Opening promo about the triple threat at No Mercy. Good little package.

We open in the ring with Bray Wyatt coming down to the ring. He’s spooky, 2Spooky for me!

Match 1: Bray Wyatt vs. Kane


Recap: Why are we finally getting a rematch of the PPV match? Kane literally disappeared since then, yet here we are. Some back and forth seeing Bray reverse the chokeslam into a Eurinagi. Bray does the crab walk, but way too spooky for me, Randy Orton shows up, and he is upside down folks. He says he can do what Bray does better than him. Kane goes for the chokeslam and Bray bails. This was pretty stupid.

Your Winner: Kane via count-out

Backstage stage confrontation between Baron and Jack. Your main event tonight folks…

Match 2: Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Bella

Recap: First off, why is the women that is facing Becky for the Women’s championship getting a jobber entrance? Also, I am just done with Nikki Bella. I don’t know why but I am just done. Well, I think I do know why, she needs new entrance music. Carmella on commentary. Match doesn’t stay in the ring too long as Nikki and Alexa are outside in front of Carmella. Carmella talks shit and get a body full of Alexa and is sent to the mat. Nikki has Alexa up in a fireman’s carry and Carmella attacks from behind sending Alexa tumbling, ouch. Nikki is double teamed by Bliss and Carmella but Becky comes out and evens the field. Storyline match to get to match number 3.

Match 3: Nikki and Becky vs. Alexa Bliss and Carmella

Recap: Match saw Bliss and Nikki going at it. Carmella gets in the ring and hits a very bad looking Bronco Buster” onto Nikki. They do a bunch of ground holds but Becky gets the hot tag. Becky, does the same hot tag comeback she always does but is super kicked by Carmella. Carmella and Nikki get into a cat fight as Bliss hits the Twister Bliss for the 1…2…3


Your Winners: Alexa Bliss and Carmella

Bray gets captured by Randy…and they Randy asks the Lord to have mercy, or not. Get it because we have No Mercy on Sunday! Get it? Bray throws a fit.

We have another breast cancer…Again love that they are recognizing breast cancer survivors but the actual foundation is basically a scam.

Match 4: Vaudevillian vs. Hype Bros

Recap:  Immediately, Mojo hits the hammer time double axehandle smash, he has moves like me. Ryder is in and is the guy to eat the moves. Vaudevillian’s take turn teeing off on Zack. Double chop spot, one to the front, and one to the back. Quick tags by the Vaudevillians but Zach modify powerbombs Simon and gets the hot tag. Tackles and slams by Mojo into the Hype Ryder for the 1…2…3. A mostly forgettable match with the Ascension checking out their competition, wearing  face paint the Orcs wear in The Lord of the Rings.

Your Winners: The Hype Bros

We get a segment with the Miz doing a “This is Your Life” for Dolph. It was fine and I liked seeing a few members of the Spirit Squad. Nothing much to say. Miz was an awesome heel and this segment was basically filler to get us to Sunday. The video package Miz showed was pretty funny. Also, I just saw Dolph Ziggler get beat up by half of the Spirit Squad. Doesn’t matter if he got the Super Kicks in he got beaten up by half of the Spirit Squad.

Match 5: Jason Jordan vs. Jey Uso

Recap: Jey snaps Jordan’s head and back across the ropes. Back and forth between Jey and Jordan. Jordan sent Jey into the turnbuckle and stacked him up for the 1…2…3! Nothing to the match, but we see the Usos take out both Jordan and Gable. Jey locks in the Tequila Sunrise as Jimmy looks for the splash on the leg, but Heath and Rhyno come out and save the day.

Your Winner: Jason Jordan

Bray has finally gone insane, as he begins to talk to Abigail and tells her he is ready to go home. Randy comes to let Bray out of the box but he…has…disappeared…2 SPOOKY FOR ME!


Match 6: Baron Corbin vs. Jack Swagger

Recap: Yep, don’t care if there is talking at the end, this is your main event. You main match for tonight is Swagger, who lost to Jinder Mahal, vs. Baron, I kicked the shit out of Sin Cara. Also, between Swagger coming out, and Baron coming out we saw….commercials, a plug for Susan Komen, and a Curt Hawkins announcement. So, this match needed a commercial, because what we saw on the front end was, Baron punch and forearm Swagger. During the commercial we missed Corbin almost pinning Swagger. Swagger get the advantage, and goes for the Swagger Bomb but he stops and gets the ankle lock on. Baron crawls for the ropes and the ref calls for the bell saying that he tapped out. Match wasn’t very good. Swagger “won” his debut match. Corbin’s hissy fit at the end was pretty awesome.

Your “Winner”: Jack Swagger

Aj Styles comes out and almost immediately gets cut off by Dean. Dean and AJ go at it but are almost immediately cut off by John Cena.  We finally get to hear people talk. AJ tells John he should stop worrying about Ric Flair and start worrying about him. He tells him while he chases history, AJ is making history. Dean stops John from a rebuttal. Dean tells John what he is going to say. He calls John a politician and calls him a fake ass person. He says he will be in the corner while he, John, plays John Cena on TV. John, beats everyone up…but before we go off the air AJ gets a Phenomenal Forearm to John Cena as we do head off the air..siked your mind…Dean beats up AJ and hits the Dirty Deeds as we head off the air.


Show Overall: Show wasn’t bad, just forgettable. The matches were lacking tonight but the storylines to gets us to the PPV were good. Miz was great tonight, but I think Dolph came off looking like a geek. Your main event was a bad match between Corbin and Swagger. The actual main event ending was fine, but it wasn’t anything you haven’t seen before. I am excited for No Mercy so we will see if it lives up to the build. SO…

Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank