Let’s open with Smackdown’s secondly over babyface behind Heath Slater, Daniel Bryan! He is in the ring with the Women’s Championship. He promotes the six-pack challenge set up for Backlash. He sets up the six women tag match…(YAAAAAA)… for tonight. Out comes all of the women on Smackdown for an open forum. He asks Becky what it would mean if she won. She gives them the babyface fire promo.


It was good and actually gave Becky a bit of a character we haven’t been able to see the past month or two. Natalya comes out and cuts a heel promo. This is basically what happens for the rest of this segment. This ends with a brawl between the women and the face team of Becky, Nikki, and Naomi standing tall.


Backstage with Miz, Shane, and Daniel Bryan. He talks about how he is the most important champion on Smackdown. He also complained about having to defend his belt against a man who didn’t deserve it. He tries to goad Daniel, but Daniel tells him regardless if Miz thought Dolph deserved a match he will have it, or he can just hand over the belt right now.

Match 1: Miz vs. Apollo Crews


Highlights:Big shoulder block by Apollo with Miz backing away like a great heel. Punchy, kicky offense in the corner by Miz. Nice smooth dropkick by Crews sending Miz to the outside to be comforted by his wife. Crews hits the moonsault onto Miz on the outside and cheers with the crowd. Miz with his signature clothesline in the corner but misses the follow-up double axe handle from the top, which was turned into a Steiner-Style belly-to-belly by Crews. Flurry of offense by Crews. Crews goes for the belly-to-back suplex but Miz pokes his eye and bails. Miz gets Ziggler involved and starts jaw jacking him. Apollo slides to the outside and gets between Ziggler and Miz, but Miz throws Crews into Ziggler and then sends Crews into the steps shoulder first. Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale and the win.


Your Winner: The Miz

Overall: Match was pretty basic but good. Crews is still missing the something that he needs to get over completely. He is trying to be more charismatic but he has no character besides smiling babyface. Miz is pretty awesome, honestly. He may lack skills in the ring but he is such a good heel.


The match was basically background for the Ziggler interview on commentary, but that was ok because it got over the match they are going to have on Sunday. Overall, job done.

Bray Wyatt backstage…well somewhere cutting a promo on Randy. Again it was really awesome but there just wasn’t much to talk about. He talks about predator and prey. He broke down that in history predators sometimes just become a man’s plaything.

Match 2: Six Women Tag- Nikki, Becky, and Naomi vs. Natalya, Alexa Bliss, and Carmella


Highlights: It is the same match we have seen between these women before. A six-man tag to hide the green wrestlers. We also, got a commercial before the match and immediately get one during the match! Those “punches” by Carmella. Too much punchy, kicky. Boring boring match. Everyone hits their finishers, well mostly. Carmella gets the win with the “Code of Silence” tapping out Nikki.


Your WInners: Carmella, Alexa Bliss, and Natalya

Overall: Same match we have seen the past two or three weeks. I would have rather seen these competitors meet in one on one matches instead on another six-women tag. Nothing to say. I am excited to see the six-pack challenge at Backlash but I could go the rest of my life without seeing this group in another six-women tag ever again.


Match 3: American Alpha vs. The Usos

Highlights: Usos hit American Alpha from behind. Jason and Gable hit the Grand Amplitude for the 1…2…3! After the match the Usos go to shake American Alpha’s hands, but attack them and FINALLY, turns heel. The set up the injury angle on American Alpha and then hit the splash on the leg for good measure.


Your Winners: American Alpha

Overall: Match was nothing. The aftermath was awesome. The Usos have needed a heel turn for some time. Usos have been hinting at a turn and this turn was/is awesome. Smackdown needs a top heel tag team and now they have one. I am excited to see where this heads.


Randy cuts a promo on Bray backstage. Weird but it was fine.

Fandango talks about how his partner is not here tonight but he found someone to tango with Fandango. He has a middle-aged women in the ring with him and they dance. He criticizes the women and her dancing. She runs away and said her hips don’t lie and other early 2000’s references. Fandango asks if there are any other Cornhusker hillbillies that can dance, which brings out Kane.


Fandango is awesome and says he likes the big red dancer. He likes “The fire in his belly” and asks if Kane wants to dance which leads to him being chokeslammed. Kane Fandango’s and leaves.

AJ is amazing as he is having a hissy fit in the back after asking a guy if he was taking his picture. Also, Curt Hawkins is coming NEXT WEEK!

Match 4: The Hype Bros vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno

Highlights: WWE went full meta and had Heath’s kids in the crowd, all of them! Inverted atomic drop by Slater. Ryder with the big dropkick on Slater. Mojo cuts off the ring and sends Slater to the outside. Big clotheslines by The Hype Bros on the outside to send us to break. Mojo misses a splash in the corner allowing Rhyno to get the hot tag.


Rhyno runs wild “Brother!” Spinebuster for a 2 by Rhyno. Drop Toe Hold into the corner onto Heath. Rhyno gets the tag and hits the huge spear for the 1…2…3!

Your Winners: Heath Slater and Rhyno

Overall: Fun little match between the two teams. Heath took most of the match and Rhyno got the hot tag and got the huge spear for the win. I like this team. I also like how each week they seem to get a little better as a team. Rhyno being the guy to get the wins is awesome because Heath gets to gloat without really being an asset to the team. I liked this and the crowd was into it! Also, Heath’s family was right behind the announce team!


Usos cut a promo on set with Renee. They were a little shaky but they got to cut the heel promo that they wanted. They said they are tired of looking for respect.

It’s time for your MAAAAIIINNN EVENT!

Promo time between Ambrose and AJ:

Dean acts all WACKY!!! Dean gives AJ a bowling trophy and says it is the only trophy he is going to give AJ. AJ says he shouldn’t be treating him as a joke (Which is true). They recap what happened last week with AJ being crotched on the top rope. Dean brings up AJ’s haircut again…AJ sold it well though.


AJ says he doesn’t want Dean to hand him anything and that on Sunday he will take that trophy that is over Dean’s shoulder. He tells Dean to continue to treat him like a joke. He tells Dean, again, that John took him very seriously and he still beat him clean and also reminds Dean that he isn’t John Cena. Dean agrees. He does remind AJ that he beat AJ and says “You don’t see me wearing a AJ Styles jockstrap on his shoulder”. Say tells him he better take up bowling or pick the trophy up because in the WWE they don’t give away trophies for the face the comes in second place. This causes AJ to kick Dean in the balls as SmackDown heads off the air.


Good back and forth between the two. I liked that Dean finally stopped joking around and cut a serious promo on AJ to end the evening and AJ getting the nut shot back on Dean was a good exclamation point on this feud.


Show Overall: SmackDown was pretty good this week. It wasn’t stellar by any means, but it was a good show putting over the big matches we are going to see this Sunday at Backlash. I am ok with these shows ending with the champion and challenger facing off in the ring to combat each other with their words. I am getting sort of tired of Ambrose and his current gimmick. It isn’t bad, it just seems like he is trying too hard to be zany. AJ is amazing and I would love to see him win this Sunday, however, I am not sure if it is time for him to win. Yeah, I said it ! I don’t necessarily need AJ as my champion yet. I think his first run should be as a face, and I think you can garner more interest in a babyface turn with a big match on a big PPV. Overall this show got me interested in the PPV and that is what it set out to do. So…

Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank