Oops, we get to do a little searching this morning as I accidentally deleted my recording of RAW. I know what you’re saying, illegal, illegal. But I mean I have a legal copy it is just…lost at the moment.

We get a recap of last week. As we head into the ring with Mick Foley. Mick puts over tonight’s main event, as well as, pushes the ramifications of it. He speaks about Smackdown’s Women’s Champion being crowd and calls out their Women’s Champion, Charlotte. Charlotte comes out and cuts a heel promo. This brings out Bailey and Sasha arguing that they should be facing Charlotte for her championship. In the end we ended up with Dana turning on Charlotte and we have a 3-way for the number one contendership to RAW’s Women’s Championship. Nothing wrong with this segment and I enjoy the fact that RAW is willing to start off the night promoting more than just the men’s main event.

Match 1: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Dana Brook for the number one contendership to the RAW Women’s Championship


Highlights: Dana shows the aggression early choking Sasha with her boot, in the corner. Sasha is floated over the top with Dana drop kicking her leg off the apron sending her face first into the ring apron. Flying clothesline in the corner by Bailey. Bailey with a long spot keeping Dana in the armbar. Sasha trips up Dana and we get a standoff between Bayley and Sasha.  This doesn’t last as during the break Dana returned the favor and we are back to Dana and Bayley.


Fall-away slam by Dana onto Bayley assisted by Sasha and the rollup. Sasha hits the double knees in the corner onto Dana with Bayley avoiding being a victim to the same move. Crossbody off the top by Bayley on Sasha for a 2. Tower of Doom spot by all three with Sasha trying to sneak a victory from Dana as Bayley rolls out of the ring. Dana fights off the Back Stabber but can’t fight off the second one. Sasha locks in the Bank Statement but Bailey breaks it up before Dana can tap. Belly-to-Bayley by Bayley, but Sasha breaks up the pin and stacks up Bayley for the 1…2…3


Your Winner a Number One Contender for the Raw Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks

Overall: Pretty good start to the show. I liked this three-way. What I didn’t like was Bayley being pinned as I think Dana could have eaten that tonight. However, she wasn’t pinned and left looking like a dork, rather she was surprised and just couldn’t quite get her shoulder up she lost but wasn’t beaten. The fact that Dana and Charlotte keep breaking up and then getting back together is getting a little old but whatever. I have to give RAW it’s due for filling in a continuity gap by just having a match and clearing up who should be getting a shot at Charlotte. Let of clearing it up and more of patching it up but I appreciated it.

Backstage we get a nothing promo with The Shining Stars and Enzo and Cass. We got some haters and we will have a one-on-one match tonight…Also, R-Truth is still an idiot. Not stupid like a fox, just stupid now.

Quick, good promo by Kevin Owens. He promises that he will walk out of the Clash with the Universal title still in tow. Jericho also lets us know that he will be speaking with Sami Zayn on the Highlight Reel. He says Sami is a stupid IDI—OT? Well IT but you get what I am saying.

Match 2: Bo Dallas vs. A Jobber

Highlights: Squash

Your Winner: Bo Dallas

Overall: I am not saying I don’t like this gimmick, however, the sign has got to BO! I Bo-lieve in Bo, but the sign is killing it. Also, why not repackage him completely and put him with Bray if this is where they want to take his gimmick.

Highlight Reel: Jericho brings out Sami. They have some back and forth and in the end we set up a match between Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn. I liked this segment and I am glad they remembered that they have Sami on the show these past few weeks. Sami can be an asset and hopefully getting the rub from Jericho will spark some new interest in Sami and his position on the RAW roster. Also, I love that Chris is basically jealous of Kevin Owen’s EX. Also, how he got the crowd to chant Ole’ was amazing. Also, Jericho just kisses Kevin’s ass. Sami Zayn says he is done with Kevin but he is ready to take on Jericho. LOL, again also, he the selling Jericho did for Zayn calling him a stupid idiot was amazing. Jericho but the exclamation point on this segment by hitting him with his phone and hitting the Codebreaker.

Match 3: Sheamus vs Cesaro

Highlights: Sheamus went right for Cesaro’s back. Cesaro runs wild and take it to Sheamus. He hits a bunch of European uppercuts. Sheamus gets Cesaro up in the Canadian Backbreaker. Cesaro runs Sheamus’ head into the turnbuckle, while outside on the apron. Cesaro, like a stupid face, goes to the top but he does shove Sheamus off and finally hits the crossbody but can only muster a 2.


Sheamus gets the rolling senton for a 2 of his own. He tries to lock in the Cloverleaf but Cesaro blocks and rolls him up for a 2. Cesaro tries to hit the Neutralizer but can’t. Cesaro calls an audible and gets Sheamus into the sharpshooter but Sheamus gets the ropes. Cesaro goes for the swing but can’t get him going and drops him. Cesaro finally rolls up Sheamus and uses the ropes for leverage and the 1…2…3!


Your Winner: Cesaro

Overall: I really like that every match between these two has been different. I also liked that Cesaro used the ropes to get the win. He tries all that he has to keep Sheamus down, but he just couldn’t, so he resorted to cheating to stay alive. I was fine with that, as nowhere will you find in Cesaro’s character that he is an upstanding face. He is a face don’t get me wrong,however this character isn’t about being a clean cut babyface like Cena. In the end Sheamus is pissed and we have some story going into their next match. It’s going 7 baby!

Skit in the back with Seth and Mick building up intrigue in tonight main event.

Match 4: Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax

Highlights: LOL, they left in the whole segment last week. Apparently, they didn’t believe it was a train wreck…spoiler, it was. Nia drives Fox into the corner and lays in the shoulder to the gut. Immediately, from there, we go to the outside. Alicia with the kick and tries to get the backpack sleeper. Nia runs her into the post and throws her around ringside. Nia sets up and spears Fox through the barricade as the match is thrown out.

Your Winner: No Contest

Overall: This was fine. Alicia got to fight off Nia but in the end Nia dominated her and sent her through the barricade, planting Fox on the ground, and Nia’s status firmly in the Women’s division. Was it great, no, however, it told the story that it needed to tell, and it is giving Nia some character progression.

New Day segment- SKIIIIPPPEEEDDDD. They make ha-ha, talk about The Club touch their thing…make fun of last week’s segment. Also, they are upset that The Club  tried to do entertainment, also, they said they wasted our time by…wasting our time. They need to stop. They need to do something new. I did like that Anderson pointed that the New Day really should be talking about people wasting time.

Match 5: The Club vs. The New Day

Highlights: Kofi with a jumping, spinning elbow from the top. Gallows powers Kofi over the top rope to the floor. Basic tag team formula as Gallows and Anderson dominate Kofi leading to the hot tag to Woods. Hot tag to Woods. He runs both members of the Club off and then almost gets a 3 count on Anderson. Bunch of boo-yeah punches by Woods and Anderson. Big elbow off the top by Woods. Big boot by Anderson and the Magic Killer for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: The Club

Overall: Why is this happening?? They are going to face each other at the Clash, so why are we having a match on RAW? I hate this. Also, with The Club getting the win I am pretty sure we are going to see another New Day victory sending this storyline into obscurity. A storyline where the heels lose all the big events, and can’t even steal the titles in a match that matters,isn’t an interesting storyline. Match was pointless and I would like to see these two teams get away from each other for a long, long time. Also, this match went way too long! Good news is they are trying to get the Club back over, however, easiest way to do this is having them win the belts and dominate the tag division for a while.

Match 6: Jinder Mahal vs. Jack Swagger

Highlights: A nothing match. Jack got little in way of offense. Mahal hits a modified running neckbreaker for the 1…2…3.

Your Winner: Jinder Mahal

Overall: They re-debut Jack Swagger and they fucking job him out to the enhancement talent?! Whatever, at least they tried to give Jinder Mahal a character. It is a bit of a stupid character, but a character none the less. I won’t say a waste of time but I am not sure I can get that time back.

Match 7: Enzo vs. Epico

Highlights: Nice stalling suplex by Epico. Enzo plants Epico with the DDT, but like a stupid face, he goes to the top, he dabs on the top and wastes time, and then he gets distracted by Primo and dives to the outside onto him. Enzo tries to suplex Epico back into the ring but Primo holds the leg and Epico falls onto Enzo and

167_raw_09122016ca_3121-e76a017395a319a996d3ebb3b796e69dsteals the win.

Your Winner: Epico

Overall: Geez, two matches in a row I just don’t get what they are doing. I guess I have to stop in saying that, because I do get what they are doing, but I still think you need to maybe have the Shining Stars beat some of the other tag teams before heading into facing one of the most over teams on the roster. Also, I know we don’t want Cass to lose but I am not liking Enzo eating pins either. This isn’t really compelling me to want to see more. Now, if the end game is to make the Shining Star a bigger deal and they don’t send them down the ranking to lose to R-Truth and Goldust then I am fine with that. I don’t hate the Shining Stars I actually like both Primo and Epico. I do hate the gimmick but whatever. Overall this match was nothing and I am just wanting to see them all do something different.


Match 8: Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens: If Roman wins he is added to the Universal Championship match at Clash of Champions



Highlights: Kevin immediately bails out but Roman follows and beats him up. Kevin gets the advantage in the ring and using his fists and head to beat up Roman. Once Roman got the advantage back, Kevin bails out with Roman taking chase. Kevin goes to kick Roman in the back but stops and locks in the chinlock. Clotheslines by Roman, all varieties, in all parts of the ring. Superman punch set up, but again Kevin bails. Roman chases after Kevin, however, Kevin was waiting for him and sent him into the ring post.


Roman tries to change at Kevin but he is sent shoulder first into the ringpost. Kevin throws Roman into the steps. Seth Rollins comes out and takes out Kevin causing the DQ. Mick comes out and restarts the match. How fair is it though that Kevin gets beat down while dominating and having the match restarted, giving the face the advantage? Kevin wasn’t heeling out he was just brawling. However, they get it right back by having Kevin send Roman back into the steps and trying to finish him off.


Huge inside-out clothesline by Roman. Samoan drop by Reigns for a 2. Fight on the top rope with Kevin trying to follow-up with a frog splash, but Reigns punches him in the face before he can jump. Roman goes for the super-plex, but Kevin reverses it into a fisherman bomb off Bret’s rope. Frog splash for the 1…2..kickout by Reigns. Superkick by Kevin, who is unsuccessful in his follow-up cannonball. Knee to the face is ignored as Roman, as he finally hits the Superman punch for a long 2 count. Kevin successfully hits the cannonball in the corner,and he hits a second one for good measure. Pop Up Powerbomb attempt is countered with Roman getting the one-armed powerbomb for another long 2 count. Rusev comes down to the ring and eats a punch allowing for Kevin to hit the Pop Up Powerbomb for the 1…2…3! After the match Rusev kills Roman and locks in the Accolade to the cheers from the crowd.


Your Winner: Kevin Owens

Overall: Let me just say Roman really doesn’t deserve the boos he is getting. This isn’t a Roman Reigns thing, this is a company thing. It isn’t fair that the WWE refuses to just go with him as a heel and then bring him back up as a tweener. Issue is that all the darlings from the indies are on top now and I think he is always going to fight the boos , so I would be OK with him just going in as a heel. Hell, Roman as a heel will get him cheered and it will accomplish their goal. I don’t know what would work, but what they are doing is keeping him at a certain level with the fans. Anyways, let’s give some love to Kevin. He is an awesome heel. He did a lot in this match to make people boo him and cheer Roman. I am not saying he accomplished this completely, but he knows his role and tries to get the crowd to go with the storyline. The ending with Rusev was awesome, and allowed Rusev to reintroduce the lost storyline of Roman chasing the US belt. However, Rusev, as the heel, wasn’t getting booed, but rather cheered and chanted for because he left Roman laying in the ring, which is a concern. Match was very well put together and both of these guys seem to work well with one another.

Show Overall: I liked tonight’s show. I thought it flowed really well and the matches, barring some exceptions, were entertaining. Storyline-wise I am not really into either one of them, but it isn’t to say I can’t be. Well, yes you could say I don’t care anymore about the Club and the New Day. Bo Dallas needs to lose the sign and I am interested in him and his character. Women’s division is starting to see more women in matches and we are starting to see the likes of Alicia Fox on the show, for better or for worse depending on how you feel about Alicia. Kevin Owens and Seth should be compelling and I like the fact that we didn’t get an answer for what Mick is going to do to Seth for what Seth did tonight. It keeps us in limbo and make us want to tune in next Monday. Is the show still a little messy? Yeah, it has it’s moment of sameness and a fair share of continuity errors but you are going to have those when you are not mapping out your storylines, but rather, writing them week to week. Overall though, job well done! So…

Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank