Let’s Talk About- iMPACT 09-29-2016

We open cold and JB is in the ring. He calls out the two captains to the ring to cut some promos on one another. Out first is EC3, and he sings along with the crowd, and directs the swaying to his song. Out next is “This is LASHLEY!” It’s Lashley, everybody. We get the matchup of these teams. Lashley’s team is: Drew Galloway, Michael Bennett, and Maria…? EC3’s is: Eric Rex, Moose, and Gail Kim…? SO they already knew the other one knew they were picking a women? Or did EC3 already just think that Gail would be the best to go against Lashley? Apparently, EC3 has to win, has to win, has to win. Lashley gives EC3 props on the people he has beat, but says that he is different from those guys. EC3 tells Lashley that, “At Bound for Glory, he is bring it all, because he needs to win. EC3 also asks Lashley to be the first in the ring so he and EC3 can be alone in the. Lashley agrees. Short and sweet but I liked the build up for tonight, while questioning the women being involved in this match.

Match 1: Eddie Edwards vs. DJ Z © for the TNA X Division Championship

Recap:  DJ Z’s hair and entrance outfit was amazing! We opened with some back and forth, with the arm ringers and head-scissor takedown by DJ Z. Chops, already, by Eddie. Nice, hurricanrana by DJ Z. DJ Z arm dragged Eddie right out of the ring. Plancha over the top by DJ Z. DJ Z hits the jawbreaker and then follows up with a back elbow off the top. Eddie sends DJ Z to the outside and hits the suicide dive, but he hurts himself in the process. Eddie hits the backpack stunner for a 2. Eddie stops the hurricanrana, however, on the powerbomb attempt, he is sent over with a secondary hurricanrana by DJ Z. Eddie drops his kneepad and looks for a finish but DJ Z hits his flipping DDT (Name needed…) for the 1…2…3! After the match Trevor Lee and Everett come out, and takes out both DJ Z and Eddie. Eddie is taken out by the drop toehold combined with a knee to the chin. Match was very well done. Fast pace and both didn’t miss a beat.

Your Winner and STILL TNA iMPACT Champion: DJ Z

Backstage we get a skippable back and forth between Maria and Allie. Maria continues to make fun of Allie, and Allie, like a lapdog just takes it.

We get a interview, moderated by Josh Mathews, with Moose and Bennett. Bennett talks about how those two were supposed to work together. Moose talks about football. Bennett tells him to stop about football. Bennett says after Bound for Glory, “No one will do this Moose, Moose, Moose chant.” Moose says he is going to send Bennett straight to hell. Bennett is apparently the hardest man to pin…? Moose says he will win, No Bennett will, no Moose will…

Match 2: Madison Rayne vs. Laurel Van Ness

Recap: Van Ness wants Madison to kiss her hand, obviously Madison kisses it duh! Van Ness goes outside and literally takes a powder on the outside. Madison looks to springboard back in the ring, but Van Ness pokes her in the eyes. We get a WEEOOOWEEEOOOWWEEEOOOO by Allie. A stupid move in the middle of the ring by Van Ness. We get a weak looking reverse triangle by Van Ness. Ref missed the lazy pin attempt with the foot by Van Ness. Bunch O’ 2 counts. Northern lights suplex by Madison for a 2. CHOOOOPS by Madison. LMAO, Van Ness stole the fuckin’ Curb Stomp and gets the victory, as the crowd goes mild. Allie calls the winner. Looking to maybe get this time back.

Your Winner: Laurel Van Ness

Lashley is backstage making a good point. They don’t need to like each other, but they need to work together. He promises to give a championship match to the person that takes out EC3.

We get a promo for the Grand Championship. Drew puts over their match being the true main event of Bound for Glory. He asks Aron Rex to come out. He tells Aron that they will be apart of history. He talks about when he came to TNA. How he was responsible for the change in TNA. He tells the crowd that due to that, they are all welcome, I like how he stole the You’re Welcome from Aron. Aron cuts a babyface promo. Oh my god, Aron told Drew to “Galloway up.” The definition is, a greasy haired piece of crap…OK… Drew says he should slap him, but doesn’t. Says Aron should address him as sir. Aron settles down. He tells Drew that the match on Sunday will not go to the judges. He addresses Drew as “Sir, Greasy Piece of Crap.” Drew tells them that there can be only one…Highlander reference! Galloway cheapshots Aron and then hits the piledriver, as he stares into the Grand Championship. Good little back and forth between the two. Makes me want to see their match even more, even if Aron is a bit goofy.

We get a vignette from the Decay about their match on Sunday, and the match between Rosemary and Reby tonight.. Creepy and beautiful.

Match 3: Rosemary vs. Reby(Storm from X-Men) Hardy

Recap: Reby takes Rosemary to the corner and runs her head into multiple versions of them. Rosemary with the clothesline. Rosemary chokes out Reby, but abides by the 5 count. Lick spot by Rosemary. Sidekick into the corner by Reby. Big Boot by Reby, taking Rosemary out. Twist-of-Fate by Reby but Steve distracts the ref. Rosemary spits the mist to the eyes and this causes the DQ. This leads to a brawl between the Hardy’s and Decay. They immediately head backstage. Josh, remembers to bring up the fact that where they were heading caused Matt to become broken months earlier. Back at ringside and Reby is setting up Rosemary to go through the table. Rosemary counters and hits a Side-Effect through the table. We end this…match? With Rosemary cackling DECAY! Good, segment. Not much of a match, but the segment was entertaining.

Your Winner: Reby Hardy via DQ

We get the backstage aftermath of the fight between the Hardy’s and Decay. Steve sings the Obsolete song, but we get a shot of Matt taking out Abyss with the ladder. Steve stalks Jeff with the chair, and runs him neck first, with the chair around his neck, into the wall. Abyss fucking murders Matt via electrocution as we Decay, Decay,…DECAY!

We get another interview with Gail and Maria. Maria is such an asshole, and I like it. Gail calls Maria evil. Gail can’t wait to get her hands all over Maria. Maria says at Bound for Glory she will continue to be the champion. Gail says it isn’t about the Hall of Fame, or that title, it is about her getting her hands on Maria.

Backstage we have Tyrus talking about last year, but we get Eli Drake talking about needing Tyrus to win a championship. Tyrus and Eli Yeah, Yeah, Yeah back and forth but Tyrus tells Eli he will hand out an ass whoopin’ to Eli for free! Funny little segment.

EC3 works up his team. They do a stupid ass cheer as we head to their match.


Match 4: Lethal Lockdown Match: Lashley, Drew Galloway, Michael Bennett, and Maria vs. EC3, Aron Rex, Moose, and Gail Kim: Winning captain chooses the stipulation at Bound for Glory

Recap: Order of appearance and ending highlights:


Michael Bennett (Lashley puss’d out)

Drew Galloway

Aron Rex




Gail Kim

Maria did not get into the ring as we await Gail Kim. Weapons are in play and they got rid of the fucking top that comes down to LOCK them in…the fuck? Gail is apparently chasing Maria backstage. So your Lethal Lockdown is a 3 on 3 match, without a top? A lot of weapon spots. Lashley taken out with multiple weapon blows by Moose, and Aron Rex. EC3, apparently, is an ass kicking machine. Bennett runs wide with a cutter on EC3, and a superkick for Moose and Rex. Moose hits the dropkick on Bennett, sending the chair off of Bennett’s head. Spear onto Rex by Lashley. EC3 and Lashley faceoff. EC3 with a couple of big clotheslines. Cage comes into play by EC3. Kendo sticks to the body of Lashley. TKO by EC3, but Lashley hits the spear, and head and arm’s EC3. EC3 gets the ropes by it doesn’t matter, as EC3 passes out from the pain. Match wasn’t anything special, but it was very entertaining. I didn’t like the changes to this match. Where was the top? Why did we only have 3 people in it? Regardless, they did what you’d expected from them, and in the end,we got a fun main event. Lashley, in the end, calls for a no-holds barred match for Sunday. So we will see Zeus and Rip in your main event of Bound for Glory…if they can’t get money, you might see No-Holds Barred played in it’s place.

Your Winners: Team Lashley

Show Overall: Again I leave this show entertained. I am sad to see that this may be the last time we see TNA. We might not even get Bound for Glory…I am really sad. However, The way I see it if it is heading off the air at least they went out with a bit of a bang and not as a whimper. I liked tonight, minus the Van Ness, Rayne match. I look forward to watching Sunday, and this show made me more excited. I hope this show happens, but if it doesn’t, that would be such a TNA way of leaving this earth..So… Hopefully

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