Tired and annoyed let’s see how this goes. It will be a bit short tonight sorry in advance.

Open with a In Memory of Mr. Fuji. He was a great character in the WWE and he will be missed.


We open with all four of the men in the Fatal Four-Way tonight. Seth starts, he says he is great. He sends it over to Kevin Owens. Kevin talks about how he will be champion, he was snarky and entertaining as always. Kevin tells everyone else why he is better and Cass tries to make a joke. Cass says he has nothing to lose. Cass tells Seth that size does matter. Roman sits on the side and he is just smiling and nodding along, that is a good thing. Seth says when it comes down to Seth and Roman, Seth will like he always does. Roman, finally speaks…but instead throat punches Kevin and takes him out. We end with a face off between Roman and Cass but Rollins interferes and then lays the rest of them out. Good opening to set up tonight’s main event. Nothing special.


Match 1 Neville vs. Jericho

Highlights: Jericho’s promo backstage and the death of getting it. He is now giving out the gift of Jericho. Drink it in, man! Big elbow by Neville. Flying elbow by Neville. Jericho slingshot over the top rope. Big crossbody off the top by Neville for a 2. Jericho with some heel tactics and a thumb to the eye to get the advantage.


Jericho off the top with the flying nothing and Neville hits the kick to the gut and the standing shooting star press for a 2. Neville with the big springboard moonsault by Neville. Springboard missile dropkick for Neville for another 2. Neville sends Jericho  ass first into the second rope and tries to deadlift German Jericho but is rolled through. Neville goes up top for the Red Arrow but Jericho gets out of the way. Jericho turns the Walls of Jericho onto Neville but modifies it and turns it into the Lion’s Tamer, which Cole calls by that name. Neville can’t get out and he has to tap.

Your Winner: Chris Jericho


Overall: Match was pretty good. It was Neville hitting Jericho with all of his moves and Jericho fighting him off and staying away. Neville didn’t hit his finisher and Jericho locking in the better looking, more effective Lion’s Tamer for the victory was a nice touch and thinking outside of the box. It looked like it hurt and the fact that you can’t crawl away from it made the tap seem more believable.  

Match 2: Nia Jax vs. A Jobber

Highlights: Squash Match

Your Winner: Nia Jax

Overall: RAW has turned me against the jobber match. USE IT FOR OTHER PEOPLE. Stop using it to only get over two people on the roster. Also, why not bring in enhancement talent and have the mid to low card beat someone in a somewhat competitive match (See any match Billy Gunn had on Jacked of Metal). This is becoming pointless because I have seen no one else from this division on TV so Nia is being build to face…?

Doc and Anderson cut another pointless backstage promo and now Dana Brooks is a part of it… I really do hate this. Comedy is fine but I just don’t see these guys as yuk yuk guys. I know they are funny, I have seen them on Talk is Jericho, but their characters are just not making me want to see them make a haha on the show.

Match 3: Jinder Mahal vs. Sami Zayn

Highlight: So like I was saying I want to see some enhancement talent put over low to mid level guys!!! Big back elbow by Mahal. Sami is selling the ankle and hits the spin kick. Mahal with the big clothesline to the back of the head and a little ground and pound. Mahal keeps going for the ankle. Basement dropkick by Mahal. Sami with the big clothesline cutting Mahal off. Exploder suplex by Sami into the turnbuckle and the Helluva kick for the 1…2…3!


Your Winner: Sami Zayn

Overall: Here we go. A fine enhancement match for a guy needing to pick up a victory. Sami is such a good babyface in peril that he is going to eat a lot of losses in his career. This is why it is important to have people below that can have competent matches and allow guys like Zayn to get victories and rebuild a reputation. Mahal got some offense but it was due to Sami being hurt. Helluva kick was a no doubt win, like it should have been!

We get a promo from Sasha and we get Charlotte on commentary.

Match 4: The New Day and Bayley vs. The Club and Dana Brooks


Highlights: Dana runs Bayley’s head into the corner and Bayley reverses it and hits Dana’s head into the corner with the inflatable wavy arm taunt to cap it off. Kofi off the back of Big E and Anderson feeds into a belly-to-belly by Big E. Kofi is tagged in and hits a flying elbow to Anderson. New Day double leg drop by Kofi. Spin kick by Kofi. New Day stomps in the corner by the New Day finishing with the dropkick into the corner. Bayley is tagged in and she hits the dropkick as well. LMAO, we come back and it is so unimportant we come back to a long shot and slowing go back…the shot was cool but geez. Anderson with the AA spinebuster. Gallows with the dropkick to Kofi caught in the Tree of Woe. Belly to back by Gallows for a 2. Kofi sidesteps Gallows but Gallows pulls Big E off the apron before Kofi could get the tag. Double foot stomp by Kofi onto Anderson. Bayley gets the hot tag and keeps dropping Dana. Suplex out of the corner by Bayley. Spinning back elbow by Bayley.but Anderson pulls Dana out of the ring before the 3. Big schmohz on the outside and Bayley turns a rollup by Dana into the Bayley-to-Belly and the 1…2…3!


Your Winners: The New Day and IT’S BAYLEY

Overall: Match was entertaining if not a little bit too long. Again a byproduct of three hours is giving away matches and then having to have them go longer than they should. I have already seen The New Day and The Club more than I really want to but yet here we are seeing another match between them. Good to see the mix up and the six person tag. Bayley is so good and Dana…is so green. We end with there being nothing to talk about between The New Day and The Club and Bayley vs Charlotte heads in the same direction it was already heading before Bayley beat Dana again.

Cesaro says he doesn’t like Sheamus, no one does and he is just a bully throwing his weight around. Cesaro says tonight he is going to throw Sheamus’ weight around for him. Sheamus the is in the ring after the commercial and he says Cesaro is desperate. Also, calls Cesaro Swiss Miss, lol I liked that. Sheamus says he can’t wait until Cesaro finds out that Sheamus is truly, better.

Match 5: Sheamus vs. Cesaro match two of seven

Highlights: A lot of mat work early with Sheamus being sent to the outside and Sheamus selling his elbow. He begs off Cesaro and says he hurt his elbow. Cesaro doesn’t buy it and Cesaro continues to work the elbow. Cesaro hits the clothesline to the outside and then hits the boot sending Sheamus back to the mats. Irish Curse backbreaker by Sheamus. Big Boat missed by Sheamus into the springboard spinning European uppercut by Cesaro. Cesaro goes for the swing but it is countered by Sheamus. Big pull off the ropes into a powerbomb by Cesaro.  


Sheamus tried to steal the win by using the ropes for leverage. Cesaro with a bunch of uppercuts and Sheamus is sent to the outside via a dropkick by Cesaro to a top rope’d Sheamus. Sheamus counters Cesaro on the outside up onto the ringpost. Sheamus sent Cesaro back into the ring and gets his into the cloverleaf causing Cesaro to tap from the pain.

Your Winner: Sheamus via submission 2-0


Overall: This was a pretty good match with a nice, inventive finisher by the two. Cesaro lost because he was trying to hit Sheamus with everything and he stopped being smart and just went too fast and paid the price. I am just going to say, I am liking this series and I like that they have come up with some interesting finishes. I actually hope the injury is going to cause the next match to go short and set up the ultimate comeback from Cesaro.  


Match 6: Braun Strowman vs. A Jobber

See Nia Jax review. I mean everything I say. Braun stole the mask so there was that.


Stephanie comes out and tries to cut Brock’s balls off via cutting Paul’s balls off. Not saying it doesn’t get over the story I just as tired of Stephanie and he being able to just run down anyone

without there being repercussions. When Vince did it he was annoying as well, but in the end he would be left looking like a fool. Other GM ending up taking a beating in the end. Stephanie, besides with Vickie and the “Mud” pit, always comes out being the one that is getting over. Paul still got himself and Brock over, but that is because he is awesome. Paul counting out the money and throwing it to the ground was awesome. Also…Paul hasn’t needed WWE’s money for a long time and again Stephanie tries to make it seem like people can’t be gainfully employed unless with them…but obviously they make nothing because they will be poor even when they have worked for them forever…stupid.

Match 7 Darren Young vs. Titus

Highlights: I went to my fridge and drank anything that was alcoholic.

Overall: I honestly walked away. If you honestly cared about the winner it was…

Your Winner: Use Google

It’s time for your MAAAAAAIIIINNN event!

Match 8: Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens vs. Big Cass vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship

Highlights: Eliminations in order highlights sort of in the overall

  • Big Cass via Frog Splash by Kevin Owens
  • Roman Reigns via Pedigree from HHH
  • Seth Rollins via Pedigree via HHH

Your Winner and NEW Universal Champion: Kevin Owens


Overall: To get this out of the way right away, The commercial breaks are unbearable. This match was good, I assume, but since I lost almost 15 minutes of it due to commercial I was never invested in it until the end. I will have to wait longer next time so I can skip the commercials, as I forgot why I don’t watch much television. The match was you basic four-way affair.


Big spots leading to two guys. All the guys take out the big guy and eliminate them. Tower of Doom spot was nice. HHH coming in and laying Roman Reigns and then Seth out was a bit sudden but the explanation will be there I would assume.


I love how in the end HHH may be moving towards pushing his guys. I wouldn’t hate that. Listen folks…Kevin Friggin’ Owens is a WWE Universal Champ. Kevin Owens is the guy they are going to go with for a while! I am super excited about this.


Show Overall: Not too much to say about this week besides the finish to tonight. Show wasn’t bad at all but…like a broken record I say this, the show just falls off in the third hour. We aren’t building to the third hour, we get a bunch of matches and then the third hours drags its ass across the carpet until we get to the main event. Main event was great tonight but the lead up to it was terrible. We had a Titus vs. Darren match in the latter half of the third hour. However, whatever I say can’t dampen the ending of tonight. Kevin Owens winning came out of nowhere and the return of HHH builds interest to where he has been and why he came back to give the belt to Kevin. Kevin being a heel allows this story to not bother me. Kevin worked his ass off in this match and you know what, I would have taken that win and treated it like a huge feat the exact same way Kevin did. He doesn’t care how it ended because he know he deserves it. I honestly never thought they would pull this trigger and they did. This made me pop huge and I am excited to see what happens next! So…

Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank