Happy Labor Day to all that got to celebrate! It’s time for RAW! It’s time for an explanation for HHH. With means it is probably time for a 30 minute promo where we get over a storyline that could be explained in 2…but I digress.

We start with Mick and Stephanie…where spoiler, Mick and Stephanie are having a bit of a lovers quarrel. He asks Stephanie why he should believe here now. She says it was embarrassed by HHH and is trying to figure out how to deal with this. (Stephanie is turning tonight!….STEPHANIE IS TURNING I AM WRITING IT DOWN RIGHT NOW!)

So we end the backstage segment to return to an in-ring segment with Stephanie and Mick int he ring. Out comes Kevin Owens, in a suit. He gets into the ring and snubs Mick’s handshake as he gloats in the corner, with the pyro in the background (Which he turns around and looks at!). Stephanie tells Kevin that he deserved it. Kevin tells her and Mick that he does deserve that belt, but ultimately turns heel and tells the crowd he doesn’t appreciate the crowd trying to steal his spotlight with that chant. Kevin admits that HHH helped but he already did like 98% of the work.


This brings out a ,hopefully, face Seth Rollins. He tells Kevin to shut up and starts cutting a promo on Stephanie. He is blaming her for what happened. However, Kevin tries to intervene but Seth tells him to shut up or even HHH won’t be able to help him. Seth says everyone is in Stephanie’s pocket. Seth says if this is the guy that is going to be who they build this brand around he is going to burn this to the ground. Kevin asks him where has his passion been for the past few months, which causes Seth to punch him and send him to the outside.


Stephanie tells Seth he is suspended, but Mick stops this and says that on RAW they don’t suspend people when they want to fight, they give them rematches. He sets up Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins at The Clash of the Champions. Great, hot start to the night. This was a little long but, A. they didn’t give us a 30 minute promo of HHH, they focused on Kevin and where we are heading with the title picture, and B. This was compelling and wasn’t overly produced. Seth had raw, no pun intended, babyface fire to match Kevin’s smug heel persona. I like this very much so.

Backstage Kevin yells at Mick. However, this sets up Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens tonight. Jericho is backstage and cuts a promo on Mick causing him to set up Jericho vs. Rollins, as well.

Match 1: Charlotte vs. Bayley

Highlights: early back and forth with both telling you who the face and who the heel was. Bayley with nice back-to-back japanese arm drags. Bayley no sells headshots into the turnbuckle, and reverse it to send Charlotte into the turnbuckle for a 10 shot of her own.  Charlotte keeps the pressure on with leg scissors on bayley’s head slamming her into the mat multiple times. Bayley with the flying crossbody for a 2.  Charlotte continues to work on her leg. She sends Bayley’s leg into the ringpost and bends it over the bottom rope. Bayley counters the Figure 8 but Charlotte turns it over into the single leg Boston Crab. Charlotte works the leg until Bayley comes off  Bret’s rope but can follow-up due to the knee. Bayley goes for her move in the corner but Dana pulls Charlotte out of the way. Rollup isn’t enough as Bayley pushes Charlotte off and sends her into Dana. Bayley with the Belly-to-Bayley for the 1…2…3!


Your Winner and NOT WWE Women’s Champion: Bayley

Overall: Why is this happening?. I thought she was already set up for a title match? I must be wrong but I thought we already established this match. I know not everyone agrees with this but you do not need to have matches on RAW to set up a feud, that is already established, to garner interest in that match. On top of that their chemistry was all messed up, something you could work on at house shows.


Late in the match they did pull it together which brought it back. The match also had a commercial break which didn’t help keep me compelled. If you can’t give me the whole match in a set up a match at the PPV. then the match is too long. Also, why does WWE think that it is logical that a challenger must beat the champion in order to get a title shot? All it usually sets up is 50/50 booking for the storyline. On top of this, where the hell is the rest of the women’s division on RAW? Have Bayley beat one of them and have Charlotte try to interfere which causes Mick to set up a champion match. I didn’t like this besides Bayley winning.

Match 2: Bo Dallas vs. A Jobber

Highlights: Squash Match!

Your Winner: Bo Dallas

Overall: Thank you WWE for giving someone else the squash! Bo with a new gimmick and a new aggression is amazingly fresh. Simple, quick strikes was nice to see and the finisher was an establishment to where he is heading. However, the crowd didn’t care so we will see what happens as he see him in the upcoming shows. I Bo-Lieve!

Match 3: Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins


Highlights: Rollins with the quick and aggressive start. Seth with the suicide dive. Jericho tries to run away but Seth keeps him for getting away. Chris gets the advantage back by kicking Seth as he headed into the ring and worked him in the corner. Rollins bowls out of the corner with a big clothesline and slaps Chris across the face. Slingblade by Seth for a 2.  Blockbuster by Rollins but can only muster a 2. Springboard by Seth is countered into the Walls. Seth finally struggles to the ropes to break up the submission. Enziguri by Rollins. Rollins goes to the top, look he is a face, a stupid, stupid face, and is cut off by Jericho. Rollins fights him off and looks for the splash but Jericho moves and hits the Lionsault for a long 2. Codebreaker attempt by Jericho but Seth pushes him off, enziguri by Chris but his follow-up attempt is countered and Seth catches Jericho in the Pedigree for the pinfall victory


Your Winner: Seth Rollins

Overall: Match was very entertaining. The crowd is already dead tonight which is sad. Rollins new aggression was sorely needed. Seth has been needing to be a face for quite some time and I never want to see Jericho become a face ever again. Match keeps going to the outside to establish that it was a brawl and less of a match. Seth with the clean win and without Kevin Owens interfering was a nice way to put Seth where he needs to be and not hot-shot the feud between the two which has time to breathe before the Clash.

Match 4: Cesaro vs. Sheamus


Highlights: Cesaro taking it to Sheamus early with the quick punches in the corner. Crossbody by Cesaro for a 2. Sheamus sends Cesaro high and tights with the back body drop getting over the story of this match, Cesaro’s back. Work to the back by Sheamus. Cloverleaf attempt by Sheamus but Cesaro fights him off. Cesaro can’t follow up with any of his moves and Sheamus keeps hitting Cesaro with the Irish Curse backbreaker but still can only get a 2. Sheamus with the Razor’s Edge but he takes Cesaro over his knee. Ref wants to throw out the match but Cesaro keeps telling him no, Cesaro rises to his feet and is hit with the big boot for the 1…2…3!


Your Winner: Sheamus

Overall: This is compelling. First the WWE is re-introducing injuries and selling into the purpose of their matches. Also, the announcers are trying to put over the story of the feuds. Michael Cole actually put over the fact that if Cesaro loses tonight and he injuries his back further he will be on a plane for 8 hours and that is going to wreck him going into the match on Wednesday! Good on you WWE! I liked the match and I liked that Sheamus took most of the match due to Cesaro’s injury. He also, worked the back until Cesaro couldn’t take it any more and because Cesaro keep fighting him off he just went for a knockout blow to end it. I like the way both of these guys are telling stories in the ring.

Match 5: Shining Stars vs. Enzo and Cass

Highlights: Enzo had a fake baby in the ring. Just look it up and watch it, either you liked it and found it funny, or it was the stupidest thing you have ever seen. Immediately, Cass sends both Stars to the outside and Enzo hits the suicide dive. We come back to the Stars taking it to Enzo, setting up the hot tag to Cass with Primo catching himself in the Tree of Woe. Cass with his hot tag comeback. Enzo tags in Cass for the big splash but Primo grabs Cass’ leg.


Enzo comes off the top onto Primo hitting the crossbody but Epico gets up and rolls him up for the 1…2…3!

Your Winners: The Shining Stars

Overall: I am not going to say much. The Stars winning was fine, but really they could have started the rebuild of these guys maybe through a different team before them picking up the surprise win over one of the hottest teams in the division. Regardless, the match was fine, if not basic and the ending sets up a future match between the two teams.


Sami and Kevin cut a promo on one another. Kevin gloats about getting to the finish line before Sami. He tells Sami he is better than him. He says he is the Universal Champion and Sami is nobody. Sami tells Kevin that the race between the two will never end and that he will win that championship but when he does it he will do it on his own and not with the help of HHH.

Match 6: Nia Jax vs. A Jobber

Highlights: Squash with a backpack sleeper by the jobber.

Your Winner: Nia Jax

Overall: This isn’t building up Nia. Seeing the jobber hit a few moves was nice but ultimately Nia needs to face more believable opponents. Killing tiny women isn’t showing us how strong she is.

I award myself, once and awhile, one segment a week/show that I skipping and skimming …I choose to do this with The Club and The New Day segment. I just don’t care anymore and I am tired of trying to get into this. I love all the guys involved but this story is so, contrived and stupid I just dread seeing them. We got yuk, yuk and then The Old Day. Made no sense. Note: They did set up Nia and Alicia Fox in the most awkward, fucking stupid ass, backstage segment.

Match 7: Darren Young vs. Jinder Mahal

Highlights: Enhancement match. Jinder is the named jobber on the show. LOL, Titus on commentary! Gut check off the distraction by Titus, which failed, and Darren gets the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: Darren Young

Overall: Nothing to say. Darren should be better in the ring than he is and Titus should be better on the mic than he is. So, naturally this feud MUST continue. Post brawl between the two was nice and actually showed some hatred between the two.

Match 8: Braun Strowman vs. Sin Cara


Highlights: LOL, fun. Braun hits Sin Cara for a second and then SIn Cara hits a dropkick on the outside after a flurry of kicks. Braun wins by…countout?

Your WInner: Braun Strowman via countout.

Overall: Stupid ending. I guess I can’t say it was bad, just not the guy I think he should be getting this win from. He should BEAT Sin Cara, he should get a countout victory on someone like Swagger or something. I dunno I am probably wrong on this I just didn’t like the ending.


Sasha comes out to the ring. She talks about the revolution and how she works her ass off in the ring. Sasha then says she got some bad news. She starts to talk about how she met with the doctors. However, she is cut off by Dana Brooks who says she is coming out to finish the job. Sasha dodges Dana, puts her in the Bank Statement, calls her Miss Piggy, and then says she is back and the bad news was for Charlotte and that she is going to win her belt back.



Match 9: Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

Highlights: Punching flurries by both to start this off. Kevin sends Zayn into the barricade. Big chop to Zayn. Moonsault by Zayn. Owens with a huge slap that wakes Sami up. Sami slaps Owens right back and drops him out to the floor. Dive by Sami onto Owens on the floor. Blue Thunder Bomb by Sami for a long 2. Kevin teases the powerbomb onto the apron. He does get the stunner over the top rope and the rolling cannonball into the corner.


Kevin goes for the pop up powerbomb but Sami counters with a high-angled half-nelson suplex onto Kevin. Sami lands wrong onto his ankle and rolls to the outside. Kevin comes out and tries to powerbomb him into the ring apron. Sami reversed and hits a chicken-winged suplex on the floor. They gather back into the ring and Sami goes for the Helluva Kick but his ankle gives out and Kevin hits the powerbomb for the 1…2…3!


Your Winner: Kevin Owens

Overall: Zayn and Owens main evented a RAW…let that sink in. Formally know as, Kevin Steen and El Generico main evented RAW! It is amazing to see these guys finally being in this position. I am excited to see Zayn move up and start getting the babyface push he needs. Match was pretty good. Sami started to sell his ankle and Kevin took advantage. The post match stuff was a bit forced and the fact that Reigns got booed louder than the heel is pathetic.


Not because Kevin is not doing his job, but that Reigns is just poison to the crowd and needed to get away for the top but yet WWE keeps him up there instead of, A. turning him heel so the crowd can get it out of their system, or B. allowing him to feud with Rusev, win that belt and defending it until you either, need to turn him heel or have him dominate that division leading to his triumphant return to the top as a badass face that wins, and wins big. Anyways!

Show Overall: Raw was pretty entertaining tonight but the third hour took a shit again. The last hour is always a mess and I am getting a bit tired of it. The main event was great but the rest of the hour just dragged. I am confused with the women’s division and I am hoping they are heading towards a three-way but I am not sure that is the idea. The main title picture is exciting though and they are setting up potential opponents for Kevin, or even Seth, in the future and I liked that. The high mid-card is starting to flow over into the main event. We have organically started moving pieces around and we are seeing feuds rejuvenated with a refreshing new look because of where these guys are now. However, I was surprised we didn’t set up the Rusev vs. Roman match but it looks like that is off. Also, surprised that Roman was nonexistent on the show tonight until the end. The show did have too many squash matches. However, we are starting to have Braun and Nia face main roster talent so it is progressing, sort of. Overall the show was pretty satisfying but I still want it a little tighter than it is currently running. So…

Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank