Let’s Talk About- Smackdown 08-23-2016

Let see those new titles! Are we looking at a new color penny belt? A return of the butterfly? I can’t wait! Well I can since I did and played a video game instead of starting.

Cold open with the best guy in the world Rhyno…and others. AJ comes in to address the Smackdown locker room. LOL, AJ puts on John Cena’s arm band on his head! AJ is such a good asshole! I really think his time in Japan with guys like Anderson and Gallows allowed him to find his inner-asshole! Anyways he calls out Dolph who tries to attack AJ. AJ peels out and Dolph, in a really fake manner, tells the guys to get off of him.

LMAO!!!! They did fucking do it! They just made the Smackdown belts silver versions of the other belts. This is pretty lame. So, you are basically saying your belts are a second rate belt from the other show? They look good and are nice on camera, but come on, BRAND yourself WWE by making the BRANDS!!! Seem different! Lame. Anyways the women and tag teams are in the ring to see the new belts. Bryan lies and tells the women they were fantastic last night, not going to lie he lost a little credibility with that! Shane introduces the tag belts. Bryan did a good job putting over the importance of the belts. So taking the rant about the belt back for a moment I would like to say, making the tag team penny belts silver and the actual belt blue makes them look fantastic! Anyways, Heath Slater takes over and tells Shane and Bryan that he is going to let the past go and allow them to let him win some gold. Daniel tells Heath that he isn’t exactly equipped to challenge for the Women’s title…and Shane says you don’t have a partner either. Heath says he can get a partner and they will win. Daniel tells Heath if he can find a tag partner, next week he will have a match and he will have to win it all to get a contract.  AJ comes out and starts talking shit, Tells Heath to stop and that he isn’t going to be his partner but immediately he gets jumped by Ziggler as we head to break. A lot to digest but a good open!

Match 1: Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss


Highlights: Becky with the wristlock and continues to pull Bliss away from the rope. Alexa with some angry forearms to Becky. Bliss stands on Becky and stomps her head into the mat. Big back elbow by Becky into clotheslines, a leg lariat and the “Straight FIIIIIRRRAAAA”! Bliss counters and takes Becky out for a long two off the twist sunset flip. Becky and Bliss roll through but Becky hold onto the arm and get the Disarmer for the tapout victory.


Your Winner: Becky Lynch via submission

Overall: Match was a bit slow for my taste. They worked well together but just got lost for a moment and it never picked up at the right time. The flurry at the end was nice and Becky winning clean off the tap was a good start to the night!

Match 2: The Ascension vs. the Usos

Highlights: Conor and Victor take it to the Usos early and get a quick two count. Real talk: I have no idea which one is Conor and which one is Victor. The big one is Connor right…Yeah it is, thanks announcer! Enziguri by Jay Uso. Jimmy off the top with the crossbody. Backslide by Victor. Jimmy became Jay Uso and Jimmy is now Jay. Jimmy with the superkick and Jimmy comes off the top with the Samoan Splash for the 1…2…3!

Your Winners: The Usos

Overall: I honestly zoned out during this match. It wasn’t bad I just have no investment in either one of these teams. The Usos need to turn heel and Conor and Victor need a gimmick change. Overall? Don’t make either one of these teams the champions. Or if you do make the Usos champs by screwing over American Alpha in the finals I would like to see that actually. Make Alpha have to chase it for a while.

AJ Styles comes out to the ring and calls for a mic. The crowd cheers for him and he looks at them with a condescending smirk. He tells them he is not sure what the Cenation cries into but they don’t have to be Cena fans any more. AJ tells them that he is the face that runs that place. He also tells the crowd he should be the number one contender for the WWE championship. This brings out Ziggler again but he is cut off by the refs. Bryan comes out and tells them that he is tired of this and tells AJ that he does deserve to be the number one contender but Ziggler did come close last night. So if they want to fight they will fight. However, the stip is stupid…If AJ wins he gets to face Dean, but if Ziggler wins AJ still gets to face Dean but so does Ziggler??? That is stupid-ish now that I think about it.

Curt Hawkins is coming back!!!!

Match 3: Carmella vs. Nikki Bella

Highlights: First off I hate Nikki’s music. I hate the hat, but I do love her not really being a heel but not quite being a face. Carmella attacks Bella off the interview distraction by Renee, Renee heel turn confirmed! Carmella has Nikki on the ropes but stops to taunt. Punchy, punch, punch by Carmella and this match is thrown out.

Your Winner: No Contest

Overall: Carmella heel confirmed. She comes back at the end and hit her finish and JBL calls it the Bella Buster, which I like. Carmella needs to be a heel. She needs this because she doesn’t have a lot of fancy moves. Allow her to build a character and punch, kick, and slam her way around the ring. I like this move and it actual gets Nikki back to face. In doing this, I think she can put together a more compelling character with the tweener attitude leaning from the face side of things.

Randy, who took longer than the match he had to Lesnar to get out to the ring. Randy tells the crowd that he bet they didn’t expect him to be out there tonight. He talks about his match with Brock. He is cut off by Bray’s music. Bray comes out and says while Randy was busted open in the ring he realized that he was just a man. Bray tells Randy while he is just a man, he is a god. Bray tells him to not worry because he is going to find out all about it in time. He stands up and the lights cut and Bray is gone, with a nice shot of the rocking chair rocking. Randy looks around as we cut to the back.

Backstage interviewer is questioning Shane on what he thinks about Brock, and Stephanie agreeing with Shane that what Brock did was unacceptable. Shane says he isn’t done with Brock.

Heath, who by the way I forgot to mention earlier was snubbed by Miz, is in the back and asking Arn to tag with him. Double A tells Heath that Heath was no Ric Flair. Heath revealed that Arn wasn’t his first choice which made Arn walk off. Rhyno comes up behind him and tells Heath that a tag team champ could afford a down payment on an above ground pool. Heath is excited and Rhyno looked a little insane! Hurray! My two favorite guys are in the mix!

Match 4: Breezango vs. American Alpha


Highlights: Alpha cuts a inset promo making a little haha, looks like they are really have fun with this gimmick and their time together. Gable just keeps taking Fandango down with the waistlock over and over. Gable trips up Breeze as he enters the ring. Double waistlock takeovers by Alpha. Atomic drop by Jordan. Arm bar by Jordan, into the tag, Gable with the arm bar. Jordan tags in Gable is told to get out of the ring allowing Fandango to come in and hit the big clothesline on Gable, turning him inside out. Gable skins the cat and sends Fandango out of the ring in the process. Breeze tries to cut off the tag but is thwarted and Gable get the HOTTEST tag in wrestling today to Jordan. Jordan with multiple Steiner-style belly-to-belly suplexes and Gable gets a bridging German suplex but is cut off by Fandango. Gable and Jordan got for a tag team move off the top but Fandango cuts it off and Breeze hits a hurricanrana. Supermodel Kick by Breeze but the pin is cut off at the last moment by Gable. Supermodel Kick by Breeze is caught into a t-bone suplex. Tag in to Gable with the Grand Amplitude for the 1…2…3!


Overall: This match was so much better than I thought it was going to be. Like a lot better. It just shows how much American Alpha can go. However, I think a lot of people have to remember that Fandango and Breeze are awesome wrestlers. I love that they just went and kind of lost the gimmicks during this match. They are in a tournament and it isn’t important to show off it is important to win. This match was so, so, SO great! Also, if you can’t tell I am an American Alpha mark!

Dean is acting wacky in the back!

Match 6: Dolph Ziggler vs. AJ Styles


Highlights: Fast amature start by Ziggler looking for the single leg takedown. Ziggler continues to ride AJ. Ziggler tries to fuck a football with AJ on the ropes, no description just looked stupid, and then dropkicks him into the ropes. Catapult by AJ sending Ziggler into the ringpost. AJ sends Ziggler HARD into the buckle. Big punches by Styles, followed up by a roundhouse kick to Ziggler’s head, reminds me of Walker Texas Ranger! Ziggler makes a comeback but AJ goes to the outside and hits the neckbreaker over the middle rope.


AJ works the arm. Ziggler with the punches to the head but AJ cuts off the comeback again. Ziggler fights off AJ again with the big dropkick. Ziggler with the clotheslines into the splash in the corner, into the neckbreaker for a long 2. Ziggler sends AJ into the post and catches him off the rebound hitting the Fame-asser for a 2. Ziggler goes for the Zig-Zag but AJ hits the fireman’s carry into the back first drop over his knee, I will learn the name of this. Ziggler hit the big DDT but can’t put AJ away. Superkick attempt by Ziggler but AJ catches him, trying for the Styles Clash. Ziggler fights it off and hits the Zig-Zag for a long, long 2 count. Ziggler and AJ get into the ropes and AJ pushes off the ref to kick the rope and hurt Ziggler. He locks in the Styles Clash for the 1…2…3!


Your Winner: AJ Styles

Overall: Fantastic ending to the night. AJ and Ziggler took it slow early. AJ took most of the middle and then Ziggler worked the comeback. They went to 6th gear when they needed to and the ending was right when it needed to be. AJ and Ziggler putting  on this match sort of makes me wonder if the match between Dean and Ziggler was just a fluke in how it sort of dragged, or if Dean is just not matching the effort with the moment.


I like Dean I am just concerned, and we will really get to see effort when he and AJ face off. Great match! Find it, watch it, and love it! Or do what you want I’m not you father!.

Show Overall: A great show from top to bottom. They told a lot of stories and set up a lot of matches for the PPV. Dean and Styles should be a fantastic match, figuring what I said up above doesn’t happen, and the Women’s six-pack challenge and Tag Team finals at Backlash should be a great watch. Randy and Bray will be fun leading up to the PPV and I really found these two hours flew. Great show, got across the stories and left me wanting to see what happens next week. RAW is too bloated still while Smackdown has hit its stride. Good night and…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank