Open up with Dean talking with James Ellsworth. He hands him his first shirt…which I want but I kind of don’t, as we head to the ring for Randy Orton.

Randy Orton in ring promo:

What’s the point: Randy is in the ring and is telling Bray that he is coming for him. Bray is in the back and is in the casket.


It looks like we may be heading towards a casket match. I mean why would Bray be in a casket if this isn’t leading towards that. This was a short and simple lead into their match and led right into the match between Randy Orton and Luke Harper.

Match 1: Luke Harper vs. Randy Orton

Recap: I would like to point out, why would a blood feud match start with a lockup? We get a little back and forth leading into a super-plex. This brings out Bray being wheeled down to the ring in a casket.


Looks like Bray got new braids and he sort of looks like a fat version of the lead singer of Counting Crows. So, as we come back from break Randy tries to send Luke into the casket off of a reversal. Clapping powerslam by Randy and this leads to Bray coming in and causing the DQ. Bray and Luke look to put Randy into the casket, however, when he opens it up, Kane is in the casket.


 Randy and Kane clean house. Match was nothing, the story is leading towards something and I didn’t dislike it. I do however, dislike Bray and Luke being able to just disappear.

Your Winner: Randy Orton via DQ

AJ promotes the match with Ellsworth later tonight. He tells the world that he is going to pick apart Ellsworth piece by piece. Chin has already been removed.


Match 2: Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi

Recap: Alexa got another jobber entrance…dammit, and we get to see Naomi’s full entrance…again… New white ref. Alexa with the front kick to move Naomi away from her, nice. Lou Thesz Press by Naomi. Shitty, shitty kicks by Naomi, but the dropkick looked good.


Naomi takes most of the match, but in the end we see the Twisted Bliss for the 1…2…3! Alexa gets to cut a promo in the ring. She says next week the wicked witch is dead. God, I really love Alexa, as she is such a good heel.


Your Winner: Alexa Bliss

Match 3: Apollo Crews vs. Curt Hawkings

Recap: No match. Apollo Crews slaps Curt and Curt cancels his debut. He blame Crews for keeping the fans from seeing his debut.


Your Winner: No Contest

Carmella and Nikki in-ring segment:

What’s the point: it builds towards the Nikki Bella and Carmella feud. Carmella finally got to talk about why she is after Nikki. Carmella, as a heel, is so much better than when she is trying to be face. Nikki…I just don’t like her as a face, as she is such a better heel.


Maybe I just like heels. Also, loved how WWE got a Total Bellas promo into this thing…damn.

James Ellsworth cut THE best babyface promo WWE has ever allowed on their show. He put AJ over while talking about why it is so important that he competes tonight. God, I really have a crush on this guy.

Match 4: The Miz and The Spirit Squad vs. Dolph Ziggler, Heath, and Rhyno

Recap: Typical 6-man action from WWE. Most over guy in the match. Dolph Ziggler? Nope, Heath fucking Slater. Miz keeps cutting off the tag but he is hit with the Superkick. Crowd went bananas for Heath.


Heath with the hot tag, and takes out the Spirit Squad. Rhyno comes in and Gores Nicky. Heath eats the pin to end it, with a punch by Miz and a roll up by Kenny. Match wasn’t anything special but the crowd was into it.



Your Winners: The Spirit Squad and Miz

Natalya comes to Daniel Bryan and asks to be in the women’s Survivor Series match. He seriously said that there is only 5 spots so it is going to be hard to fill…OK? Or are we back to just one match? Anyways, Natalya got to plug her cat’s twitter.

Match 5: Jack Swagger vs. Baron Corbin

Recap: Jeez, again? Anyways, Corbin does the barricade spot onto the head of Swagger. Back into the ring and we see the End of Days for the 1…2…3! Guess we are done with Swagger?


Your Winner: Baron Corbin


Match 6: AJ Styles © vs. James Ellsworth for the WWE World Championship

Recap: Entertaining match. Where as I believe Dean could have been down played tonight, he was all over the place trying to  “distract” AJ. James escapes the chinlock right away on account of him not having a chin. AJ is hit late in the match with No-Chin Music for a 2, which the crowd bought as a win.


Ending saw AJ get DQ’d for kicking too much ass. Dirty Deeds by Dean at the end and Dean raises Ellsworth’s hand in victory as the crowd chants Ellsworth’s name.  Match was fun and they did a good job putting James over as a loveable loser. Overall I was happy.


Show Overall: Show was alright. Nothing special. You can tell we have a while until Survivor Series. Not too much to say. Matches we OK. Alexa is awesome, AJ is awesome, and I have grown to love James Ellsworth. However, why is Dean getting a match when James Ellsworth is more worthy of a championship match? Kidding aside Dean needs to tone it down a little but, as I am becoming a bit tired of his schtick. Anyways…


Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank