Here we go again. iMPACT wrestling. Will we see a decay, or a deletion? Will I see…Tyrus? Probably not, however, let’s not wait any longer and let’s get this show on the road! We recap last week and head right into the iMPACT Zone!

Match 1: Drew Galloway vs. Eddie Edwards Grand Champion Tournament

Recap: We get quick, back and forth, with Galloway getting the back elbow. Eddie is Steiner-style belly-to-bellied by Drew. Big boot by Eddie followed by the suicide dive, Galloway catches Eddie and slams him onto the ring apron. Back and forth pin attempts between the two. Triple suplex by Drew and a 2 count. We end round 1 with punches and your winner for round 1 is Drew Galloway. Huge clothesline by Eddie. Chops back and forth. Eddie with the Frankensteiner and a 2 of his own. Twitter appearance by Dixie Carter. Drew is tied into the Tree of Woe. Eddie takes too much time, and Drew lifts up and throws him off the top. Boston Knee Party by Eddie off of Drew tuning up the Claymore. Eddie, successfully this time, hit the suicide dive. So nice, he does it twice! Round 2 comes to an end on the outside. Round 2 goes to Eddie Edwards. Eddie dodges and chops Drew, but is hit with the big hand. CHOOOOPS by Drew. Eddie, sloppily, goes for the single leg crab, however, Drew rolls him through and gets the Iron Maiden. Eddie fights, and reverse the Iron Maiden into a crossface of his own. CHOOOOOPS! Turnbuckle powerbomb onto Eddie, but he charges out and attacks Drew. Drew with the Future Shock DDT but Eddie kicks out and the round ends. Your winner of round 3 is…Drew Galloway! Match was pretty darn good. This is the sort of match I was expecting from this tournament. They need to present this like a sport. It needs to feel completely difference. The promo at the end, in the ring, was awesome. Drew is telling everyone he is the same and that TNA is rigged. He tells Lashley and EC3 to move their match to before his because, “Nobody follows Drew Galloway.” EC3 coming out after he says that Drew better tread lightly before saying his name. Drew tells EC3 he always seems to end up on top, like someone is watching over him up there, points to the sky, and then says “In Nashville”. This was good all-in-all.

Your Winner: Drew Galloway via Split Decision

Continuing on to the end of this segment. EC3 finishes sparring, verbally, with Drew, bringing out Lashley. Before he can enter, Bennett attacks EC3 from behind. Lashley spears EC3, which starts up Moose’s music. Moose dumps Lashley and then goes for Bennett. Bennett kicks Moose in the head and Lashley spears him as Josh loses his voice 30 minutes into the show.

Get a promo package for Aron Rex and Dummy Yeah, E-LI DRAKE! Good on both of them! And, yes I did skip over Allie and Maria.

Bennett and Lashley have a backstage segment. Lashley reminds Bennett that they are not friends and Bennett agrees and then asks for a title shot after they are done with their respectful opponents. Lashley questions Bennett sanity and leaves.

Match 2: Aron Rex vs. Eli Drake Grand Champion Tournament

Recap: Eli sees a bunch of DUMMIES, YEAH! He calls Aron a Dummy, yeah! Aron Rex tries to put down Eli Drake. He calls out Eli Drake’s gear…mind you Aron Rex is wearing white trunks and pink knee pads. Anyways, he says that Eli goes around and calls people dummies, and the crowd says “Yeah!”, which causes Aron to tell them not to do that. Aron works the side headlock and Eli gets the knee to the gut. Shoulder block by Aron. Snapmare into the knee drop by Aron. Russian legsweep, but on the elbow attempt, Eli rolls out of the ring. Spine-tomic drop-buster by Aron and a sharpshooter attempt as time expires. Round 1 goes to Aron Rex. Eli takes Aron’s neck over the top rope, and goes for the pin attempts. Eli sends Rex sternum first into the turnbuckle and then hits a neckbreaker for a long 2. Floatover DDT by Eli. Front slam by Eli for a 2. Choke by the boot in the corner as the round comes to an end. Round 2 goes to Eli Drake. Eli can’t wait to pounce on Rex. Elbow to the back of the head by Eli. Aron Rex hits the discus elbow for the 1…2…3! Match was pretty good, I still do not like the elbow as a finisher. Rex and Drew is where they wanted to go, and they are going there. Eli looked really good in there and Aron looked a lot better than he did last week. Anyways, worth the watch, and I am starting to like this format.

Your Winner: Aron Rex

Backstage segment with Decay. They are very angry and they are cutting a good, fiery promo, when they are cut off by Vanguard One. Senor Benjamin is on the screen, and he begins to laugh at Decay as he shows them the shovel with delete written on it.

We get a vignette introducing Cody (Rhodes) as he is heading for Bound for Glory.

Decay is coming out to the ring. God, I love this act. The chemistry of those three, topped with the music and the atmosphere they produce. Rosemary is PISSED! She talks about the great war and how it will be the end of every last Hardy, forever. Abyss tells the crowd to SHAAADDDUUUPPPP, David Arquette would be proud! He says when they destroy the Hardys, that, that will be beautiful. Steve, says the same, and it was awesome awesome! Matt, in the Rosemary role, is in the crowd. He talks about what he has around him is all magic. Matt says for destroying that magic, that they must go to a great war! Apparently, they will go at it, AGEEN, and AGEEN, and AGEEN, and AGEEN, and AGEEN, until they delete Decay’s title reign. Nero tells them that Abyss will no longer be beautiful, Steve will not be Crazzy anymore, and Rosemary will not be as rosy anymore. He then begins to sing the obsolete song. Rosemary says that they are the death dealers. Rosemary tells the Hardy’s that they are, “Bound for DECAAAAY!” Matt says that the deities have told him that tonight Decay is going to be bound for glory! Lights out in the iMPACT Zone, as we get the bill paid, and Abyss and Steve are tied up in the corners. Reby is in the ring, and she spears Rosemary, but Rosemary bails before she can be hit with the Twist of Fate. Reby tells Rosemary, that next week, she will be the one leaving without her baby. Great promo! Super excited to see these guys, and gals, go at it.

Backstage Moose and EC3 are going back and forth. EC3 tells Moose that, tonight, Lashley is his. Moose tells EC3 that he will beat up whoever he wants, whenever he wants.

Match 3: DJ Z © vs. Trevor Lee for the TNA X Division Championship

Recap: Fast and furious start. Big front dropkick by Lee. Hip toss into the corner by Lee. Big European uppercut by Lee. DJ dodges and grabs Lee’s leg, sending Lee face first into the apron. DJ Z with the dive on the outside. Dropkick of the top by DJ Z. DJ Z with the comeback! Trevor is crotched on the top rope. Lee heads out onto the ropes but is Frankensteiner’d back into the ring and hit with the DJT and the 1…2…3! After the bell ,Everett comes in and they lay the boots to DJ Z. This brings out Eddie and he runs them off. DJ Z is handed his title and Eddie cuts a promo. Eddie blows DJ Z in the ring and talks him up to ask him for a title shot. DJ Z agrees, and next week we will see Eddie Edwards vs. DJ Z. Good match between the two. DJ Z and Trevor put on a fast match with a lot of moves but they played into the story of the match. They did well together and next week we should see a great match between DJ Z and Eddie Edwards.

Your Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: DJ Z

Open Workout by Maria….SKIIIIPPPEEEDDD. Well not skipped just not really putting much into this. Some local woman comes in. Josh put it perfectly, “This isn’t a match though.” LMAO, well, we then get, obviously, not Gail Kim in an all black outfit. GASP! It is Gail Kim! OK, This made up for this segment with those “awesome” kicks by Gail! Also, I believe Gail Kim may have been the one that kidnapped Samoa Joe back in the day!


Match 4: Mike Bennett and Bobby Lashley vs. Moose and EC3

Recap: Immediately, Bennett bails on Lashley. Moose takes it to Lashley, but Lashley heads outside and tells Bennett to get back into the ring. We come back to the show with Bennett taking out EC3. Lashley with the shot to the ribs of EC3. EC3 is waist locked by Bennett, but hits the stunner to get out. BTW, Bennett is showing how to make pink work! EC3 fights off Lashley in the corner, moves, and Bennett hits Lashley in the face sending him to the outside. Moose gets the hot tag and hits a crossbody onto Bennett, moves out of the way and allows Lashley to splash Bennett. Moose is sent outside, but EC3 also sends Lashley outside. EC3 fights off Bennett and gets the rollup for the 1…2…3! Moose takes it to Bennett and takes him to the back. Lashley takes out EC3 in the ring but EC3 fights him off and starts laying in the punches. Security comes out and keeps them apart as we get a pull apart. EC3 and Lashley punch their way out of the security causing the wrestlers to come out from the back. This, finally, brings out Billy Corgan, and he tells them that they will not do it this way. He says next week they will pick teams and the winner gets to pick the stips to their match at Bound for Glory, also, that match will be in a Lethal Lockdown match! Nothing to this match. It was a way to get us interested in next week, and into the PPV.

Your Winners: EC3 and Moose

Show Overall: I found myself really enjoying this edition of iMPACT. I think the show told a really good story We got two very good matches in the Grand Championship tournament, and the story of Decay and the Hardy’s is only getting more interesting. I want to see Lashley and EC3 go at it. I want to see Moose, truly, get his hands on Bennett. I want to see this PPV. TNA has done a really good job of this and I hope they continue to show me that, even as something seems to die, you can put on compelling TV. However, at the end of the day, I will  be buying this PPV and I will be enjoying it as well. So…

Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank