slows down the already slow match with a chinlock, but does get a spinebuster for a 2. Bliss hits a…knee drop? Into a…knee drop? Off the springboard. Becky Lynch, straight fire’s a comeback. I fast forwarded through the “brawl” with all the women. Bella hits the TKO for the 3.


Your Winners: The Heels

Overall: Not good. Not too good at all. Let’s just break this down real quick. Carmella needs to be on the show that is developmental. She isn’t good, at all. She is way too green to be in a match on SummerSlam. She can’t sell very well so they had her sell for about an hour. The six-women/man tag team formula is boring to me, and they took it an extra mile tonight. You had to replace Eva Marie, so you replace her with a return, that was guaranteed to be cheered, and put her on the heel team…The match then came to a halt and turned worse as we had to just tack on time for a match that didn’t need a lot of time. Sadly, the crowd was more into this match than they were for the championship match earlier making me question the card placement. This should have went out before Ziggler and Dolph in my opinion. More to come in regards to that through as I get ready to cover the Universal championship match before the US title match.


Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor (The Demon King, you know the Demon King? Yes that Demon King. The Demon King that is in the WWE as the Demon King. He has another name but I am not sure what it is but I am sure they call him the Demon King. What is a Demon King, well he is the Demon King, and the Demon King is in this match because he is the Demon King, King of all Demons and he is surely the Kingliest of Demon King as all other Demon Kings can not compare to this one Demon King!) for the WWE Universal Championship



Highlights: Seth sends Balor into the timekeepers area, but Balor peeks up over the barricade and springboards off of it planting Seth. Seth powerbombs Balor into the barricade. Nice lifting backbreaker by Seth. Big, spiking DDT by Balor. Slingblade by Balor/ Balor hits the bloody Sunday (1916) for a 2. Finn, like a stupid face, goes to the top and tries for the Coup De Grace but misses and is caught in the triangle.


Seth rolls into the ring to stop the count…because? Seth with the turnbuckle bomb and a kick to the head for a 2. Small package driver by Seth for a long 2. Front dropkick by Balor sending Seth into the barricade. Balor gets Seth down and goes to the top for the finish but Seth counters and hits the Pedigree for the 1…2…Kick out, Somewhere HHH is shedding a tear. Seth, like a stupid heel, goes to the top and misses the corkscrew splash. Balor is Super-plexed and Seth tries to follow up with the Pedigree. Balor kicks him off. He kicks Seth into multiple corners and goes to the top and hits the Coup De Grace and the 1…2…3!


Your Winner and NEW Universal Champion: Finn Balor

Overall: Firstly, wow, you keep the WWE Universal Championship belt a secret and you…make it a bastard child of the Women’s and WWE Championship?


It looks fine but come on WWE give a shit. Secondly, why the fuck is this on before the US title match? Either you treat this like a sport and give us the proper card placements, or give us a proper cooler match and not another championship match. I know it shouldn’t matter but it does. I don’t dislike the Demon King monicker but slow it down WWE and let’s have dinner first! Stop overkilling everything! I did not like Seth no selling the paint and the entrance. Seth, while a great performer, blew this for everyone. Honestly, I wish FInn would have worked HHH as his first opponent on the main roster because he would have sold this moment like he did for Mick back in the day. Seth just worked his typical match and the psych out factor was lost. Also, He had most of the match at the beginning. The match booking of this was off for what story it should have been telling. Even with it being for the new title they just sort of glossed over it. No big reveal, it was just sitting there look like a red nightmare. It’s the little things that buzzkill things in the WWE. You are writing this story and then you just squat and shit on things as you go because no one is looking at the small details. What makes it more annoying is that when they are paying attention they put together really good moments. Pissing session being over, the match was great by in-ring standards. Pacing started slow and picked up at the end. Balor, on offense, looked really sharp. He relied on that front dropkick too often but for him to win this match and win it with his finish made up for all of the things that I felt were wrong with the booking of the match itself. Finn should be a solid first champion for this belt and we will see who will be standing in front of him next!

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev © for the United States Championship


Highlights: Rusev takes the match right to Roman. Resev sent ROman shoulder first into the steps. He punches the shot out of Roman on the steps. He then runs the steps into Roman’s shoulder. Roman sends Rusev into the time keepers area and hits the Superman Punch on RUsev. He grounds and then pounds Rusev as the refs  pull him off. Reigns sends Rusev back over the barricade and hits him in the gut and back with the chair. He continues to threaten the refs and keeps going back at Rusev.


Your Winner: No Contest

Overall: Good, no match, brawl between the two…however, why did I get a 20 plus minute classic between the two on RAW and then the brawl that should have been used to promote the match on SummerSlam? Regardless, in the end we got a “We want Slater” chant. The brawl was good, however, Rusev eating a pin on Monday and then taking the ass beating tonight really makes me love my US champion… Nothing wrong with the brawl and the attitude of Roman, just not seeing a whole lot of anything being given to Rusev for a story that should have Roman winning in the end.

Interpromotional Match: Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar


Highlights: Brock takes Randy into the corner early. He throws Randy off of him as Randy went for the RKO. We get German’s by Brock. Randy and Brock brawl on the outside. Both fought on top of the table and Randy hits the RKO on the table, which didn’t break. Randy hits the draping DDT on Brock. RKO by Randy in the ring but can only get a 2 count killing that gimmick…also, they don’t even mention the fact the Brock, JUST KICKED OUT OF THE RKO!


Brock hits the F5 but Randy kicks out at 2. Randy lets Brock elbow him in the face and he opens him up the hard way. Randy was pissing blood. Brock continues to attack Randy trying to keep the wound open. The bell is finally rung and Brock wins!


Your Winner: Brock Lesnar Via TKO

Overall: I was totally fine with this finish. Brock gets to decimate Randy and look like a heel while Randy still looking good in the fact that the cut is what ultimately stopped the match. He didn’t tap or get pinned. Brock took a little bit of an ass kicking and the elbow to Randy was on purpose and brutal! I give props to Randy for allowing Brock to hit those elbows. Brock took care of Randy and grazed him,  opening him up really good without leaving Randy with a concussion.



Show ending that way was fine, but I think this could have went on as a break between the two champion matches as a way to sort of a cooler between the two with that finish. However, I was fine with this finishing the night and I like where this could be heading next.


Show Overall: I thought the show was pretty good tonight. I think card placement was an issue but overall the show flowed pretty well. The beginning was weird with all the heels winning, yes this is including AJ Styles. The Rusev, Roman brawl and previous RAW match was backwards but it was exciting. The only really bad match was the 6-women tag. Finn and Seth was good, AJ and Cena was great and a MOTY candidate. SummerSlam delivered as far as in ring presentation but did lack a little in booking. However, not on how the matches ended necessarily but on the stories told in the matches. Overall, the good did really outweigh the bad and I was entertained and am looking forward to tomorrow night.