We open in the back as Randy is interviewed by the tiniest little interviewer! She asks him how he is staying focused. He says the same thing that he said last week, and the week before. However, this brings out Del Rio that makes fun of Viperville. Del Rio says we will see if he can be sent there when Randy has a broken arm. Good quick start!

Bray Promo: We open into the ring and out comes Bray, and Rowan. Both stand in the ring as we get an interrupting recap of last week’s main event. Bray tells Dolph that he is a god and no matter what he does he will never be able to kill a god. Bray tells both Dean and Dolph that Smackdown is his show now. He says this isn’t red, this isn’t blue this is Bray Wyatt vs the whole damn world…with Rowan. This causes Dean Ambrose’s music to hit. He says that the world has changed because Bray Wyatt is a victim? Dean tells him to step down and says that Smackdown doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to him. Bray invites Dean to come into the ring and let him whisper into his ear. Dean declines, artfully, as Dolph Ziggler’s music hits. Ziggler doesn’t wait and heads right into the ring and takes on both Bray and Rowan by himself. Dean, like a stupid face, jumps into help Dolph but he is also beat up. Bray gets Dean into the Sister Abigail but Ziggler goes after him for a super kick, Bray pulls Dean up and Dean eats the kick! Bray,following this up, hits the Sister Abigail on Ziggler.

Overall: Wonderful start to this show. It wasn’t too long and it was exactly what this story needs. Continuation and a reason for Ziggler and Dean to continue to build heat upon one another. Now Dean is going to be pissed at Ziggler and it is going to be glorious. Bray is so, so great and I hope in the end this leads to a run with the belt. I marked out for this segment.

Ziggler and Dean are in the back and right before they kiss Bryan and Shane inturrupt them to let them know they both will be teaming together against Bray and Rowan. Also, Bryan took a moment to bring up last week and told them if they didn’t like it, “Screw you.”

Match 1: American Alpha vs. Jobbers.


Overview: YES! This…This…this……this…..Why is everyone coming out to interrupt this, just give this to me let me see American Alpha destroy a jobber team! Ok, here we go. Gable got the quick takedown and immediately tagged in Jordan, who leg whips the jobber and tagged back in. Gable hits a move and tags back in. Double dropkicks to the jobber. Steiner-style belly-to-belly by Jordan. Tag in for the Grand Amplitude for the 1…2…3! After the match  American Alpha takes out the rest of the tag team division! Like they should.

Your Winners: American Alpha

Overall: It was what I wanted…now I am not going to sugar coat this…I loved it it was perfection, and you will never see a better squash match than I just saw! Alpha looked good, dominated, tagged in quick to prove a point and then took on the whole tag division and laid waste to them. I like that they are being put over as such a dominant tag team and I look forward to see how they are matched up with the rest of the division heading forward.

Miz interview: I didn’t pay attention, sorry. Once I looked up, they were recapping last week’s match setting up Crews’ match with the Miz…we came back and I still sort of didn’t pay attention. I am not saying it wasn’t interesting, it just didn’t matter to me.

Match 2: Becky Lynch vs Eva Maria (Replaced by) Alexa Bliss

Overview: Becky is out first followed by Eva Marie, with that perfect entrance.introduction. Eva, has a malfunction with her bra, and in the end out comes Alexa Bliss to take on Becky. Bliss and Becky put on a pretty good match. Alexa played up her heel role and Becky got to do her awesome babyface comeback. After “Straight fire”ing up with a nice t-bone suplex out of the corner, Eva’s music hits and this distracted Becky who is taken down and hit with the Twisted Bliss for the 1…2…3!


Your Winner: Alexa Bliss

Overall: Too short to really say I liked this but for the few minutes they went at it they put on a nice little match. This was pure story and it was nice to see Alexa get to hit her finisher to introduce the rest of her in-ring character. I honestly don’t like Eva and think her in any angle is a waste of space. Unless she is going to be drug through the mud and beaten for her transgressions, the ending of this little game will have a terrible payoff. Eva, as the heel, needs to get the heat and probably the win over Becky. I am going to put my bet on that being exactly what happens and it is going to be terrible because, she…can’t…work. I hope I am wrong but I probably not.

Match 3: Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

Overview:  First off, Alberto looks fucking great! Like, I am married and everything but I would totally go to a nice Italian restaurant with Del Rio and let him pay. Slow, slow start here but they had the crowd behind it. Del Rio picks it up but is quickly cut off by Orton. It is the little things that Del Rio does that I love. On the ten count of punches in the corner he raises his hand against Orton’s body to create space and escapes from underneath! Del Rio charges into the corner but is sent over the top. He catches himself with his arm but is snapped back over the rope to send him to the outside as Smackdown chugs forward!.We come back to Del Rio using some psychology working over Orton’s arm on the outside, remember psychology, and how it makes the simplest of moves seem important? Del Rio continues to work Orton’s arm and this gets the crowd to cheer for him. Randy gets to his feet and hits a nice dropkick to get Del Rio off his arm. Randy takes Del Rio to the top but Del Rio falls off and catches Randy’s arm into the arm breaker across the top rope. Otunga forgot that you can’t submit to something being done illegally, but it was done tastefully. Orton finally gets Del Rio back on the top and hits the super-plex. Strikes back and forth between the two leading to Orton hitting his clapping powerslam. He goes for the draping DDT but is cut off. Del Rio goes for the Arm Breaker but he is clapped off into a clapping RKO attempt followed by a nice draping, clapping DDT. Orton, like a stupid face, ties to hit the RKO out of nowhere by setting up and clearly trying to give Del Rio the RKO. Del Rio goes to the outside and Orton follows. Orton removes the top of the announce table but he takes too long and Del Rio hits Orton in the arm and back with a chair for the DQ. Del Rio continues to work over the arm, but, like a stupid heel, panders to the crowd too long and is hit with the RKO while trying to hit Orton with the chair again.

Your Winner: Randy Orton via DQ

Overall: I loved this match. So simple, yet so satisfying. You don’t need a million moves or go at the speed of light to get a moment or a match over. Orton and Del Rio are such old school wrestlers I honestly marked for a super-plex because they built to it. They slowed it down and picked it up. They took the crowd for a ride and they, GASP!, listen to the and moved on to something else as the crowd lost, or gained interest. I like this style of wrestling and I was pleased with the ending. Del Rio has no reason to beat up Orton for Brock, but he did because he could. This is awesome because it kept you involved with the Orton/Brock match without having to shove another, OMG attack from the crowd moment down our throats. You stay invested and you want to see the match more without them being on screen at the same time. I am really enjoying this more than I should I suppose.

Heath Slater is in the back begging Rhyno to throw the match tonight for the betterment of his 2…4 kids. Rhyno doesn’t care about that but he does care about what sort of pool he just bought. Slater reveals it was a very nice, above ground pool which Rhyno says, “Sorry, I can’t help you out.” I loved this!

Miz and Scooby Doo where Miz gets his car stolen by Scooby…You know the Intercontinental champion? Yeah, that guy got his car stolen by Scooby. Miz got his heat taken by a guy in a costume…

Match 4: Heath Slater vs. Rhyno

Overview: Heath is fighting for a contract against Rhyno. Heath takes after Rhyno quickly trying to gain a victory to get that contract. Rhyno gets back into it with a belly to back suplex and sets up for the Gore. Heath dodges the Gore and rolls up Rhyno but the ref sees his feet on the ropes. Heath complains to the ref and turns around and eats the Gore and eats the three count!

Your Winner: Rhyno


Overall: Match was simple but I loved the story. Heath could probably work with a pencil. Heath and Rhyno, who have a mention is totally a boy!, put on a quick, fun little match with a great ending. Heath tired to get it done dirty, but the ref is too smart for him. Heath’s story must continue.

Bray tells Rowan better be ready to sacrifice his life to win this battle.

Heath is having a hissy fit in the back telling Shane and Bryan he is too good for this show. Shane and Bryan look at each other and Bryan tell Shane that, “I guess that they were not going to sign Heath to a contract.”

Match 5: Carmella vs. Natalia

Overview: Quick opening with Carmella talking shit, and then getting hit by Nattie. Carmella gets right back into it and slams Nattie down on the ramp and they get it on in the ring. Nattie gets the momentum back with a couple of suplexes and just slowly moves around the ring putting Carmella into different holds, followed by a hairpull takedown. Carmella gets back into it with a rollup but Nattie gets the advantage right back. Nattie is being cocky and the announcers are pointing that out…wonder if it is going to play into the finish? Carmella needs to stop making porno noises in the ring, it is going to wake up my wife! Nattie hits the Nattie by Nature but Carmella kicks out at 2. Nattie sets up for the Sharpshooter but Nattie is reversed and Carmella gets Nattie into a modified head scissor hold causing Nattie to tapout!

Your Winner: Carmella

Overall: Meh, wasn’t good, wasn’t bad. I sort of checked out during it but the story of the match was smart. Carmella winning was a bit weird though, considering that they could have saved the definitive win and worked through a “fluke” win leading to the tapout loss down the road but, alas, I digress. Let’s get pumped because it is time for…


But before that: They recap the storyline between John Cena and AJ Styles. Also, Corbin is in the back beating up Kalisto.

Match 6: Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt and Eric Rowan


Overview: After all their entrances we get a quick four man start with Bray and Dean in the ring. Bray doesn’t get the advantage long as Dean takes Bray into the corner and hits the kicks. Ziggler tags himself in, which pisses Dean off, but they put that aside and both lay waste to Bray. Bray gets the advantage on Ziggler and gets Dolph into the ropes leading to a big clothesline by Rowan sending us into the Commercial Breaker. Back, as Ziggler gets the hot tag to Dean. He comes in and hits a big clothesline onto Bray. Bulldog by Ambrose and then dives out onto Rowan. Dean comes back into the ring and is laid out by Bray with a big clothesline. Rowan gets into the ring and hits a big splash on Dean. Dean and Bray fight on the outside leading to Bray sending Dean high and tight into the side of the ring. Dean and Bray work back into the ring and Dean hits the swinging neckbreaker and gets the hot tag to Ziggler. Ziggler cleans house and hits a neckbreaker of his own on Rowan for a 2. Ziggler throws all that he has at Rowan but Rowan continues to kick out. Ziggler goes for the superkick but Rowan blocks it and hits a spin kick of his own for a long 2. Rowan picks Ziggler up and is Zig Zagged for his troubles. Dean gets back in and sends Bray to the outside diving on top of him. This allows Ziggler the space to hit the superkick for the 1…2…3! After a brief celebration Dean turns on Ziggler and hits the Dirty Deeds on Ziggler as we head off the air.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose.


Overall: Good, if not very basic, main event. Dolph and Dean played pure babyface while Bray took less of the beating as Rowan was there to eat a lot of the moves and the pin. Not much to say they did what I thought they would do, besides the tag team dissension between Dolph and Dean, Dean getting his payback only after they won was a nice touch. Good on them all!

Show Overall: I really liked this show. You know I couldn’t believe we were already at the end and that I had just watched 2 hours of wrestling because it was a well put together show. The 3rd hours of RAW is just too much programming. They have to extend stuff just because and that is so dull. Smackdown is starting to hit a stride and they have figured out where they are placing all their talent. The build for Dean and Ziggler is intertwining Bray. Bray is being set up to be the next feud for whomever comes out of Summerslam as the champion. You don’t know who is going to win because Bray could feud with either and I like that. This show, to me, was the clear winner this week. Even in having to recap RAW through clips and such I still came away from this show being the better put together, more interesting show. I want to see what happens next week, so…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank