We open with your TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley. He talks shit, and he is allowed because he won. This brings out Aron Rex…Lashley tells him he is doing the same thing everyone else has done. This brings out Gail Kim. So what they were doing was bringing out all the champions. Good news, if you’re bring out all the champions then you get the Broken Hardys. Matt cackles. DJ Z get into the ring, and finally we get Billy Corgan in a sweet fucking coat, and Aiden O’Shea. He talks about tonight being memorable. He tells them they will all be in competition. He tells Lashley to choose wisely, and that Team X Gold is next…which isn’t explained, and will have to be explained by Josh, grand.

Match 1: Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, and Locke vs. DJ Z, Mandrews, and Braxton Sutter

Recap: Tag matches, where the rules are stickley enforced…isn’t that what every match should be? Mandrews hits a nice missile dropkick. So, it looks like Billy thinks he invented the trios match? Match sees Trevor’s team keeping the pressure on Mandrews. Trevor hits a German but Mandrews flips through and gets the hot tag to Sutter. Sutter can’t keep ahold of Trevor and is worked over. DJ Z gets into the ring and hits the dive to the outside assisted by Locke’s back. Everett tries the moonsault but eats DJ Z’s boot. Sutter tags in Mandrews, with the rules not being strictly enforced, and Mandrews hits the Shooting Star Press for the 1…2…3, with Sutter still in the ring. While the match was good, the “rules” made no sense. Also, now we have to wait to see what a Wolves Creek cage match is…which will probably just be a cage match.

Your Winners: DJ Z, Braxton Sutter, and Mandrews

Dummies, YEAH! Eli Drake is at his new desk cutting a promo on EC3. Drake pretty much decimated EC3, in my humble opinion. EC3 tried to spar with Eli, but I felt he was lost. EC3 as a face isn’t working out the way I thought it would. He is sooooo bland. He sounds like a second-rate local theater actor. Also, Eli should have pressed the button. Go find Eli’s comeback it was awesome!

I god awful backstage segment with Maria and Allie. God, I am just done with this.

Match 2: Sienna vs. Gail Kim\

Recap: Sienna powerhouses Gail until she looked for her finisher. Gail with the comeback, including a neckbreaker. Hurricanrana attempt by Gail is turned into an faceplant powerbomb. Gail, with a weak rollup, gets the 1…2…3. Gail is beat up at the end by all the women with Maria. Maria gets a rematch…and it’s no DQ…cool. Also, if Allie doesn’t turn on Maria during that match I am done with this feud.

Your Winner: Gail Kim

So the “Wolf Creek”, Yes I know I called it different earlier but, no I am not going to change it because Josh called it Wolves Creek earlier. Anyways…it is the Lethal Lockdown match with almost the same amount of participants as last week.

Match 3: The Broken Hardy’s © vs. Decay for the TNA Tag Team Championships in a Cage

Recap: It is a cage match with weapons…and Josh just said it is like nothing else we have ever seen…WE JUST SAW THIS CAGE MATCH LAST FUCKING WEEK! I HATE YOU JOSH! Abyss gets his tummy stapled by Nero. And we get a cage brawl. Steve uses a grapple hook and fish hooks Matt. Matt tries to start the obviously fake chainsaw and is hit in the knee with a baton. Everyone hits their signature move as Jeff goes to the top to escape, but Rosemary comes out and stops him from escaping. And we lost the show due to the cable box freezing. I looked it up and apparently Matt sends Steve off the ropes and climbs out before Steve can escape from the door. Match was a bit boring for me.

Your Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Broken Hardys

Cody cut a typical babyface coming from WWE promo. He talks about the show on Sunday. He also talked about gleefully leaving his former home. He finally gets to the point and gets out a list but is stopped by his lovely wife, Brandi….Rhodes. He says instead of putting Bennett on the list he should have put winning the TNA World Title. Great, so Lashley can pick his opponent for tonight but just hands out a title shot to Cody, which makes no sense, just give Cody the shot tonight. Anyways, Bennett comes out with Maria. Bennett still has his pineapple jocks on. Bennett tells Cody that he shouldn’t get a match for the belt when he was told he had to fight…He is cut off by Cody who says, “You’re right, we should fight!” We get superkick by Bennett but Cody goes for Cross Rhodes but Bennett bails.

O’Shea is apparently Corgan’s new muscle. Maria and O’Shea go back and forth. O’Shea tells her that Billy thinks she is better than what she did tonight, but he is giving her the match. If she loses then she is no longer the leader of the Knockouts division, which I thought Dixie sort of took away from her a couple weeks ago.

Match 4: Aron Rex © vs. Dax for the iMPACT Grand Championship

Recap: Apparently the 5 minutes for championship matches is out the window. Triple neckbreakers by Dax. Dax hits his, Hogan going up for a chokeslam, chokeslam. Winner of round 1 is Dax. Round 2 see Rex get in the Reverse Sharpshooter for a tap out win. Wow, kind of shitty. Think I am over the round system. I don’t like it, and if Aron is going to continue to phone in his matches I am over him, as well.

Your Winner and STILL iMPACT Grand Champion: Aron Rex


Lashley © vs. Eddie Edwards for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Recap: Very quick start to the match. Eddie goes for a quick win but is German suplexed up and over, landing face first. Palm strikes and a powerbomb as Lashley keeps the pressure. Eddie hits Lashley in the face and then hits a hurricanrana off the top. Eddie with a comeback, but Lashley cuts him off with the clothesline. Powerslam by Lashley and he sets up for the Spear, but Eddie sends Lashley to the outside, hitting the follow up suicide dives. On his third attempt Eddie lands throat first onto the barricade. Lashley gets him back into the ring and sets up for the Spear, Eddie charges at Lashley and hits the Boston Knee Party for the 1…2…3! While I am happy Eddie won this match, I don’t see the reason to take the belt off of Lashley. It may be that he is training for his next MMA fight, but I just don’t see why Eddie needs to win the match here and not have Eddie win at the PPV/EC3 win it at the PPV. Match was good however.

Your Winner and NEW TNA World HEavyweight Champion: Eddie Edwards

Show Overall: Wow, not a great show tonight. The story at the beginning was a bit stupid and just put out there for almost no reason. You created a “new match type” Which is the trios matches they have in Mexico, ROH, and Lucha Underground. The “rules” are that the rules are strictly enforced, and in the first match we see that they are, in fact, not strictly enforced, seeing Sutter sitting in the ring as Mandrews gets the pin. Maria, I am done with. And the super special new cage match we have never seen, is a match type we just saw last week on iMPACT. Eddie winning was a nice surprise, but I don’t think it was the right time or the right place for Lashley to be losing this belt. I will hold out hope that things will get better from here, but this just wasn’t a strong showing tonight. So…

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Monty the Yank