So, just a heads up. This review is going to be a little shorter than I normally do them. I am going to try to, again, cut some of the fat off of my reviews. I am going to try to do more of a recap of what I remembered from the match and just have my opinion of the match mixed into that recap. You can still fast surf through my stuff, as I have left the Your Winner section  marked separate Sooooo…Here we go!

We open with Ro-Man Re-igns coming down to the ring. Good, news? Roman didn’t get to speak at first. Bad news? Stephanie came out…and Mick. We get the set up for Seth and Rusev tonight. Roman wants to know what Mick is going to do for him. Mick panders for a while. Mick signs a rematch between Kevin and Roman.


Out comes Kevin. Kevin makes a great point. Roman chose to attack Rusev. Rusev never put a hand on Roman. Roman lost clean to the Popup Powerbomb. Anyways, We do have this rematch, but it is not for the title and it is inside of a steel cage. Hey, go figure, the crowd actually cheered once they knew that Roman’s match against Kevin wasn’t for the Universal Title.


Match 1: Seth Rollins vs. Rusev

Recap: A pretty good back and forth between both men at the beginning. Crowd just wasn’t into this match. Rusev took most of the middle of the match with a very punchy, kicky offense, basic but good. Rollins tried to get the momentum back with a dropkick and a Falcon Arrow for a long two count. Rusev went for the Accolade but Seth got to the apron. Seth fought off Rusev and then dove out onto a retreating Rusev, twice.

In the end, Seth and Rusev forgot there was a ten count and both are counted out. Seth is almost tossed through the announce table, but he fought off Rusev and then kicked him to the ground. He then dove off of the announce table onto Rusev as the crowd went mild. Match wasn’t bad, but in the end the crowd already seemed out of it. Also, It was just a basic match. Ending could have been better, however, I get not having a clear winner so the countout wasn’t that bad.

Your Winner: Countout

Charlotte and Dana are in the back complaining to Mick about the double pin from last week. Dana counts out the shoulders on the mat and Charlotte says that there is no number one contender. Mick saw it differently and thanks Dana for pointing this out and that Charlotte now has two challengers at No Mercy. Charlotte shoves Dana down for breakup number 12 between the two.

Jericho and Kevin are complaining backstage. Jericho says he is taking out his hatred for him by mistreating Kevin. Jericho decides to make a list of all that Mick is doing wrong and show IT to him.

Match 2: Braun Stroman vs. Sin Cara

Recap: Sin Cara got a little bit of offense on Braun with punches in the corner. Braun with the nerve hold, which allows Sin Cara to grabs his beard and hit the jawbreaker. Sin Cara gets caught, off the moonsault, and is power slammed for the 1…2…3! Match was nothing but at least Braun is actually looking better, unlike Shera (See our Smackdown and TNA podcast review to find out how I feel about him!)

Your Winner: Braun Stroman

Match 3: Sasha and Bayley vs. Charlotte and Dana

Recap: We get some early Dana bullshit in the ring. Bayley works her over and then Bayley gets to hit the turnbuckle to the head spot on Charlotte, ending with Bailey sending Charlotte head first into Dana. Charlotte keeps Bayley from tagging in Sasha but Bayley fights her off and gets the tag. Sasha with a nice Eddie Guerrero spot with the arm drag. Sasha is cut off with a kick to the ribs.


Dana holds out Sasha’s hand to Bayley and then lays in some offense. Charlotte keeps Sasha away from the tag but Sasha takes her out, and sends her outside to get enough room to get the tag. Bayley runs wild with her typical comeback she does. Bayley-to-Belly is thwarted when Dana holds Charlotte legs. Bayley is distracted for a moment, getting Dana out of the ring and turns around to get hit with the big boot. Charlotte gets the 1…2…3! Match was good between the four. Dana looked like shit, and appears to be getting worse. She isn’t in the right places and all of the others have to slow down when doing spots with her. Character-wise, she is getting it down but the in ring work is pretty awful for someone you are putting onto live tv.


Ending was a bit weird with Charlotte winning using a big boot, but it looked good and Bayley bumped for it really well.

Your Winners: Charlotte and Dana

Seth and Stephanie is backstage. Seth still wants to know why Stephanie screwed him. Stephanie still says she had nothing to do with it. She does say that maybe Kevin was right and Seth was the reason the WWE Championship is on Smackdown. Seth says she will pay for backing Owens and that he will be hold up the belt. Stephanie says she is behind Owens 100 percent. Seth makes a quip about Shane and leaves.

Match 4: Bo Dallas vs. A Jobber

Recap: Squash. Dallas cut a weird, rhyming promo (No more rhyming, I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?).. The jobber almost beat Bo, which sets him off. Bo hides the jobbers head in the skirting, and beats him up. Roll the Dice from Bo and the 1…2…3. I still like the intensity of Bo, and the promos. However, please stop with that sign!

Match 5: Cesaro vs Sheamus

Recap: We get some back and forth early. When we come back from break we see Cesaro and Sheamus on the floor. Cesaro with the European uppercuts, one of which sent Sheamus into the crowd. Cesaro tries to deadlift suplex Sheamus into the ring, but can’t due to his back.


White Noise on the apron. Sheamus tries to put Cesaro away hitting his Irish Curse, and hits the Razors Edge into the backbreaker. Cesaro gets back into it and tries to get the Neutralizer, but he fought off. Sheamus tries to use the ropes, however, the ref see it and stops the count. Sheamus on the apron tries to go for the shoulder block but he is caught in the air with the European Uppercut, and ultimately Cesaro hits the Neutralizer for the 1…2…3! Match was pretty darn good. Sheamus and Cesaro have continued to show that they can tell a story over multiple matches.


Cesaro has been hurt, but he has been able to use more and more of his moves the further he gets away from the original injury. The Neutralizer at the end looked really good and we are heading into No Mercy with this series all tied up.

Your Winner: Cesaro

Backstage we get Mick and Jericho. Jericho is trying to tell Mick all of his transgressions. Mick acts like he can’t hear him and then tells him that he can’t hear him because he is missing an ear “You stupid idiot.” Jericho adds stealing catchphrases to the list. Jericho makes fun of Mick’s fashion sense which Mick points out that Jericho is wearing that scarf. Jericho says it is popular in Luxembourg or something and Mick says “But it looks ridiculous her in Memphis, Tennessee.” Jericho also adds that to the list.

Jericho is out in the ring to read off his list of transgressions against Mick. Here they are

  1. Mick is trying to drive a wedge between him and Kevin
  2. Terrible fashion sense, which I think was 5
  3. He likes Sami Zayn, Which was 12

List over as Enzo and Cass interrupt. Thought they had a thing going with the Shining Stars? They cut their typical promo. Cass starts naming off famous best friends. Jericho points out that half of those people on the list don’t exist, and that they were talking about Ashton Kutcher. He asks if Cass thought of that while listening to his Spice Girls album and wearing his conch shell necklace. Everything gets out of hand when the Shining Stars, The New Day, and The Club come down and cut a promo. Guess this all needed to all be in one segment. Jericho leaves and says he is going to start a new list and that all of the guys in the ring are going on it. This brings out Sami, who immediately attacks Jericho. This sets off the rest of the ring and we get an all out brawl in the ring. Wow, this was pointless. Nevermind it sets up a 10-man tag team match

Match 6: Enzo and Cass, The New Day, and Sami vs. The Shining Stars, The Club, and Chris Jericho

Recap: Wow, tags and quick punchy, kicky from the lot of them. Carl Anderson had a nice spinebuster onto Kofi for a 2 count. Primo with the monkey flip attempt but that allowed Kofi to get the tag to Cass. Cass does his usual hot tag with the Empire Elbow for the ending of this spot. Everybody is sent outside, allowing Big E to send Kofi onto the crowd of men. Sami and Jericho go at it, which Sami hitting the float through DDT. Sami misses Jericho with the Helluva Kick but hits Epico instead? Cass tags in Enzo and throws him on top of Epico? For the 1…2…3! Nothing much to this match but the ending was fast and furious, allowing for the crowd to actually get behind something tonight. Got these feud to next Sunday but I just didn’t see the point of putting all of these teams together.

Your Winner: Enzo and Cass, The New Day, and Sami

Mick Foley introduces us to the cruiserweights.

Match 7: Rich Swann vs. Gran Metalik vs Cedric Alexander vs. Brian Kendrick for the Number One Contendership to the Cruiserweight Championship

Recap: First off…I LOVE multi-person matches! /s. Secondly, I liked that Mick Introduced all four of the competitors, however, did it need to take almost ten minutes to do so? Thirdly, I love Brian Kendrick, no sarcasm. Backflip by Gran but Swann flips over him and kicks him for good measure. Kendrick sends both of them out and works over Cedric.. Cedric comes off the top with a nice clothesline. Swann kicks Cedric in the back of the neck. Modified Dragon sleeper by Swann.


Huge chop by Swann. Tilt-a-Whirl headscissors is cut off by Cedric by flipping out of the bump. Swann hits Cedric square in the eyes. Cedric does a HUGE dive onto Kendrick on the outside. We get another dive by Gran taking the other three competitors out. Kendrick takes out Gran as he tried to go for a springboard. Swann is sent into the steps by Kendrick. Gran goes for the top rope moonsault but Swann gets his knees up. Tigerbomb into the rollup by Swann, but the pin is cut off by Cedric. Handspring enziguri by Cedric for a long two. Kendrick with the tornado DDT. Kicks galore by Swann and Cedric. Swann hits the standing 450 but Kendrick sends him out. Gran breaks up the submission. Cedric hits the Cedric Breaker on Gran but Kendrick comes back in and hooks in the…well Captain’s Hook for the submission victory.


Match was good but I think it was a little too long. Multi-person matches fall into a trap all the time. They are long because you keep having the other person(s) coming in and breaking up the pin/submission attempt. However, when a match doesn’t have much of a story to tell and is just a means to getting to the next spot I lose interest I would possibly have if it was just a singles match instead. This match was a little longer than I needed it to be, but overall it was very entertaining and it got all of those guys over so job done!


Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens: Cage Match


Recap: Kevin Immediately beelined it to the door and tries to escape. Apparently Roman has continued to be short changed…We get it, he is the ultimate underdog, you know the 6 foot 6 guy with the muscles. Also, stop calling him the big dog, it is 2016 Michael/WWE. Roman runs through Owens. Owens sends Roman head first into the cage. Owens and Roman fight on the top rope with Kevin raking the eyes to send Roman down. Roman racks Kevin across the top rope to stop his escape.


Roman runs Kevin into the cage multiple times. Samoan drop by Reigns. Roman hits the multiple clotheslines in the corner, but on the rebound off the ropes Kevin hits the German suplex and the cannonball stopping Roman’s comeback. Roman, again, stops Kevin from escaping the cage. We get a bunch of Boo-Yah punchy, punchy between the two. Kevin with the superkick and the Pop Up Powerbomb attempt, which Roman counters into a Superman punch. Pop Up Powerbomb was finally hit by Kevin however, Roman kicks out at 2. Kevin decided to leave by climbing, but Roman pulls him back in. Kevin runs Roman’s head over and over again into the cage. Roman, while falling, Superman punches Kevin in the face sending him to the canvas as well. Roman starts to climbs up the cage as Kevin tries to get out of the door.


Kevin gets caught up in the door and Roman drops, rather far in fact, to the ground to secure the escape victory. Good cage match, which hasn’t happened in a while. The aftermath saw Rusev lock the door of the cage and Rusev locks in the Accolade. Seth tries to come into the ring but is cut off. Seth fights them off and hits the crossbody off the top of the cage to take them both out as we head off the air.


Overall, this was done very well. Roman and Kevin worked a good match around the fact that they were inside of a cage. Kevin, and Roman used the cage to their advantage so it wasn’t just there to look menacing. In the end Kevin just could quite fall out of the ring and Roman knew he had to hurry so him dropping out of desperation to the floor was awesome. Good on both of them for putting this match on, and making it so damned entertaining.

Your Winner: Roman Reigns via Escape

Show Overall: A very good showing tonight. RAW, I thought, was very entertaining. It flowed pretty well, and didn’t have too many down moments. I am a bit tired of these multi-person matches, but whatever. The matches themselves were well put together, and they all came together to put on a pretty competent, self-contained show. Was the built to the PPV amazing tonight? Not really, but these matches are already set up, and the heat in the end for Seth and Kevin was good. I mean, in fairness, I know the matches going into Sunday so I guess you could say mission accomplished. I look forward to Sunday and I am actually really interested in most of these matches. So…

Until Next Time,


Monty The Yank