Let’s Talk About- RAW 10-17-2016

No bullcrap, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this show. Looking to review the match and talk about the important parts. I am skipping fluff, because if they don’t care…then we don’t care!

Opening segment- Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho


What’s the point: Kevin and Jericho talk about the upcoming Hell and a Cell match between Kevin and Seth. Kevin calls Seth undeserving. Jericho says that everyone talks about being in the cell as some sort of badge of honor. He says it shortens careers. Jericho talks about how he should have been in the match but was screwed. Seth comes out and cuts a babyface promo, shockingly enough, he is a good babyface. He tries to drive a wedge between Kevin and Jericho. He godes Jericho into a match and he tells Jericho he should have a rematch. He also gets Jericho to send Kevin to the back for the match.



Match 1: Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins

Recap:  Pretty good match between the two. We saw Seth get the early advantage, but giving it up to the tiger suplex into the backbreaker. Bret’s rope springboard dropkick by Jericho sending Seth to the outside. Seth got the advantage back with knees from left and right. Kevin comes back out and tries to distract Seth. Seth comes off the top onto Jericho, who was on the outside.


Jericho locks in the Walls and Seth keeps trying to crawl to the ropes. Kevin grabs the rope and pulls it away from Seth. Ref breaks the count and in the end we see a back and forth leading to a Codebreaker being turned into the Pedigree for the 1…2…3!



Your Winner: Seth Rollins

Sitdown interview with Charlotte and Sasha conducted by Lita:

What’s the point: We get a SportsCenter like interview segment trying to hype up Sasha and Charlotte inside the Hell in the Cell. Charlotte puts herself over. They talk about the match taking place in Boston.

Match 2: The Golden Truth, and Mark Henry vs. The Shining Stars, and Titus O’Neil

Recap: …World’s Strongest Slam on Titus for the win…I honestly forgot anything else that happened.


Your Winners: The Golden Truth, and Mark Henry

Jericho and Kevin start to fight in the back…but of course Stephanie is there to put both of them in their place…and then promotes the Survivor Series match…instead of the upcoming PPV…Yes, Stephanie is the voice of reason.

Match 3: Sheamus vs. Big E

Recap: So we get the same story as last week. Cesaro is the one on Facebook live, while Sheamus is wrestling. A decent big man match between Big E and Sheamus. Sheamus with some brawling and clotheslines early.


Big E and Sheamus fight between the inside and outside of the ring with Big E hitting a nice short-arm clothesline and the splash onto Sheamus draped on the ring apron. Sidenote: Cesaro is wearing the New Day’s ring jacket at ringside. Ending saw Big E rollup a distracted Sheamus. Sheamus, mind you, was distracted because Sheamus and Cesaro were fighting over a facebook video…dumb.



Your Winner: Big E

Match 4: Bo Dallas vs. Neville

Recap: Bo get’s a jobber entrance, however, the backstage segment really shows Bo as a guy that is turning darker each week. Bo is super aggressive early. Short-arm clotheslines by Bo as he tells the crowd to Bo-Lieve in Bo! Kicks by Neville sees Bo go to the outside. Neville with the moonsault onto Bo. Neville goes to the outside to finish off Bo but he is leg swept by Bo and hit with his finisher for the 1…2…3!


After the match Bo takes out Curtis, leaves him laying and goes to the back with that stupid sign. I liked the segment, but the sign still has to go.

Your Winner: Bo Dallas

Match 5: Dana Brooke vs. Bayley


Recap: So, I thought they would have this at the PPV but I guess not. Dana took the match aggressively. She ran away early from Bayley, but then got the advantage and grounded Bayley. Bayley made a small comeback but Dana ran her into the ringpost and then drug her back into the ring and pinned her.


Dana looked a lot better tonight, but I didn’t like that she missed the rope and just pinned Bayley clean. However, Bailey sold the post shot like it knocked her out so it is forgivable.

Your Winner: Dana Brooke

Paul talks up the Brock and Goldberg Match. He dares Goldberg to accept and that he will piss Lesnar off more if he accepts.

Match 6: Braun Strowman vs. A Jobber, A Jobber, and A Jobber

Recap: Why? Why can’t we just have him face some lower card talent? Fuckin’ EH. Well, Braun, again, explains that he is not asking for more men, he is looking for better talent.


He says he is going to come to the back and find someone, but out comes Sami. Sami and Braun stare each other down, and Strowman just shoves him out of the ring. So Sami is either ending this run, which is wrong, or he is getting squashed, which is wrong.


Your Winner: Braun Strowman

Lana and Rusev segment:

What is the point: Rusev talks about his family, including his dog. Roman comes down and makes fun of his family. Rusev, like a good heel, tells him he can put down his family all he wants but he (Roman), will not put him down (Rusev). Roman tells him that come Hell in the Cell, that he will only be calling an ambulance.


Rusev superkicked Roman and brings the steps into the ring. Rusev is fought off but ultimately he sends Roman into the steps. He then locks in the Accolade on top of the steps. See, when Rusev can get one over on Roman, we care. Guess what? Now I want to see Roman get his revenge.


Match 7: Carl Anderson vs. Big Cass

Recap: Basically a squash match. Outside quickly and when they got back in Anderson eats the East River Crossing for the 1…2…3! Also, no retribution from Gallows. Stupid and pointless.


Your Winner: Big Cass

Backstage skit between TJ and Kendrick. Not much to say. It was good. Kendrick and TJ are building their story through their backstage interactions. Kendrick is desperate for the win, as he is running out of time. While, TJ is still getting on Kendrick from changing. Kendrick isn’t just a heel, he is, well, like I said, desperate.

Lita with another segment with Sasha Banks. She talks about the historic event and the championship. Not under selling it, just not much to say.

Match 8: Brian Kendrick, Drew Gulak, and Tony Nese vs. TJ Perkins, Cedric Alexander, and RIch Swann


Recap: Swann started out quick with the flip and the dropkick. Kneebar by TJ onto Kendrick sent Kendrick out of the ring quickly as he looked back in fear. Swann with a standing Frankensteiner to the top rope onto Nese. Cedric comes off the top with the clothesline.


Everyone to the outside. Nese stops Swann, on the top, and sends him to the mat. Splash by Nese, but Kendrick tags in and gets the Captain’s Hook. TJ tries to get in but he is caught, and Swann has to tap out.


Your Winners: Brian Kendrick, Tony Nese, and Drew Gulak

Goldberg segment:


What’s the point: Well, it sets up the match between Brock and Goldberg. Paul said it perfectly earlier, he didn’t come to RAW to say no. I can’t say I didn’t mark out for this. I loved Goldberg, and I hope they can have a match that will allow him to walk away with a good match and not the stinker they had at Wrestlemania 20. He tells Brock Lesnar, not only is he next, Brock Lesnar is also…last!


Show Overall: Show was pretty solid tonight. However, it was done through throwing a bunch of matches at us again. While, I don’t mind that, I do mind it just being thrown together to be thrown together. The first match made sense, however, your main event wrestling segment wasn’t even pushed throughout the show. Overall, I was psyched for Goldberg and I liked how he was allowed to just cut a promo, and work the crowd. He accepted, like we knew he would, but the story he told to get to the yes was compelling and I am interested in seeing what Brock has to say. So….


Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank