We are a day removed from SummerSlam who’s ready for more WRESTLING???? Me? Let’s get going. Little bit of a new format. Side note: I have been writing more than I have been watching so I am going to hit the highlights and give a little bit more on the overall part see how that works out for everyone.

We open with a recap of last nights match between Seth and Finn Balor. Then we get the bad news….Finn Balor is injured and we will have to crown a new WWE Universal Championship…That sucks bad. Such a shitty thing to happen due to such a pointless move.


We head into the ring and we get Stephanie and Mick in the ring and they introduce Finn Balor. Finn comes down and looks a lot shook up about what happened. Finn tells the crowd that this belt was a sacrifice and an achievement of a career of hard work. He thanks everyone in the back and he even Seth Rollins for giving him the match of his life. He thanks the fans and relinquishes the WWE Universal Championship. Very sad to see. Nothing to add.


So to get to the sport entertainment of the show. Finn can’t even get out of the building without him being interrupted by Seth Rollins music. Seth heads to the ring and goes in and hugs Stephanie. Seth says we can’t live in the past and we should be celebrating Seth as the new Universal Champion. He also puts over the belt on how well made and beautiful it is. Out comes Sami Zayn (So Seth is going to try and ruin two shoulder in two nights?) Sami gets no words in and out comes Chris Jericho (fresh off his brush up with Brock last night). No chance for words as KO’s music hits (I am not saying I would hate this but don’t break up this marriage yet!) No waiting for KO to cut a jib we get Cass and Enzo(We are going to have losers in the mix from last night?) Of course Roman Reigns (Turn him heel and let him win!) All these guys are in the ring and the crowd is cheering for Slater. Also, the plan was to not crown one of these guys champion tonight and piss off the crowd! But we are getting Zayn vs Rollins so Rollins can try and hurt that shoulder!

Match 1: Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins


Highlights: Sami tosses Seth out and goes to dive on him but Seth moves. Seth grabs up Sami and goes for the buckle bomb into the barricade but Sami counters and then hits the moonsault off of the barricade. Big whip into the corner by Seth. Seth eats a few clotheslines and Sami springs off the ropes but comes up lame on his right ankle. Big springboard knee by Seth. Seth counters the Blue Thunder Bomb by hits an enziguri. Sami with the sunset bomb off the top for a 2. Seth finally went for the leg and locked in a modified ankle lock. Sami kicks the hell out of Sami’s head but falls down. Sami with for a driver but Seth counters into the Pedigree for the 1…2…3


Your Winner: Seth Rollins

Overall: Good match that had a story in it. However, while the match was good the story was ruined by Seth refusing to attack Sami’s leg. Why did he keep going to the head and back and go for his typical moves throughout, while the leg was just laying there waiting to be attacked. He did finally get the ankle lock onto Sami but I just sat there for ten minutes wondering when he was going to tell the story back with Sami. This is another example of a little thing taking me out of an otherwise good match. All I need is a little psychology to make something work and what I got was a typical, it needs to be 20 minutes and needs to have a finisher so we can get the people to pop WWE match. He hurt his ankle, the match should have been close to finished by that point not long enough to hit another commercial break.

Match 2: Kevin Owens vs. Neville


Highlights: Neville gets Kevin outside quickly and hits the front flip splash off the apron onto Kevin. Neville send Owens back in to hit the dive because he sent him right back out. Neville with the German suplex on Kevin. Kevin misses a frog splash letting Neville hit the corkscrew splash from the second rope. Neville hits the deadlift stalling German suplex on Owens. Neville goes for the Red Arrow but Owens moves and tries to hit the pop up powerbomb which is reverse into a rollup. Neville is distracted by Jericho and Owens hits the spinout neckbreaker from the fireman’s carry for the 1…2…3


Your Winner: Kevin Owens

Overall: So where the hell is Neville coming from? Did they point out everyone is going to be in this tournament, but only have a few guys in the ring? That made absolutely no sense, again a thing that someone overlooked and it makes me lose interest. Also, why does every match have to go to commercial? Just fucking give me the match and stop taking me out of it. So, whereas, the first match had a story that Seth ignored, this match didn’t have a story. For the middle part of it, it just felt like a match I would be having on WWE 2K16. Move after move with no rhyme or reason. Match was fine just not great.


The New Day come out and they cut the same promo they cut every week. They act silly and they pander and I just don’t like the promo anymore. I like them, individually and as a team but it is just pandering and I am tired of them having the same promo every week. I was entertained for the first like 2-3 month but it hasn’t evolved it stagnated. The unicorn, the Booty-O’s cereal. The same catchphrases, the same old same old! Anderson and Gallows come out and tell them what they are doing is stupid, agrees. They actually point out that The New Day lost last night and they get a rematch for the WWE Tag Team Championships. To get ready for a rematch for tag team titles we will have a one on one match!

Match 3: Big E vs Karl Anderson

Highlights: Big E hits a big Steiner-style belly-to-belly. Big E spanks Anderson out of the abdominal stretch (Sigh). Anderson works the leg of Big E. Big E fights off Anderson and sends him falling to the outside. Gallows takes out both Kofi and Xavier and Big E eats the knee of Anderson. However, this doesn’t matter because Big E comes back and hits the Big Ending for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: Big E


Overall: Meh, match was fine just sort of there. Big E and Anderson still don’t seem like the mesh well together in the ring. Not sure why we are supposed to care about Gallows and Anderson right now. They have won right about nothing for the past three months, and no I am not counting last night as a victory for them, nor the jobber win(s) they have gotten. I am not sure why they can’t get more time away from The New Day and build back up the awesomeness. Instead we got the guys that are supposed to be serious and they try to be comedic and out yuk yuk The New Day.

Titus cuts a lost puppy promo. It was bad but atleast they tried to let him cut something. He just looked lost and nervous. Slater chants messed him up bad. He wants Darren but then calls out Bob…Bob comes out and got the Crossface Chicken Wing on Titus briefly before being slammed by Titus. Darren come out and eat the Clash of the Titus. Did Titus beat him out the last time they faced? Isn’t this feud over?

Todd Phillips asks why Stephanie thought about last night. Stephanie says she agreed with her brother…and Tom looks on as only Steve knows how.

Match 4: Rusev vs. Big Cass


Highlights:Cass sends Rusev out to the floor for the commercial breaker. Yep the first big thing that happened was the commercial break spot…Go to commercial before you start the match. Honestly the best thing is watching Rusev sell his ribs. He pulls a move off and then holds his ribs. He is so good at this. Rusev goes for a splash but misses. Splash by Cass in the corner. Rusev kicks the shit out of Enzo while he wasn’t looking. Cass hits multiple shots to the injuried ribs. Cass sends Rusev ribs first into the steps. Rusev hits the side kick on Cass but Cass rebounds and hits the big boat sending Rusev out under the ropes. Rusev gets up and decides to not continue…in a tournament for the Universal title…? What?

Your Winner: Big Cass via Count Out


Overall: Stop with the commercial breaks! Also, how am I to believe someone could be counted out if you always head to commercial when they head to the floor. Match was basically this, Punch, Kick, Punch, Kick, Punch, Kick, Punch, Roll Out, Splash and then Rusev just says screw it, He don’t want to be the biggest champion on this show? That was so beyond Rusev’s character it honestly made me want to turn off the show. Not good, not good at all.


JeriKo cut a promo about how they are going to win it all. Jericho ask Tom, Phillip, Phillipe what Roman is going to get….and it was “IT!”

Charlotte comes out and says “Wooo, I’m not Ric Flair, Woo I’m His Daughter, Woo I stole his gimmick”


This brings out Bayley so that was awesome! Bayley cuts a babyface promo and we set up her match against Charlotte and the WWE Women’s Championship match. Bayley tells Charlotte that she respects her and wouldn’t try to upstage her but she will challenge her for her belt.


Charlotte says she is ready to wrestle tonight but she taught Dana to always be ready to fight…I mean that was stupid.

Match 5: Bayley vs. Dana


Highlights: Bayley with the drop toe hold into the rodeo pose and the go crazy with the float overs. Dana, took the headshots in the corner so bad the camera man could find a good shot to make it look real LMAO. Bayley fights off Dana and feigns on Charlotte with a swipe. Dana kicks Bayley to the outside. Dana holds Bayley in a modified bow and arrow for a long time. Dana with the ground and pound. Bayley with the corner move with the inflatable man dance. Into the splash and the Bayley-to-Belly for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: It’s Bayley


Overall: Good debut match. It is so funny to see someone come up from “developmental” and is loads better than a “main” roster opponent. Bayley has been ready to come up. Her promo style will not excite or entertain everyone but if they let a lot of the story to be told in the ring and by her emotions she elicits in her body language she is going to be fine. If they want her to come out and cut a promo like Charlotte she is going to be screwed. She has charisma, seen at the end of the match when she looked out at Charlotte and Woo’d, and she will be able to show that in a different way. I am excited to see her up and I can’t wait to see what her and Charlotte can do in the ring together!

Sheamus is interviewed and his hair down looked cool as shit. However…Sheamus says Cesaro under delivers, you know the guy that beat him twice, once for the shot at the US title? Anyways, nice short promo.

Match 6: Braun vs. A Jobber

Highlights: Squash


Your Winner: Squash

Overall: Well you got your gay character, he liked “big, sweaty men…” god bless the WWE as they know no better. So I believe the WWE has killed the squash match for me. You get a guy over to push him to something else, but NAH, same guy, same squash match, no reason there for the WWE not to be pushing him up the card in Kayfabe.

Dudley Boyz come out to retire. They speak about their career, What they have done, thank the fans and in the end the Shining Stars come out…well that was stupid. They tell the Dudleys that they got them tickets to Puerto Rico, that is actually a nice gift. The Dudley Boyz beat them up hit their spots and call for the tables. However, The Club come in and break up the table spot, because? Well I guess I am going to get them away from the titles for a moment. The Club put Devon through the Magic Killer and I believe their retirement has been delayed.


It’s time for your MAAAAAIIIINNN Event!

Match 7: Chris Jericho vs. Roman Reigns


Highlights: Jericho played such a smug heel even slapping Roman thinking that would make him back down. Byron asks how the experience factor will help Jericho and Cole says, “Not at all”, and they talks about how much the experience of Jericho is helping him early on…I may have misheard that. Jericho gave what looked like a tity twister to Reigns due to a bad camera angle. Jericho gets Roman into the rear sleeper and keeps asking the ref to ask him, I love that! Roman sends Jericho ass first into the second rope. Big clothesline by Roman. Flying clothesline by Roman. Roman starts his own version of the five moves of DOOM come back with the drive-by to finish it off. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but he runs into Roman’s knees and Jericho eats a Superman punch for a 2. Roman sets up for the spear but is kicked. Roman then counters the Codebreaker with a sitout powerbomb.  Kevin Owens runs down and tries to distract Roman but he is too smart. He kicks out of the roll up and hits another Superman punch.


Jericho cuts off the spear again and counters it into the Wall of Jericho but Roman gets the ropes. Kevin punches Roman in the face and Jericho hits the Codebreaker but takes too long to cover and Roman kicks out at 2. Jericho keeps slapping Roman, pissing him off. Kevin gets knocked off the apron and Jericho gets hit with the spear and Roman gets the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: Roman Reigns


Overall: Match was pretty good. One issue, and it is with the commentary. I think a lot of people get pissed off when a guy, who is legit one of the bigger guys on their roster, gets put over as an underdog and how he just overcomes so much. His eye, his leg, his neck, his back, his pussy and his crack! Stop it. How about we try saying thing like “He is fighting off Jericho and is overpowering him. He has that fighting spirit and is going right after Jericho.” Jericho is half the guy’s size! Roman isn’t the underdog here! Stop it! On the other side besides Roman using the same move over and over too often he and Jericho put on a really fun main event match. I liked it!

Show Overall: Show tonight was a mix bag of nuts. The show did flow OK but there were  a lot of speed bumps along the way. Matches were good tonight and they push to crown a new champion was thought out. However, in the end I would have liked to see someone winning the belt tonight. Also, I am not sure who should win the belt with who is left. I want to see someone like Owens have it but they probably need a face and the only face that is ready would be Roman…which is a horrible, horrible idea right now. Roman’s character either needs to be heel, not solving the issue of a face needing to be champion for a moment, or her is going to go right back to being boo’d out of the building. Seth doesn’t need the belt and I would put in the challengers you planned for Finn’s reign as a face champion and not completely re-write your show. Roman winning the US title should be their focus for him. So I am sort of at a loss for who I would like to see win the belt next week. I am happy to see Bayley come in and that is a feud I am excited to see with her and Charlotte. The Club is now involved in two feuds? So we will have to see what happens next but I can say tonight was a job medium, well done! See you at Smackdown!