Round two…FIGHT!

Cold open with Shane, Daniel and Randy watching what happened last night. Shane reprimands him and then tells him it was pretty awesome. Security is all around but Randy tells them he showed last night that it only takes one RKO to take out Brock. Shane and Daniel try to walk down the hallway but get cut off by the Miz, Daniel sets up a match for tonight with apparently Apollo Creed, not Crews, and some others sorry I wasn’t expecting the crash TV start. So two steps further and they, whoa totally unexpectedly, run into Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose Promo – Dean tells everyone how he got to where he was. He talks about how he will be representing the blue brand and that he is here to stay. He then turns his attention to Ziggler and invites him down to the ring. Ziggler tells Dean that he and Dean and very similar. Dean tells him that they are not, he calls Ziggler all show and that he, Dean, is all go. Ziggler tells Dean that Dean came in with a swat team and he came in as a male cheerleader bro. Dean and Ziggler go back and forth for a little while. Also, sidenote time…Ziggler has extentions right? His hair was not that long last week, was it? It looks good I just don’t think it is all his. Dean tells that Ziggler will do what he always does and steal the show but Dean will go out and win. Ziggler goes ahead and tells him who he is. Ziggler fuckin’ killed it and gets fired up telling Dean he is that damn good. Dean tells him, “No you’re not!” and walks off. Lights go out and Wyatt is in the ring. Bray challenges Ziggler to a match tonight and if he wins he will be the number one contender at Summerslam.

Overall: I really liked this promo. Ziggler looked big time with the new hair. He and Dean cut a hell of a promo on each other. Ziggler got to talk on the mic and not be awkward and got to get all fiery babyface on Dean. Putting Ziggler’s chance at the title on the line tonight against Bray is a great way to keep me tuned in, this is what you want from a opening segment. Still would have liked a match between that odd opening and this promo but whatever.

Match 1: Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews for the number one contendership to the Intercontinental Championship

Overview: Opening saw Baron take Apollo into the corner with Kalisto jumping onto Baron’s back. Corbin to the outside and we get a very brief matchup between Kalisto and Crews but Baron low-bridges Crews and Kalisto launches himself out onto Baron for the Commercial Breaker!  We return with a rematch of last week, with Baron and Crews in the ring. Nice spinning belly-to-back suplex by Corbin. Kalisto goes up for the hurricanrana but Corbin powers him up. Crews dropkicks Corbin and Kalisto sends him out. However, this allowed Crews to rollup Kalisto for the 1…2…3! Corbin beats down Kalisto after the match but Crews get back in the ring to make the save. This brings Miz into the ring and he hits the Skull Crushing Finale. He taunts to the crowd but Baron hits him with the End of Days and stands tall.

Your Winner and the number one contender to the Intercontinental Championship: Apollo Crews


Overall: Match, was too short to have a commercial break. Honestly we saw maybe 3 minutes of this match, so that was moronic. However, the aftermatch made it all worth it. Miz getting in and getting heat on Crews was awesome, but I was not expecting Corbin to take out Miz and stand tall. I actually like Baron and think he does have a good push to the top, but I just didn’t think they were going to tweener him so soon. Good aftermath and I assume a good match but I just can’t judge it when I missed more of the match during the commercial than I saw.

Match 2: Becky Lynch vs. Eva Marie

Overview: Ok so let’s see how this goes after the best entrance in the world happens. It is like you get the climax before the sex when it comes to watching  Eva Marie. However, I am going to hold judgement until this match is over. So, they actually did it. They didn’t have the match. So we didn’t get any sex just the climax. Wow, I would like to point out though, we are almost 45 minutes in and we have had 3 minutes of wrestling, on a two hour show. So, what the hell?

Overall: YEP! This doesn’t count. Also, just to get this out of the way here. We have Carmella being interviewed but she is cut off by Nattie, anyways to sum up they set up a match.

Now for…

Match 2: American Alpha vs. the Vaudevillians

Overview: Ok, so now we get the Climax. Here comes some American Alpha. I am Ready, I am Willing and I am Gable! Gable and Gotch start off with Gable getting the immediate takedown. Gable just pulls off like 12 hold in a few second with the drop toe hold. Jason gets in the ring and gets cut off by Gotch. Gotch and English try to double team Jordan but he gets the tag and we get a top rope clothesline by Gable followed by stereo dropkicks by American Alpha. Gable gets overpowered but finally gets the best hot tag in wrestling today. Jordan hits a bunch of suplexes and they hit the Grand Amplitude for the 1…2…3!

Your Winners, and the Winners of my heart: American Alpha

Overall: In my completely unbiased opinion, this was art, the best there can ever be. Nowhere will you find something more perfect than this! All kidding aside, good showcase match from American Alpha. They had a very basic match that got over the formula of their team. Gable will ride you, he will tag in Jordan. Jordan will throw you and then let Gable pin you! Good first match and, I thought, they got a pretty good pop for their win.

AJ and John Cena Promo: AJ comes down to the ring with a purpose. He gets the mic and tells the crowd he wants to talk about John Cena. Immediately John’s music hits and he heads to the ring. Also, John got to talk first. AJ tells Cena that it is typical John Cena always thinking everything is all about him. AJ tells him he had a message for Cenation, but he will tell him right now. AJ says the problem that he has with Cena really is about, he doesn’t want John Cena here in the WWE anymore. AJ then repeats it…he cuts the same promo a lot of people have on Cena but then heels it up by telling the crowd they are simple minded. He starts cutting a promo on the stupid, little kids. They he tells the parents they are the worse. I am not sure this is heading anywhere. AJ goes crazy and starts yelling about how he is a winner, where is his trophy and that he is the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Cena cuts the same promo he always cuts when the heel isn’t actually addressing anything about Cena. He gets the crowd to chant “Let’s go Cena, Cena Sucks.” John gets angry at AJ…Fastforward to 20 minutes later. AJ asks for another match, Cena accepts…

115_SD_08022016jg_1956--60905a0e207e968fe1c3b7d0e087c5d5 (1)

Overall: I actually didn’t hate this segment as much as it may seem. It was too long. They both cut good promos but the length of this was so unnecessary. AJ is getting good on the mic but I didn’t like how he had to revert to typical heel tactics by call the crowd stupid. I just kind of tuned out because of the length.

Match 3: Fandango vs. Randy Orton

Overview: So at the 1hr and 20 minute mark we are onto match 3, which is Randy Orton vs Fandango??? Fandango got more offense than I thought he would (punches and a headlock). Randy hits his clapping powerslam and then we see Brock in the crowd. Randy hits a quick RKO but when he gets to his feet Brock is in the ring and hits the F5. All hell breaks lose…kidding Brock graciely walks off with security in tow.

128_SD_08022016mm_0742--a896cf213149a51432ad1cb8c601e6ac (2)

Overall: This was just a set up to get Brock in the arena and Randy in the ring. I was fine with it but I would like to point out we have had, maybe, 10 minutes of wrestling on this program tonight. I just want to remind everyone that this was supposed to be the show that was about wrestling.

Heath Slater segment time…Rhyno Gores Heath and we go to another interview segment. Dean is being interviewed by Renee. He talks about normally Dolph wants a little longer than a week to self-destruct.


WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE!!! It is time for our main event…but we have another match, that is broken up because Nattie comes out and attacks Carmella…but I was promised my main event. Also, this is the second match that did not happen…Messy Messy Messy show

Match 4: Bray Wyatt vs. Dolph Ziggler for the number one contendership to the WWE Championship

Overview: So we get going and I might be wrong about Ziggler’s hair I guess it is just when it is wet the curl makes it look a lot shorter. Bray almost loses earlier with the Fame-Asser and a 2 count. Bray hits a monster clothesline on the floor which slows things down. Dolph rolls Bray up and either Bray sold his knee like a king or he actually just hurt his knee on a roll up! I hope not but he didn’t look happy so we will see. Good news it seems Bray is OK. Bray hold a way too long modified front chinlock. Ziggler gets the jaw breaker to get so distance and starts his…way too fast, comeback, for a TWWWWOOOO! Bray continues to dominate and goes for his creepy crab walk but stops and goes to remove the turnbuckle allowing Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag for the 1…2…kickout by Bray. Ziggler gets angry and goes ahead and finishes removing the turnbuckle pad. Bray goes for the Sister Abigail but he is countered and rolled up by Ziggler for a long 2. Bray goes to finish off Ziggler and send him into the exposed turnbuckle, however, Ziggler avoids it and counters Bray and lands his head into the steel turnbuckle and hits the superkick for the 1…2…3! Ziggler starts yelling at Dean who gets on the announce table. Erik Rowan hits the ring and takes out Dolph. Dean tries to intervene but is taking out for his efforts. Bray hits Sister Abigail and finishes off Ziggler as we head of the air.

Your Winner and STILL number one contender to the WWE Championship: Dolph Ziggler


Overall: This was a pretty good match to finish off this show. Ziggler got over that he is now serious and should be treated as a threat. The build between him and Dean is good because the way they are building it seems like Ziggler just might win the belt at Summerslam. I like the way they have started this program. Bray and Rowan at the end is going to set up the tag team match between he and Rowan vs. Dean and Ziggler leading to tag team dissension, which I love. So, overall job done tonight for both of these competitors.

Show Overall: MEH…MEH? Well yes and no. I think this show was a mess tonight. I think they have too many flaws that it is actually distracting from a lot of the positives that are there. They went to the same well too many times tonight. There were a million roll ups during the matches, We had TWO matches thrown out due to shenanigans. We had 4 fucking matches with the finally match being longer than all of the other 3 matches combined, but at the end of the show I have left somewhat satisfied. Eve Marie comes off as a dirty, asshole heel that doesn’t want to wrestle. The Miz has a challenger and has set up a future feud with a couple of guys down the road in Kalisto and Corbin. We have a match coming for Nattie and Carmela, and we are setting up nicely for Cena/AJ and Dean/Ziggler, with the latter having a better story to follow. However, you had 2 hours to give me a brand new product and what I got was a 2011 era RAW with too many mistakes during the show. However, they did pull off a great ending that took a lot of sting away from the negatives from tonight. Hopefully they hit their mark but, again I believe RAW was the overall better show this week. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank