What is going to happen tonight. I know after the show this DVR will have it’s own deletion! We get an update on what happened to the Broken Hardys. Matt dips Jeff into the pool and regenerates him. He comes out as the former Jeff Hardy, with his old, awful belt. He is dipped back into the water and he comes back out as the new and improved Nefarious Brother Nero.

We cut back to reality and Lashley heads down to the ring. Lashley says after what he did last week he no longer has an opponent for Bound for Glory. He talks some more but this brings out Grado…OK? Lashley puts down Grado and says Grado could be a bigger joke to fight than JB. Grado makes jokes. However, he gets over by telling the crowd that he does like to have a good time and make people laugh but he is not a joke. He calls Lashley a coward. Lashley says he will hurt anyone in the ring. Grado tells Lashley that he can be beaten. Lashley looks away and turns back and beats the crap out of Grado, finishing it all off with a spear. Lashley begins to speak again, however, immediately, Moose’s music hits. Moose and Lashley have a stare down, with Moose attacking first sending Bobby out of the ring. Moose says on top of beating Lashley, he is also going to whoop his ass.

We promote the Grand Champion Tournament, capped off with a promo by Aron Rex.

In the back, Lashley cuts a promo on Moose. He points out that he is a fighting champion and to answer Moose’s challenge for tonight the answer is…no!

Match 1: Aron Rex vs. Trevor Lee

Highlights: Aron with the early advantage. Trevor tries to work the corner but Aron with the big right hand to cut him off. Trevor takes it to the outside. Trevor keeps it on the ground as we head to the end of round 1. Winner of round 1 is Aron Rex via split decision. Trevor with the big elbow onto Rex’s face. Flying forearm by Lee for a 2. Rex gets the inside cradle for a 2. High knee to the face of Rex for a 2. Aron returns the favor with his discus elbow for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: Aron Rex

Overall: Match was fine. Aron Rex needs new gear, the white and pink combo makes him look low rent. Also, a discus elbow for a finisher? Nah, not for me. This was a bit different in the fact that Trevor and Aron decided to just have a match that had breaks in it. I wasn’t highly impressed, but I didn’t leave disappointed.

Into the acid trip we see Matt as he searches for Vanguard 1. He finds him but…but…but Vanguard 1 is dead! He begs the deities to restore Vanguard 1 and spare his life. As Vanguard 1 reboots he has flashbacks of his life with Senor Benjamin.

Maria is on the mic and puts over herself! She talks about how she is the big dog in the division. She decides to induct Gail Kim into the Hall of Fame, tonight…OK? So, the highlights of this segment…Dixie Carter coming out. Nah, you know I’m kidding. However, I am not kidding in the fact that she came out. Every week she seems to care less than the week before. Anyways, we end with a Gauntlet match for the Knockout’s Title. Sidenote: I love the look of the new title.

We get a recap of last week where Rockstar Spud took out Braxton Sutter…? HUH? Did I miss this? Well, to recap he fucking American History X’d his teeth into the turnbuckle, so I am intrigued.

Match 2: Braxton Sutter vs. Rockstar Spud

Highlights: Braxton and Spud immediately brawl on the outside. Choke spot by Braxton, with his shirt. Irish whip into the chairs. Straps to the back by Sutter. Ball shot by Spud. In the ring we go immediately back to brawling. Sutter sends Spud into the exposed turnbuckles. Head first, by Spud, into the exposed turnbuckle for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: Braxton Sutter

Overall: I wasn’t into this either. It was bad, I just thought it wasn’t very good. You could have had the same match with the crowd and gotten the reaction you needed from them to get me more into this “match”.

Matt has found Senor Benjamin. He sends Señor Benjamin home to build up the Starcade of weaponry needed for the war that is coming.

Matt is in the ring with Jeff and Reby. He talks about what happened last week and he says Decay must be sentenced to deletion. He says he will delete Decay. Rosemary cuts a promo on King Maxul. She says when they get something they like to keep it. Abyss says the titles are beautiful. Steve says he is offering something better than the gold they have and that is their destruction, “their own Decay”. Matt says they’re not afraid of death. Jeff says that Decay has failed at what they have set out to do and they will be left obsolete. Matt sets up the great war at Bound for Glory. Abyss cuts a promo about war and they accept the challenge. Rosemary cuts the ending of the promo, calling Reby worthless and they all break out into a brawl. Reby and Matt end up Twist of Fate-ing Abyss and Rosemary respectfully.

Bobby and Bennett backstage. Michael tells Lashley that he shouldn’t let Moose talk to him like that. Lashley calls Bennett out on his little game he is playing. Bennett says Moose called Lashley a bitch. Lashley still knows what is going on, but says he is going to kick Moose’s ass then he might come back and finish off Bennett.

Match 3: Gauntlet match for the Number One Contendership to the Knockout’s Championship: Jade vs. Laurel Vaness vs. Sienna vs. Gail Kim vs. Marti vs. Rachael (SP?) vs. Madison Rayne

Highlights: Eliminations in order

Madison Rayne




Laurel Vaness

Sienna via Eat Defeat

Your Winner and Number One Contender for the Knockout’s Championship: Gail Kim

Overall: Waste of time. I have said it before, I am not a fan of multi-person matches. This wasn’t anything special, or different. Gail fought off all the odds to win…wow.

Match 4: Shera vs. Eddie Edwards

Highlights: Shera with the big clothesline. Punchy, punchy by Shera. Inverted atomic drop by Eddie. Shera to the outside, with Eddie in tow with a suicide dive. Boston Knee Party (Sliced Bread number 2) by Eddie. Submission move to end round 1. Your winner of round 1 is Eddie Edwards. Shera runs Eddie into the turnbuckle. Shera, falls to sleep in the middle of the ring waiting to backdrop Eddie. Big clothesline by Shera for the 2 count. Round 2 goes to Shera. Big boot to the face and forearm strikes by Eddie. Front slam by Shera for a 2. Eddie tries for another submission and gets Shera to tap to the single leg Boston crab for the submission victory.

Your Winner: Eddie Edwards

Overall: Wow, Shera is so bad that Eddie looked bad. I thought Shera was improving…I was wrong. He is just very, very stiff (not in a sense of how he throws moves, but in a, he looks like he needs a good stretch).. Shera and Eddie didn’t really mesh, and in the end I about fell to sleep. Bad match, good finish.

We end the night with Moose and Lashley facing off. Lashley talks shit and tells Moose I bet he wants to fight. He coaxes the crowd and denies them the fight they want. In the end we get a brawl to the outside. Lashey gets Moose back into the ring but Moose hits the dropkick. He goes for his finish but Lashley gets the spinebuster and drives his shoulder into Moose in the corner. Moose takes Lashley onto the top but Michael Bennett comes out to interfere. Moose cuts him off but Lashley spears Moose. Bennett and Lashley put the boots to Moose but we end the night with EC3 taking it to Lashley and Bennett.

Show Overall: Wow, swing and a miss for me tonight. The show, overall, wasn’t bad, but I just wasn’t that entertained by it. In the end the show built towards Bound for Glory, which was good, but I was left wanting more. The Gauntlet match with the Knockouts was lame, with the right finish. Sutter and Spud was lame, with the right finish, and both Grand Championship tournament matches were lame, with the right finishes. Overall, I have seen better, however I am not saying it was bad, just not what I was expecting. The Decay and Hardy’s thing tonight was good but I am left wanting more. So, hopefully there is more as we head into Bound for Glory. So…

Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank