Let’s see if this can be better than RAW. Chances look like maybe!

The Storylines

Dean and AJ – AJ came out and had a moan. He was so awesome working the crowd. Again, he is such a great asshole. He talks about how he was screwed last week on Smackdown. Also, no physical contact amongst the two. Not too much going on with this considering that we need to get through Survivor Series first.

Men’s Survivor Series –  Good news everybody…AJ actual made it known that he does want to beat RAW! A guy trying to get his team on the same page so that they can beat RAW! Kudos to him. Oh, Baron is off the team, his replacement…Shane McMahon. Yep, that scrappy, up-and-comer. I just hate that they did this. He shouldn’t be involving himself in this match. We should be showcasing this shows talent, not a McMahon. AJ was very welcoming of the team, besides Dean. Also, Ellsworth is the team’s mascot. So, this may be jumping the shark. Now looking at this, this was very same-y from what happened at RAW, but I think it came off a lot better. What I didn’t like? That at the end of the first segment we still have no clue who was in the match besides Dean and AJ.

Women’s Survivor Series: Well it is built through a stupid match between Natalya and Naomi, that had Carmella come down, and Nikki on commentary. Natalya is the coach, because this team needed one. Also, is she still not in the match?

The Matches:

Match 1: The Vaudevillians vs. Breezango


Recap: OH, my GOD! The entrance gear for Breezango! It was the a police outfit and a kilt. Also, they gave out tickets to people with bad fashion! It was fantastic. Also, I believe the Vaudevillians are just getting worse/they just know they are screwed. Fandango gets the pin, quickly with the Falcon Arrow. Nothing to this match but the crowd loved Breezango

Your Winners: Breezango via Falcon Arrow by Fandango on Aiden English

Match 2: Natalya vs. Naomi


Recap: So, Natalya hits a hair pull, we cut to Nikki, Naomi messes something up, so to cut it out and we cut to Nikki, Jawbreaker by Naomi, we cut to Nikki to cut something, and then a crossbody by both of them. Carmella came out, Natalya struggles to blow her whistle, and gets between them, Nikki shoves Natalya (No DQ), and attacks Carmella. Natalya beats the 10 count but is rolled up for the 3. Match was so bad.

Your Winner: Naomi via a rollup

Match 3: Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto


Recap: Basically a squash, well I mean if it was a match, but Baron slips on a banana peel and “hurts” his knee. Kalisto turns heel and dropkicks Barons leg into the stairs. He comes back and splashed the leg. Also, again, a face should do this no matter what.

Your Winner: No Contest

Match 4: Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch (C) for the Smackdown Women’s Championship


Recap: Early back and forth, with a multitude of pin attempts. Becky took advantage of Alexa trying to be aggressive but Alexa soon turned to tables on her and sent Becky into the ringpost and started working her arm to try to disarm the Disarmer. Alexa did a great job of picking away at Becky’s arm, while Becky did a great job of looking like she was in peril. Becky stops the onslaught with a single arm powerbomb, but continues to sell the arm afterwards.


Becky does her comeback, mixing it leg moves to sell her arm and hits the exploder suplex, but immediately grabs her arm. Both start laying in the forearms and they looked really good and stiff. Bliss goes to the top to try to hit the Twisted Bliss but Becky fights her off the top. They messed up a tornado DDT, but Alexa saved it and just pulled her back in and hit a regular DDT for the 2.


Becky gets the Disarmer on Bliss. She fights it off, and gets her foot on the rope but the ref doesn’t see it and Bliss has to tap. Ending was fine, because it will set up the rematch between the two. Becky needs to continue to be the champion and Alexa is probably the only women that I want to see Becky in the ring with. Great match between the two.


Your Winner and STILL Smackdown Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch via Disarmer

Match 5: Curt Hawkins vs. Apollo Crews


Recap: An absolutely nothing match that ends with a rollup…yep, rollup number two in the show. The most protected move in WWE, the rollup. Hawkins and Apollo looked fine, just nothing to say.

Your Winner: Curt Hawkins via rollup


Match 6: The Wyatt Family vs. Dean Ambrose, Kane, and James Ellsworth


Recap: How pissed would you be if you only get one Smackdown show in your country and AJ didn’t wrestle. I hope they had a dark match, because that is a travesty. We do get to see the return of the Garvin Stomps by Randy. Kane takes out Randy for a while and James looks for the tag but Kane stares him down. So, absolutely nothing happens for a majority of the match as Kane is in the heat spot.


Kane, the biggest guy in the match was the face in peril. A lot of Denim in this match. Dean hits a clothesline on Luke as he bulldogs Bray. Ambrose hits the world’s slowest suicide dive. Dirty Deeds attempt is countered and Luke hits the big boot. Kane and Luke brawl to the back. Double Lariat by Dean and Bray.


James threatens to tag in and the crowd goes wild. He tags in and tries to tune up the band. Bray moves and hits the Sister Abigail for the 1…2…3! Ending was good but there was too much slowdown in the middle. It was a long match just to be long, not because it needed to be. Bray hit a wonderful Sister Abigail and it looked like he killed James. Shane comes out in the end to stop them from continuing the fight. This also brings down Daniel. He names Shane as the final member for the men’s Survivor Series match. Woohoo…


Your Winners: The Wyatt Family

Show Overall: Show wasn’t too great tonight, but it wasn’t bad. The Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss match should have been the main event. You get the story and the time to let the controversial win breathe. Shane being named the final member of the Survivor Series match wasn’t as important, to me, as Becky winning in Europe. Anyways, the way Smackdown is booked, you are just going to have some down nights. They don’t give you too much, so when a couple of the match feel thrown together then you get what you saw tonight. It was a lot better than RAW and it ran through very smoothly. Let’s get hyped for next week…yaaaaaaaaa! So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank