We opened with Dolph Ziggler in the ring. It would appear that he is wearing a Hype Bros T under his zipup. Ziggler cuts a fiery babyface promo. He says to check you info button and look to see how sure he was that he may win. I looked the info button, and it says that we are taking a look at Dolph’s exit. He says he belongs in a wrestling ring, that he belongs in a WWE ring. Miz’s music hits and he, and Maryse come out wearing all black, like they were attending a funeral. Miz talks about how he made the belt the most prestigious belt on Smackdown Live. He tells him that this is not the end of their story. He tells Ziggler that he is the hero, and that the hero always ends with the gold and the girl, and he already has the girl.  Ziggler shows a video of Miz crying last night, and makes fun of him. Now in fairness, I have no problem with someone crying after a tough loss, just saying. Miz is such an awesome heel. He stops Ziggler’s haha and railroads him. He then calls out the Spirit Squad. They do a cheer about a handicap match.

Match 1: Ziggler vs. The Spirit Squad

Recap: Mauro says Daniel Ziggler, is made fun of, and then JBL calls his Zigger. Quickly to a commercial break but we get a cut in feature so you can continue to watch the match. There is apparently a new Madina movie coming out…oh ummm.. Quick pins by the Spirit Squad. Big dropkick by Dolph. So, where as last week the Spirit Squad looked like they were called last minute and asked to come to TV, this week they look like they both hit the gym and look pretty good. Spirit Squad continue to ground Ziggler. Double DDT by Dolph. Ziggler is necked on the rope and Kenny tries to finish Dolph off but can’t hold him for a 3. Superkick by Ziggler and he gets the 1…2…3. Immediately after the match Miz attacks Ziggler. The Spirit Squad goes for their finisher, but out comes Heath and Rhyno for the save.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler

We get an in ring segment with Shane and Daniel. They propose a Survivor series match between Smackdown and RAW’s five best singles, five best tag teams, and five best women. So basically your entire Women’s Division and tag team division. Not much to say. We will see if they get these matches booked. I hope so. Now what I like about this is we will be getting more than one Survivor Series match at the Survivor Series PPV.

Match 2: Carmella vs. Naomi

Recap: Twenty minutes of entrances later we get a start to the match with Carmella…and immediately cut to break. Absolutely nothing to this match, but then Naomi hits a twisting jawbreaker. Flying crossbody by Naomi for a 2…Nikki Bella comes out to the ring to get her revenge. Of course this distracts Carmella and Naomi gets a rollup for the win. Nikki chases Carmella around the ring, as Carmella makes her escape through the crowd.

Your Winner: Naomi

Alexa talks about not being ready to face Naomi. She cut a very good heel promo. She says that she can beat Naomi any day of the week. Daniel comes in and says how about next Tuesday?

Match 3: Gable vs. Jimmy Uso

Recap: Outfit number 20 or so by the Usos. Gable gets an arm and tries to keep Jimmy grounded. Samoan Drop by Jimmy. Gable skins the cat and pulls Jimmy outside. Flying clothesline by Gable. Alpha-plex by Gable. Gable is caught in the corner and is rolled up by Jimmy. Jay puts his feet onto Jimmy to give him the leverage and the pin. Gable and Jimmy looked really good for the short period they were in the ring.

Your Winner: Jimmy Uso

Hype Bros have a bro down in the back. They turn around and the Ascension in standing behind them. Mojo asks if they have been standing there for a while, because he was just changing. He says they ain’t hyped.

AJ Style heads out to the ring. Again, such a great, cocky asshole. AJ tells the crowd that he beat both Dean and John at No Mercy, that isn’t just great, that is phenomenal. He tells the crowd to cheer for him, and then calls them all losers. He says that they need to cheer for John Cena, but points out that he is out trying to be Kelly Ripa’s co-host or something. He also says they could cheer for Dean, but why would you cheer for that lunatic loser. He points out, a couple of times, that he beat John Cena and Dean Ambrose on the same night. He then says he is giving someone an opportunity to become main event status. He says to bring out his opponent…but we get Dean Ambrose. AJ tells Dean that he is not who he was talking about. LMAO, AJ mocking face and voice was amazing. Dean says no one on this roster is going to leap over him and his opportunity at that belt. AJ says that is fine, because his opponent isn’t on the roster. Here comes JAMES ELLSWORTH! Dean tells AJ that he really wants to see this. AJ tells Dean that he isn’t welcome to stay. Daniel Bryan comes out and makes Dean the guest ref for the match. Dean steals the ref’s shirt and hands AJ all the stuff out of his pants, including a flask.  Dean pats down AJ in the corner. He then demands he bend down. He goes over to Ellsworth and just brushes him off on the pat down.

Match 4: AJ Styles vs. James Ellsworth


Recap: Dean keeps helping Ellsworth out. He shows him how to do an arm drag, which he then does. Ellsworth keeps hiding behind Dean and pisses AJ off. Quick five counts in the corner from Dean pulling AJ away from Ellsworth. Dean stops the punch and tells him that there are no closed fist. AJ tells Dean that those are legal in the WWE and that he should know better. While they argue Ellsworth punches AJ.


AJ looks at Ellsworth like he just kicked a puppy. Quick rollup by Ellsworth for a 2 off of the trip up by Dean. Dean rolls Ellsworth into the Calf Crusher but Dean takes a phone call as Ellsworth taps. Scoop slam by AJ on the outside. Dean on the outside signing autographs and eating popcorn. Nasty looking Styles Clash by AJ, but it looks like he held up at the last minute and saves Ellsworth’s neck. Dirty Deeds by Dean and he puts Ellsworth on top of AJ, but AJ kicks out. Dean goes outside, takes a drink of someone’s pop and then rolls back in. He hits another Dirty Deeds and quickly puts Ellsworth on top and counts the 1…2…3!


Your Winner: James Ellsworth

Backstage Randy and Kane finally meet with the sexy mood lighting. Randy tells Kane that he is tired of living in Bray Wyatt’s world. He asks Kane is Bray can live in his…so Orton is crazy, and his world isn’t exactly different from Bray’s. Kane tells Randy that he is in, and then tells him that Randy has issues.


Match 5: Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper vs. Randy Orton and Kane


Recap: Luke Harper cuts a promo, and he sounds awesome! He tells the world that he has seen the light. Bray talks about black holes and that creatures come out of the black hole. He tells Randy to bring out his monster because he brought his. I really missed Harper. We get a brawl between Kane, Luke, and Bray. Randy super-plex’s Harper. Kane with a basement dropkick. Luke Harper returns the favor and dropkicks Kane out of the ring. Senton by Bray for a 1. Super kick by Harper onto Kane. DDT by Kane. Randy gets the hot tag and hits the clapping powerslam onto Bray. Orton sends Harper over the announce desk, and runs Bray into the steps. Bray begs off Orton in the ring, but charges after him. Draping DDT by Orton and he sets up for the RKO. Harper gets behind Randy and hits the superkick. Lights go out in the iMPACT ZONE!…I mean in the arena, and when they come back Kane is gone and Bray is in the corner laughing and asking for the tag from Randy. He turns around and eats the Sister Abigail for the 1…2…3. Match was entertaining. Luke is so awesome in his role and makes Bray seem like such a better character.


Your Winners: Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper.

Show Overall: This was a pretty solid edition of Smackdown. While a bit forgettable the story of the night was the AJ Styles vs. James Ellsworth match. This match was nothing but it was highly entertaining. Smackdown has continued to tell a compelling story for all of their storylines and have continued to build them up without completely draining all their ideas in one night. Match are quick and to the point, saving up the long drawn out matches for the PPV’s, and they have done a good job of showcasing a lot of their talent. So…

Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank