Last chance for romance as we head into Summerslam! Are you excited? Are you ready? Let’s see how Smackdown brings us to the spectacle of the summer!

We open with Shane and Bryan in the back with the contract for Randy to sign. He says he has to apologise for this Sunday because it only takes one RKO to finish it. Nevermind that shit…here comes Heath! Heath comes in bearing gifts. He throws an apple to Randy and it lands into his crossed arms! Amazing! Heath says they have a pretty big pickle with getting this contract figured out. Randy takes a bite of the apple and says he has an idea for Heath tonight. Short but oh, so sweet opening.

So, let’s get sour. We open up in the ring with Miz…however, this is saved immediately with Ambrose’s music. Ambrose tells Miz he hates his voice but before he could get to the point Ziggler’s music hits. Ziggle tells Dean that he isn’t sorry to cut Dean off in which Dean tells them that he doesn’t need his words to make a point. Miz, like an asshole, cuts them both off and tells them that this is Miz TV, thanks for reminding me! Miz, not surprisingly because he is actually awesome when he is just interviewing people, cuts a hell of a promo on Ziggler talking him up but then asks him what he is going to do if he doesn’t win at Summerslam. Ziggler says he isn’t thinking about after Summerslam. Dean says he isn’t buying the new laser focused Ziggler. Ziggler asks what he has to do? He admits that he wants to kick the hell out of Dean. He says, in the end Dean will try to send him over the edge but he is going to beat Dean at Summerslam.


Dean continues to talk about the critics and the pressure. He works Ziggler’s insecurity and tells him he has to have ice water in his veins to win the big one. Dean tells Ziggler he has a huge chip on his shoulder and it will weigh him down and the pressure is going to be huge at Summerslam, and Ziggler is going to prove one thing, that he doesn’t want it bad enough. Ziggler lays out all his passion and cuts a hell of a promo he reaches down and says,w”Wen you are looking for that one last move”…and with that, he Superkicks Dean in the face and continues with, “You will realize that I am that damn good.”


Overall: Very good, in ring promo. It when back and forth a little too long. However, this storyline is being presented brilliantly. They are playing off of Ziggler’s inability to win by the basis that he lets his nerves get the best of him. They took a storyline based in being held down by the powers that be, which is stupid in the make believe world of storytelling in wrestling, and based it in kayfabe reality. Ziggler is that damn good but how can you trust someone that drops the ball? Dean is playing off the fact that Ziggler is good enough to win, he just wouldn’t be able to due to messing it up when push comes to shove. This was a good way to send this match into Summerslam. They told an old school, well thought out story that started with them having no reason to feud and ending with them holding a grudge against one another due to things that happens organically in the ring.


During the commercial Miz and Crews finally got to get to their issues. Crews comes out Miz cuts a promo on him and Crews lays him out.

Match 1: The Uso’s, American Alpha, and The Hype Bros vs. The Vaudevillians, The Ascension, and Breezango


Overview: Sidenote to start: The chemistry of Fandango and Breeze is amazing and the remixed music is fantastic. We open with Gable and…Victor? Yes, Victor. Gabe eats some moves and gets a blind tag to Mojo and hits a nice Japanese armdrag, Gable not Mojo.. Mojo and Victor go at it but this causes the entire tag team division to charge in the ring and cause a commercial break. We return to some order and an immediate hot tag to Jay Uso…but not Jason Jordan, BOOOOO! Uso takes out English and sends him into the corner and hits the ass to the face. Speaking of Jordan he hits a Steiner-style Belly-to-Belly. All of member come into the ring and eat each other’s finishers. Ending with an Uso diving over the top onto the collection of tag teams. This allows Jordan and Gable to hit the Grand Amplitude for the 1…2…3!


Your Winners: American Alpha, The Usos, and The Hype Bros

Overall: Fast paced and well done. The match wasn’t long but it got all of the tag teams on the show. The ending saw American Alpha get the pin, like they should. Only issue I can say I had was that there wasn’t any progression towards something happening at Summerslam so that was a miss.

Match 2: Naomi vs. Eva Marie

Overview: couple of notes, Naomi’s entrance was…different, I didn’t hate it. Eva’s enterance was fantastic. They do the whole thing but once it was time for her to come out the announcer says, “Eva Marie….will not be here as she is stuck in traffic”.

Your Winner: No one, and I fear this is starting to get old. We know she can’t wrestle, the ending is going to be a shit show of a match between Eva and some unfortunate soul.

We recap Del Rio beating John Cena last October. AJ cuts a promo on how amazing Del Rio is and how he can beat up Cena tonight. Del Rio says to stop living in the past and that he hasn’t gotten to beat up Cena in a long time. AJ tells him maybe he’s right but in fairness AJ is in the Summerslam main event and Del Rio isn’t even on the card. Nice short skit.

Match 3: Randy Orton vs. Heath Slater

Randy takes Heath to poundtown,I used this term right, right? Randy takes Heath corner to corner but he continues to ignore the ref’s plea to get him out of the corner. This causes the ref to call for the bell!

Your Winner: Heath Slater via DQ


Overall: Randy got to kick the crap out of HEath, BUUUUTTT, Heath got the win and that is awesome. Not too much to say about this. Heath got beat like an afterthought but he got the win! It didn’t matter, but he got the win. Heath selling the draping DDT off the barricade was sweet and Randy just sort of dismantling Heath without a care in the world was a good way to get over Randy’s personality heading into Summerslam. Also, Randy hitting the German suplex and mocking Brock’s pose before hitting the RKO was awesome.


Heath is backstage getting checked out by the medical staff. Heath is hurting all over. Shane and Daniel congratulate Heath and say he technically won tonight. Heath, acting loopy, says he beat the hell out of Brock and Randy. He compliments Mick, Daniel, on his reality show and tells Shane he is beautiful tonight. Shane taking away the contract was weak however. He deserved that Shane you jerk!


Match 4: Dean Ambrose vs. Erick Rowan


Overview: Story of the match? Dean is hurting from the Superkick from earlier. Dean fights Erick off and he hits the Dive to the outside. Magically he is no longer messed up… Erick hits the powerslam on Dean and hits the basement dropkick to Dean on the outside. Erick throws Dean into the barricade and roars at the crowd. This isn’t enough to put Ambrose away. Erick keeps up the pressure with the power game but he is reversed as he ties to hit the big kick in the corner. Dean with the punches to the face, clotheslines, and the belly to back suplex.


Flying forearm by Dean off the top for a 2. Rowan hits the spinning kick for a long 2 of his own. Erick tries to powerbomb Dean but he slips out of the back. Off the second rope and rebounding clothesline by Dean. Dean finally get Erick into the Dirty Deeds and secures the 3 count and the win.


Your Winner: Dean Ambrose

Overall: Solid match between the two. Erick looked pretty good in this match. He is getting better. I hate that he is just out there to eat loses, but a lose to the champion isn’t damaging and it was feeding into the storyline with him and Bray.


Bray leaving Erick alone in the ring and walking out sets up things to come with those two.

Match 5: Alexa Bliss and Natalya vs. Becky Lynch and Carmella

Overview: I honestly thought Carmella was on the other team for a moment. Her current gimmick just oozes heel to me. Open up with Carmella hitting the tilt-a-whirl headscissors onto Nattie. However, like a stupid face, she moonwalks away from Nattie allowing Nattie to hit the Nattie by Nature. Bliss gets her chance to hurt Carmella as she holds her in a long chinlock.


Carmella fights up and gets the hot tag to Becky. Becky gets both Nattie and Bliss in the corner and kicks them. Becky hits all of her moves in succession but that wasn’t enough to put Nattie away. Nattie and Becky meet in the middle and both are knocked off their feet. This causes Eva Maria to enter our life. However, before she can come down Naomi interrupts and takes after Eva Marie. Eva heads into the ring and Nattie stops Naomi and tosses her out of the ring. Becky tries to pull a fast one on Nattie but Nattie rolls Becky up for a 2. Becky immediately puts Nattie into the Disarmer and the tapout win!


Your Winner: Becky Lynch and Carmella

Overall: A fine match between them all. Carmella is still green and can do about five moves. However, she can eat moves like the best of them. He carisma will help her through these growing pains. Bliss looks pretty smooth and Nattie has really stepped up her game over the past month. Becky is good but some of her characteristics drives me nuts. It isn’t bad just a little too much for my taste. Eva Maria can’t even act. I still don’t see the reason she is on the show. Give me two reasons she is on the show? Just two, big reasons! Just two, big, fake, tanned, red bra covered reasons! Anyways. Hopefuly we see Eva get her comeuppance but I still have my worries like stated earlier.


We get a promo about the 15 years in the making between Randy and Brock. As soon as Paul talks he basically tells everyone that there isn’t any 15 years in the making. They are completely different. Good vignette but there isn’t much to say about it.

Match 6: Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena


Overview: Cena and Del Rio open with some headlocky, shoulder blocky start. Del Rio bails and gets into the crowd as we head to break. Can’t we just save the break for before the match started? Wait we did and then we immediately went to break I didn’t think I was watching football. By football I mean American Football not European football, sorry for the confusion. He comes back with Del RIo going for the win but Cena kicks out. Cena is sent into the ropes but moves as Del Rio crashes through the ropes and hits hard onto the floor. Cena brings Del Rio back in but Del Rio does a standing switch and hits the German suplex. Del Rio pumps up in the corner and Cena gets the hands WAY up to take the big boot to the face. Cena starts to fight back, again, but, again, Del Rio gets out of the way and causes Cena to run into the corner. Del Rio with a nice DDT on Cena for a long 2. It is so amazing that it causes another commercial break! So amazing that commercial breaker, it is so devastating. We come back and Cena is hitting the five move of doom comeback but it is cut off with the Back Stabber by Del RIo and another 2 for his collection book. Del Rio goes for the superkick to Cena but is countered, Cena looks for the STF but he is kicked into the corner. Big clothesline by Cena and, like a stupid face, he heads to the top. Del Rio enziguris Cena off the top and almost secures the victory. Del RIo Si’s Up but he is countered into the STF. Del Rio immediately gets the ropes and kicks Cena’s face out of his face. Cena gets Del Rio up into the AA but Del RIo gets the cross armbreaker onto Cena. Cena powers him up and hits the powerbomb and then the AA for the 1…2…3!


As soon as Cena gets up and turns around he is hit with the Phenomenal Elbow. AJ tells Cena that once he wins one Sunday he will be the face that runs this place. AJ says, “ If Cena loves the WWE so much AJ is going to make this place his prison”. AJ goes to leave but decides to try and hit the Styles Clash. Cena pops up and goes from completely killed to totally fine. Never minding that, Cena takes Styles to the outside and hits the AA off the steps through the announce table to send us off the air.


Your Winner: John Cena

Overall: Great main event. Del RIo kept the pressure on Cena. He continued to counter and move around Cena keeping the advantage. Cena did the typical comeback but it was smooth and the ending came from a nice counter out of the cross armbreaker. Aj laying out Cena but then Cena taking out AJ due to him being cocky was a fine way to send up into Summerslam. I didn’t like Cena magically getting better and then acting like a jackass at the end, but the table spot was nice and AJ went through it like a champion.



Show Overall: In a complete contrast to RAW last night. I found myself really enjoy this wrestling show tonight. The show had some weak points but the overall, 2 hour format was just a more refreshing thing to watch. They had some longer matches tonight but none of those matches where matches that are happening at the PPV. Del Rio and Cena had a great main event and it played into the AJ Cena storyline. AJ held his own on commentary and the small backstage segment before the match with him and Del Rio sets up a possible feud between those two down the road. I am excited to see Dean and Ziggler and I liked how Ziggler got the upperhand on Dean with the Superkick. Dean then got it back together by beating Erick Rowan in a match so they are both going into Summerslam looks good. I am excited to see Smackdown next week and I really like that they haven’t slipped up, well besides the first week. I will continue to say this, but Smackdown is just a easier show to digest due to them only having to fill 2 hours. They can put on two great matches with a couple of fillers and they have a pretty solid show. Adding the extra hour on RAW and the things that don’t work, don’t work and are on the screen artificially longer due to time fill. Smackdown flows and I feel like it is over exactly when it needs to be. Summerslam is next for both and I can’t want to see what he have coming out of this PPV. SO…

Until Next Time:

Monty the Yank