Can Impact out Smackdown, Smackdown? We start with EC3 and Galloway in an undisclosed location and an undisclosed bottle of whiskey! You trying to swone my heart TNA? You are, and I am falling for it!

Bobby Lashley is heading to the ring! He is going to be on commentary!!!!! We are starting off with a battle royal! Or a battle pounder in America!

Match 1: Battle Royal: Bromans, Eli Drake, The Tribunal, Gradon, Shera, Michael Bennett, Moose, and Eddie Edwards,

Highlights: Eliminations

  • One of the Tribunal
  • Shera
  • The other Tribunal
  • Grado
  • Bromans, not Jessie
  • Eli Drake
  • Broman Jessie
  • Moose
  • Eddie Edwards

Yoru Winner; Mike Bennett

Overall: Not too much to say. We get your basic battle royal. Also, with the roster we have in TNA we saw almost all of the people on the roster in the first 20 minutes. Bennett winning is fine, but I would like to see Bobby to have a bunch of challengers before he takes one another heel. However, I was fine with where this is heading and I am excited to see these two face off.

Matt AHrdy is in the ring and he talks about the piece of paper he has in his hands and that is a shot at the tag team championships of the world. He says they are currently decaying but soon they will be brought back and be broken. Jeff comes out looking weird, but awesome. The fact that he sings his entrance is awesome! Matt says he didn’t need him out here. Jeff says he is out here to work, wrestle, and entertain. Rosemary cuts them off and says She says they have something they want and they will never let them have them. Abyss comes down the ramp and says he will take joy in taking over what is left of them. Crazzy Steve, tells them this is not a game. He tells them that he doesn’t have stuff to gain but he has a lot to lose. He talks about their legacy! Can I just say Crazzy Steve cuts an AMAZING promo! Matt says he swears that he will eat one of them tonight, I would think Abyss! Matt offers Jeff out to fight. Crowd chants “All Three” Abyss says he is beautiful and offers to take him on.

Match 2: Jeff Hardy, Sorry Brother Nero vs. Abyss

Highlights: Big forearm shots by Nero. Big leg drop by Brother Nero. Twist of Fate by Jeff. Matt tells Jeff he has to learn to fight with honor and not come off the top rope. Jeff flips him off and he dives to the outside onto Crazzy Steve. Jeff sends Steve back into the ring and Steve pulls a chain out of his trunks but is cut off. Jeff hits Abyss with the chain but can’t but away Abyss. Big chokeslam by Abyss. Abyss hold onto Jeff and Steve looks to spit mist into Jeff’s eyes but he moves and he spits it into Abyss’ face. Matt starts biting Crazzy Steve’s face. Distracted Jeff is hit with the mist into his eyes and Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam for the 1…2…3!


Your Winner: Abyss

Overall: Match was fine but the overall theme was purely a storyline. Steve got his ear bit and comes in and paints a cross on Jeff head. Abyss and Jeff’s “Match” wasn’t much but the entertainment of this segment superseded the actual match. They needed to tell a story and they did. The overall story got me MORE interested in the tag team match for those titles. Matt scolding Jeff at the end makes me MORE interested in what happens next! I thought this was very entertaining!

Billy throws his weight around and tells the Knockout’s champion to go to the ring because she has a match, next!

Backstage we get a confrontation between Bobby Lashley and Mike Bennett. Lashley tells Bennett he can handle Moose but Bennett can’t, and then walks off!

Match 3: Sienna vs. Martie vs. Ally vs. Jade vs. Madison

Highlights:  Sienna tries to suplex Madison but Ally tries to help causing Madison to roll Sienna up for a 2. Nothing happens, forever and Ally continues to sound like the love interest from Kung Pow Enter the Fist. Madison hits the package DDT. Bunch of moves. Ally coves Madison while I was talking about my new desk.

Your WInner: Ally

Overall: Well if you read the last sentence of the highlights you will be able to tell how much I cared about this. Ally needs to stop with the voice. I looked up and saw the finish. I will pass judgement to others who saw what happened but this was a mess.

Update: Drew and EC3 and drinking! They recap what happened.

Moose is walking out and Lashley pulls up. He tells him one day he will not have to park so far way and he will not have to hang with losers like Bennett. He gives him his card and tells him to meet up.

We have Fact of Life…with Eli Drake…Don’t care he Yeah, Dummies a bunch of guys. Spud calls out Braxton. He calls him a son of a bitch and says he hasn’t done anything here…Wow, not that is wasn’t entertaining just stupid. In fairness it gave the X Division guys to talk and try and get over but the guys in the ring didn’t make me think Bobby was going to lose that belt. Aj Z tells Eli to hit the button one more time…Eli tries to but DJ Z pushes the table awya and the guys start fighting each other, Mandrews takes out the entire crowd of guys besides DJ Z. DJ is dodges by Eli and dives out on the others.

Match 4: Drew Galloway vs. EC3 for the shot at the TNA Heavyweight Title at Bound for Glory

Highlights: Hip toss into a Japanese arm drag by EC3. They have a standoff and a slap. Double crossbody into the commercial break. We come back outside. Galloway gets EC3 into the Celtic Cross and drops him across the steps on the outside. Ground and pound by Galloway. EC3 is selling his leg…? Elbows by EC3. Steiner-style belly-to-belly by Galloway. Side Russian leg sweep by EC3 into the turnbuckle pad. Galloway tries for the Celtic Cross off the top but hits the powerbomb and another for a long 2. Futureshock DDT blocked and turned into a TKO but Drew is too close to the ropes. Sitout powerbomb by Galloway but EC3 powers out at 2. Chop-fest back and forth! Flap-jack by EC3. 1%er attempt by EC3 but Galloway turns it into the Futureshock DDT but EC3 is too close to the ropes. EC3 cuts off the top rope attempt by Galloway and he hits the 1%er off the second rope for a long 2 count. Tombstone piledriver by Galloway for a VERY long 2 count. “Slow Count Ref!” Galloway tunes up the Celtic tribes in the corner but misses the Claymore. EC3 with the cover and the bridge for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner and number one contender to the TNA Heavyweight Championship: EC3

Overall: Good match between those guys. Back and forth wasn’t too formulaic and the ending was all about neither guy getting the win with their finisher. The point of Aron Rek being in there was actually…well, there was no point besides Galloway had an issue with that three count and set up the attack after the match. Galloway going heel? God, I hope so! Match got over what they needed to get over and it didn’t get too much away. TNA has done a good job of giving just enough away and keeping the people interested to see what happens next week.

Show Overall: What is there to say? TNA is so hard to call week by week, and that is not a bad thing. Their show is meant to build to a month conclusion(Which is why they should be trying month PPV’s again even if they are getting 5,000 buys). The show week to week is always fine. However, what they do that week doesn’t feel like filler or a give away to a build up, normally. The two hours they give is probably the quickest 2 hours of the week. Smackdown does a good job of pacing their show, but TNA does a good job of making it seem like it never happened. I am ready, will, and Gable to see next week! So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank