WWE Raw Recap- So my internet and cable decided to take a nap last night when I sat down to watch the show, Really quick I want to recap the winners and losers of last night and some of the story continuation.

Also, Thank you J-Swizzle for his amazing recaps on Reddit for a nice one stop shop for the show!

Match 1: Enzo vs. Chris Jericho

Your Winner: Jericho via DQ


Overall: I saw some of this match. The ending makes sense considering we are setting up the tag team match at the PPV. Jericho not caring if he wins and taking it how he can get it was in line with his character and He and Owens are getting the point across that they really don’t care about one another but they will have each others backs. Enzo, still needs some polishing in the ring.


Match 2: Braun Strowman vs a Jobber

Your Winner: The Jobber! Just kidding Strowman!

Overall: Not much to say, so I won’t! I love jobber matches so I am sad I missed this.

Match 3: Titus O’Neil vs. Darren Young

Your Winner: Darren Young

Overall: So…to build a feud we will just 50/50 book? That will work for the face and won’t make the heel look bad at all! I came in sick of this rekindled feud and will continue to not like it. I like Backlund, Darren, and Titus, just not them all together.

Match 4: Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Your Winner: Sheamus

Overall: I am not sure why we needed this match again, but that’s fine. Sheamus losing again is a shame, for his sake, but I liked Cesaro getting a back to back win over him to set up the match with Rusev later on in the show. I hoped this was going to set up something down the road and then we ending up with Rusev going ahead and winning and the feud between Cesaro and Sheamus must continue which made me not like this as much as I did before the result of the other match happened.

Match 5: The Dudley Boyz vs. Neville and Sin Cara

Your Winners: Neville and Sin Cara

Overall: The Dudley’s deserve better. I know why they are there, however, I am so tired of them losing over and over and over and over again. Unless this leads to a break up of the Dudley’s why would they, kayfabe, stay together and continue to eat loses without there being tension between the two? I think it hurts more knowing what Bubba can do in the ring and on the mic and what they are doing with them/him. Sad and pointless.

Match 6: Sasha vs. Dana Brooke

Your Winner: Sasha


Overall: I did see this one, Sasha and Dana put on a pretty good, basic match. The ending was messed up do to Charlotte not knowing how to slap someone, apparently. Nothing much to say, job done.


Match 7: Kofi Kingston vs Doc (DR.) Gallows

Your Winner: Doc Gallows

Overall: Match was quick and a bit of a squash for Gallows. The funny business at the beginning was fine in my opinion. I did like that they didn’t just continue being goofy and went back to just going out and trying to take care of business. I like where this may be heading but I fear that they may have cold feet and allow the New Day to continue holding the belt after Summerslam.

Match 8: Rusev (C)  vs. Cesaro US title

Your Winner: Rusev


Overall: I could watch these guys work all the time. The fuckery at the end was fine but, looking back at my views from earlier, I just don’t see the point of blowing your wad on this match to just go back to Cesaro vs Sheamus when the face already has won twice. Why do I want to see they go at it again? Rusev bumping like a boss for the spear from Roman after the match was nice and I am actually interested in that side of this story.


Rusev/Lana cake incident: I thought this segment was good. Roman was fine and I like him being able to be sort of a dick. Lana ate that cake to the face like a champ and her reaction was fantastic. She sold this as if he just ruined her life.

Seth/Balor build: I hate that this feels like a back burner event, but I like how they are trying something different for the build to a championship match. It isn’t an, “I hate you because of reasons, so, I hate you.” it is being put together as two competitors wanting to win and the win against the other guy is a means to an end. I will trash talk you but it is all in the name of getting into your head. Balor explaining the demon was a nice touch, but I would have done two things: A. Don’t talk about it you geeks! And B. I would only bring this out if he is going to win, if not put it in the bag and leave it alone until he is going to get a big win. The demon shouldn’t lose if you want it to mean anything for Finn in the future.


Show Overall: Messy, and too long. It was fine and what I got to see of it was entertaining. However, The fact that they had Cesaro work two matches, one of which was a rematch from last week already, and you are already having pointless segments with Scooby Doo and Puffy Daddy I am quick to fear that they are out of ideas as to how to fill this show. The next step will be bringing in Smackdown…guys…oh, yeah Bryan and Mick. Two things, again, A.It made sense. B. However, it was pointless and is already killing the, “separate brands, separate shows!”, gimmick. I am weary of RAW next week, whereas I am excited for Smackdown. A thing that I predicted the first week is starting to show up. They are blowing through matches too quick and have already reverted back to setting up matches on PPV’s by having the two wrestlers…wrestle and have clean finishes on RAW. This isn’t interesting and worse than that, it doesn’t work. I don’t want to sit down on Sunday to watch a match I have seen, 2-4 times in the past month. Stop it RAW! Figure it out and try to refresh the purpose of this split.

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank