So it begins the story of Miz and the forcefully retired Daniel Bryan. What is in store as we get to see them both low-blow each other without there being a possible conclusion to this affair. Or will there be?  We also start off with a recap of the promo that started this war. Let’s talk about this…If the ending of this is Daniel Bryan not being able to come back then this is a bit of a cheapshot, if it is about Daniel coming back and having a match against Miz? They I am fine with it. Miz isn’t going to hurt Bryan and if he is cleared to do it, then why not? I am not sure if Bryan should be back full time, also I don’t know how messed up his brain actually is. Also, Shane’s V game is STRONG tonight.


We go immediately to the ring and we see Miz zooming to the ring. Miz calls out the fact that he is being seen as an afterthought. Miz says he is bring back the prestige to the IC belt. He says maybe he doesn’t get hit because he is smarter and doesn’t get hit where other do. He talks about how he didn’t have to work his way up from the bingo halls. He says in the end he isn’t a failure but what does it make them since he is successful and they are not. Dolph Ziggler’s music cuts and he head out to the ring. He agrees with Miz. He says we all live for this but Miz just wants to be famous, as his character this is true as the actual Miz this isn’t true he truly loves wrestling. Ziggler tells him he has the opportunity to show the people that he isn’t a coward but he doesn’t. He pulls the wife card and says if you want to prove you’re not a coward prove it right now. Ziggler ask for a fight without a ref or the belt on the line. Miz thinks about it, bails, thinks about it again, and then ultimately turn heel on the crowd and leaves. Ziggler coaxes him again and Miz starts to storm towards the ring but his wife cuts him off. Good, hot start to tonight, but WHERE ARE THE HEADBANGERS????


Match 1 Vaudevillians vs. The Hype Bros

Highlights: The rehashing of the Vaudevillians looks awesome, actually. They cut a promo to start it off and then have a new ring entrance and entrance gear. Zack with the dropkick through the middle rope. English with the Indian armlock and a taunting finish. Mojo with a big clothesline. Fireman’s carry into the front press by Mojo. Hype Ryder by The Hype Bros and the 1…2…3!


Your Winners: The Hype Bros

Overall: Match was nothing to write home about. The Vaudevillians have been treated like a joke since they have been brought up. I am not sure who they pissed off, but it is obvious they don’t see anything in them, which is weird because they revamped them a little bit. Also, Mojo has had both shoulders worked on at some point and he needs to check the “products” he is using as he is developing some acne on the body. Not much to say so I will say…Yahtzee.


AJ is seen backstage being awesome and poking fun at Apollo Crews

AJ Styles promo. First off the fact that he is using John Cena’s armband as a headband is pretty awesome. Also, his heel persona is such a great thing for this show. He isn’t just the workhorse in the ring he is a great guy to have on the mic. AJ has to put over the fact that he is the face of this place. He turns his attention to Dean and says he will beat Dean and Dean will have to look up at him as he becomes the new WWE World Champion. He tries to continue but Crews interrupts him. Crews says he got permission from Bryan, is Bryan the teacher?, and he can challenge AJ.

Match 2: AJ Styles vs. Apollo Crews


Highlights: Crews takes it to AJ early and he lands the punch on AJ and gloats to the announce booth sending us to the break. Big Splash by Crews, followed by the jumping clothesline. Nice moonsault from the apron of the ring to the outside by Crews. Jumping clothesline into the corner by AJ. Crews catches Styles and throws him up into a Samoan drop for a 2. AJ with a fancy counter sending himself to the apron and hits the cutter over the rope onto Crews’ neck. AJ with the Phenomenal Elbow for the 1…2…3!


Your Winner: AJ Styles

Overall: Good, showcase match between Crews and AJ. Crews looked good out in the ring with AJ. Crews got to show some charisma tonight and in the end AJ worked him over and ending up with the 3. AJ is such a great heel. He looked pissed when he cheered at the end and then went right back to taunting Crews and shooing him off to the back. Basic and fun match between the two.

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Renee Young is on location with Heath Slater at his home. Rhyno is here and snarls at Renee when he sees her. She gets to meet his wife, and she got a chance to try a delicacy in spray cheese, and crackers. Renee asks him about what happened when he wasn’t drafted. Heath says he isn’t an afterthought it was just an oversight. Heath is asked about his match with Brock and almost got his contract after beating Randy, which Heath says was a great thing to be in the ring with the returning Orton. Heath talks about mistaking Shane for Stephanie and said it was an honest mistake. Renee finally gets to the point and asks him about the tag team tournament…they was ok but I feel like I see Fonzie heading towards that shark and I am not sure we can stop this from happening. More to come on how I feel about this as it progresses.

Bray Wyatt promo…Good promo but you didn’t miss anything. He want to face Randy Orton and he rambles on about why and that he is a god. I liked it, I just have nothing to say about it. Randy came out at the end and talks about the voices in his head and asks who the hell Bray is. Bray says Randy is no longer the predator, he is the pray. Bray is going to kill Randy apparently. Randy says he has been there done that. Good back and forth. Randy tries to get into the ring and we cut…


Match 3: Alexa Bliss and Natalya vs. Naomi and Becky Lynch


Highlights: My god…Ronaldo puts over Nikki and she doesn’t say a fucking word…Alexa with the choke across the middle rope on Naomi. Dropkick by Naomi. Big punches by Bliss. Tit-buster by Naomi…that look like it hurt! Becky with the hot tag. She does the same comeback she always does with the flying forearm in the corner. Becky off the top with the front dropkick but is cut off by Natty. This causes Carmella to come in and take out Nikki…which distracted Becky… who is rolled up and beaten.


Your Winners: Alexa Bliss and Natalya

Overall: Shit, Shit, Shit. Becky isn’t stupid people, so why is she looking out of the ring to see what happened to Nikki? Are Becky and Nikki BFF’s now? This was an absolutely nothing match that had too much time spend on entrances and a commercial all  to get shit!


Match 4: The Headbangers vs. Heath and Rhyno

Highlights: Besides the longer face of Thrasher the Headbangers look exactly the same which is a bit creepy. Heath with the big shoulder block but is cut off because he was cheering with the crowd. Flying crossbody by Mosh. Belly-to-back suplex by Thrasher. Huge flapjack double team to Heath. Stage Dive by The Headbangers but Rhyno comes in and breaks it up. He drags Heath over to the corner and tags himself in and gets the Gore and the 3 to keep their team alive. Also, somehow Rhyno got cut open by Mosh on a fake ass looking punch.


Your Winners: Heath Slater and Rhyno

Overall: Heath was fun to watch and The Headbangers looked very competent in the ring. Rhyno has it made if all he has to do is come in and hit the Gore and get the win. However, barring that, Heath just being beat up the whole time is a bit lame when I want to see Heath get some offense. However, I still really like Rhyno and Heath together.



A jobber??? Nevermind that shit…here comes KANE!

Match 5? Kane vs. A Jobber

Highlights: Jobber tries to put back on his clothes but is chokeslammed before he can do so.

Your Winner: No Contest

Overall: LMAO, what the hell was that?

Match 6: Baron Corbin vs. Dean Ambrose



Highlights: Corbin gets the advantage early on with Punchy, Kicky offense. Nash corner work by Baron. Dean fights back and sends Baron to the outside. Cross-ish body block by Dean off the apron onto Corbin. Front dropkick by Dean from Bret’s rope. Clothesline to the back of the neck by Corbin. Neckbreaker by Dean. Rebound Lariat by Dean for a 2. Suicide dive by Dean. Corbin clobbers Dean and sends him outside. AJ gets up and tells Corbin to stay on Dean but Corbin gets in his face and says “Don’t tell me what to do, no one tells me what to do,” Dean hits both and get Corbin back in the ring and AJ tries to interfere and ultimately AJ hits Corbin and the ref calls for the bell. The aftermath sees Corbin steamroll Dean but Dean hits the Dirty Deeds.



AJ tries to hit the Phenomenal Forearm but Dean crotches him on the ropes. He stands there and tells AJ he knows, then starts shaking the ropes, shakes his hand and walks off with his belt.


Your Winner: Dean Ambrose via DQ, I think

Overall: Match was pretty good. Baron relies a little too much on the punch and kick offense. However, he looks solid in the ring if not a bit green still. Dean looked like he actually tried to kick it into 3rd gear and ultimately the match ended the way it should have ended without a winner.

Show Overall: Which segment? Show was not very solid but overall I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. The sum of its parts brought together 2 hours of compelling TV. However, if you dig into the show I can’t pick a lot out that I “liked”. Dean and AJ is going to be a gas! I am intrigued about who will come out as the tag team champions. The women… Well that is a sore spot. Nikki returns and the matches just turned back into fuck finishes that make no sense? I know it is not Nikki’s fault but that match, and her commentary was unbearable for me tonight. Bray and Orton should be a very compelling match and their build is keeping each other away from one another physically. What is to come? Well, I don’t know go ask Dave Meltzer! However…

Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank