We open with Brandi Rhodes…She gives an update on Cody and his condition. She talks about their struggles in their short time in marriage. So to make this better, Maria comes out. So after Maria talking crap and wasting time, Serena attacks Brandi, because Brandi didn’t want to team up with Maria. Brandi is still not ready to be in the ring in front of an audience.

Match 1: Aron Rex (C) vs. Jessie Godderz for the TNA Grand Championship

Recap: Jessie is out first, followed by Rex and what appear to be a huge hog in his pants. First round saw Jessie take it to Rex. He tried to lock in the Adonis Lock by he is countered. He turned that into a sling shot into the corner. End of the round saw Jessie go for an armbar. Round one went to Jessie Godderz. Second round saw Aron go after Jessie with a lot of aggression. Shitty looking Suplex by Rex into a rear chinlock. Round two went to Jessie Godderz. Round three saw Rex going to his towel and get something into Jessie’s eyes. Ending saw him return to the towel and blind Jessie some more. Big punch and a 1…2…3. Match was fine and I still like how Aron Rex is still not quite a heel even though the commentary and the fans are starting to put the pieces together.

Match 2: Mr. Rockett, Trevor Lee, and Andrew Everett vs. Rockstar Spud, and Decay vs. DJ Z, Mandrews, Braxton Sutter

Recap: Too much going on…too too many people in this three way. I mean I normally like three ways…ah thank you. Springboard double armdrag by DJ Z. Dive onto Steve and Lee on the outside. Double stomp by Mandrews. Buckle bomb by Trevor onto Mandrews. The stupid rules finally DQ someone…in a three way match. God, that was stupid. This concept is stupid. Braxton hits his move on Spud for the 1…2…3, while the other team just stood there and watched the ending from the floor.

Your Winners: DJ Z, Mandrews, and Braxton Sutter

Matt and Jeff come down to the ring as they only know how. They are amazing. Their entrance is amazing. What wasn’t amazing, the DCC. I hate this gimmick, and I hate that they are challenging for the title, while Decay just, well, decays in this X Division gold thing. Matt calls these nerds out to the ring. Spooky masked businessmen come in…out of the darkness, as it  took them way too long to “appear”. They beat the Hardy’s up…and I just don’t care.

Ok So it is a match now.

Match 3: The Broken Hardys vs. DCC

Recap: Boring, slow beatdown by DCC. Hot Tag to Jeff. Jeff is cut off while trying for the Twist of Fate. Double DDT by Jeff. Third guy gets in an Earl nonchalantly calls off the match. God this was bad and boring. Also, how the hell can these guys possible put on a good match while wear a three piece suit? Also, one of the DCC take out Earl…why? Also, I am just done, so I sort of skipped the backstage segment. I am tired of this becoming a thing every time the Hardy’s are in a match now. You are ruining it for me TNA. BTW now Matt has amnesia.

Your Winners: No The Fans (No Contest)

EC3 is going to call out Eli Drake. He tells us know by telling us you see, because when he got to the ring, we wouldn’t know why he is out there.

EC3 comes out and calls out Eli. Eli tells EC3 he better use his inside voice or he is going to take him outside. Eli explains how it is going to go down if he gets into the ring. Good back and forth between the two. This sets up a match between Eli Drake vs…The winner of tonight’s main event. Nice!


Match 4: Bobby Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards (C)  for the TNA Heavyweight Championship

Recap: Early back and forth between the two. Eddie takes Lashley to the outside and hits the chops. Lashley gets him back and northern lights suplexes him on the floor. He hits another one on the ramp. Lashley dumped Eddie into the crowd and reenters the ring to stop the count. Lashley continues to play with Eddie until Eddie escapes a stalling suplex. Suicide dive to the outside by Eddie. Sick looking Dominator by Lashley. Eddie kicks Lashley off the top rope to the floor, and hits another suicide dive. Ref bump caused by Lashley. He hits the spear but the ref is out. A new ref comes out but Lashley can only get a two. Lashley knocks out the second ref. Hebner is back in the ring and is about to call for the bell, but Lashley tries to bully him. Lashley turns around and is hit with the Boston Knee Party. Quick count by Hebner and we get a 1…2…3. Match was good but the ending was screwy.

Your Winner and STILL TNA Heavyweight Champion: Eddie Edwards

Show Overall: A very forgettable show. It went by just fine without a whole lot of things to talk about. Main event was good but it seemed like it was just another match. I did like to see Eddie go 50/50 with Lashley and he didn’t just squeak out a victory in the end. Lashley being a heel and losing might show a change in Lashley’s demeanor down the line, but we will see. Overall, Show was fine, but just nothing special or memorable.