Is today…The greatest day you’ve ever known? Well Maybe not today but tomorrow may be? Oh, Billy, Billy, Billy!

We open with a nice promo pakage about James Storm. They recap him winning the belt originally from Kurt Angle. He talks about how often this shot comes around and that this may be his last chance. Out to Josh and Pope hyping up the show for tonight. And we get EC3 coming down to the ring.

EC3 Promo – EC3 starts allowing the crowd to cheer for him. He grooves with it and keeps telling the crowd, YEAH! He recaps his rise to the top. He says through all of that he is missing a moment of perfection. He seems to get a little tied up but brings it back together and cuts a nice babyface promo. He says he only has one thing to say that he is Bound for Glory. This causes Bobby Lashley’s music to hit and out comes the Champ! Lashley cuts that promo he has gotten so good at doing. He is a heel but because he is a badass he can pretty much say what he would say if he was a face. He just tells people what he is doing and that is beating people and taking their belts. Lashley tells EC3 he is not the one to beat him. EC3 blows Lashley in the ring, verbally, and works up to telling him that he will be the one to win the belt(s) at Bound for Glory. However, before he can get to that James Storm comes out to interrupt the both of them. Side note: Way too many hats in this segments…just the right amount of zip up jackets though. James starts cutting a promo and his mic cuts to the live feed. He tells them that they can stay in the ring and keep kissing his ass or come down here and try to kick it. Lashley goes down to kick James’ ass but they brawl to the back. This action spawns Michael Bennett and Moose in the ring and they start beating EC3 down…which spawns Eddie Edwards who comes out to try and even the odds. In a nice mismatch, Eddie tries to bite off a piece of Moose but struggles until EC3 comes over and they clean house. Eddie says instead of waiting for later tonight for their match that they should just start right now.

Overall: Good, chaotic, start to the night. They build up the two main matches, one of which that started right then and there. Lashley is amazing, to me atleast, and EC3 has been refreshing for the past month. Storm and Eddie seem like background noise but Eddie’s constant attention to Moose is interesting because I know they can have great matches against one another. Good start to the night and I hope this is a little taste of how this week will go.

Eddie Edwards and EC3 vs. Moose and Michael Bennett.

Overview: We comes back from a break to see Bennett throwing EC3 from corner to corner. However, EC3 fires up with a clothesline and short tag in and out between Eddie and EC3. Double suplex spot by Eddie and EC3 on Bennett for a 2. Bennett gets out of trouble by back elbowing Eddie and getting the tag to Moose. Moose is fired into the corner but reverses, gets cut off, but Eddie is distracted on the ropes and Moose hits a high dropkick to Eddie on the top. Eddie continues to get eaten up by Moose until Eddie hit a DDT on Moose but is  broken up by Bennett. EC3 comes in with the hot tag, finishing it off with a jawbreaker to Moose and Stinger Splashes to both of them. EC3 Flapjacks Bennett onto Moose. Moose and Bennett are on the outside and EC3 and Eddie pull off the double suicide dives. Eddie hits a Hurricanrana but the pin is broken up by Bennett. Eddie is finally cut off and hit with the double handed chokeslam by Moose, who is tagged out by Bennett, Bennett gets the 1…2…3 as Moose stares down Bennett for stealing the pin.

Your Winners: Moose and Mike Bennett

Overall: Great high octane match between all of those guys. Moose and Eddie worked a good match. EC3 and Bennett didn’t work too much of the match and I was fine with that. EC3 worked over Moose and dominated him a little bit which didn’t make much sense if you are trying to push Moose as a monster. In the end, however, Moose got his move on Eddie and they are showing the frustration Moose is starting to have with Bennett, which I think needs to happen. Good start, good match.

Aron Rex (Damien Sandow) Interview: I am not going to go into a lot of details. It was you typical let me tell you why I am here. He buried, to an extent, WWE and how they handles him and his character. The promo was good I liked him coming in with some piss and vinegar. He had passion and he is very good on the mic. Aron knows how to get fans to rally around him. He didn’t get his characters over due to sucking. He will do whatever you tell him, but he is able to make anything work so when he can just basically be himself, he is pretty damn good at it. I liked this and I was excited to see him come in.

Backstage we have Maria and Gail Kim. Maria tells Gail Kim that it will be a one on one matchup but no DQ. MArti justs Gail from behind and tells her she will see Gail out in the ring.

Marti vs. Gail Kim

Overview: We start off hot as Gail doesn’t even get into the ring…WEEOOOWWEEEOOOWEEEEOOOWEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOO….Fuck me, Ally comes down to the ring and immediately start squeeking. We get it into the ring and Marti hits three suplexes onto Gail and starts kicking her while she is down. Working into the corner Marti stomps a mudhole in Gail’s ass. Gail kicks away from Marti and hits the, I will throw my body at you in the corner. WEEOOOWEEEOOOWEEEEOOOOOOO attacks Gail but is, sort of, not successful. Marti and Gail start brawling on the outside, but because it is a No DQ match, they immediately get back into the ring. Gail tries to hit Eat Defeat but it is countered and both of them have the same idea and elbow each other. Gail gets the advantage back and goes to Bret’s rope and hits a blockbuster…sort of. Gail goes to the top, like a stupid face, and is thrown off the top by Maria. Maria tells Ally to get into the ring and hit Gail with the baton. Ally WEEOOOOWEEOOOWEEEOOOOOOO’s her way into Gail but is cut off. Gail runs her into Marti and pins Marti! Marti starts to beat on Gail but Jade comes out and runs Marti out of the ring. Maria, who is pissed, tells Jade she will face Gail Kim next week.

Your Winner: Gail Kim

Overall: MEH, I didn’t really care for this match. It was fine but just boring. Gail and Marti seemed a step off of their games. The ending was only there to continue a story…Ally needs to shut up and stop with the WEEEOOOOOWWEEEEEEOOOOOWWWEEEEOOOO screaming, again it takes me from enjoying a show, right to hating it instantly because I become so annoyed with that one thing. It is fake and so unnecessary. Also, to have a No DQ and keep it mostly in the ring shows that they just wanted the No DQ for the interfering. However, I do give it credit because that is what Maria wanted to do. But the backstage beat down was pointless in the end and the match did not incorporate the stip naturally and it felt forced.

We get a quick vignette of Matt finding Jeff and they sending Vanguard 1 back to the Hardy compound.

Matt comes out and cuts a promo on Decay and how they will get the belts back. Matt tells him the man that is going to do that is….Brother Nero. Matt hits the chorus of the obsoletes in the song…Jeff, being awesome, starts singing the song and tries to get the crowd to sing along. Jeff asks Matt the question everyone was wondering…why DID he bite a man’s face off? Jeff tells him if they are going to win the belts back he needs Matt to be with him and work together. Jeff tells Matt that they don’t want to see a Broken Matt or a Brother Nero but rather they want to see the Hardy’s kicking ass like they used to. Matt says they can never go back. I like that there is a new twist on this and Jeff isn’t trying to fight Matt, but rather, trying to reach Matt. Their opponents come out and Al Snow tells Matt he is digging the crazy and asks if Matt thought about skinning some puppies to make a coat (Loved it). Jeff tells them that they are miniature donkeys. Jeff jumps the Tribunal and the match gets underway.

Brother Nero (and Broken Matt) vs. the Tribunal

Overview: We comes back from break with Jeff getting beaten up by the Tribunal. Matt goes over to a fan and grabs him causing the fan to chant along with him saying “Delete, Delete, Delete” Al Snow goes over and starts doing the same chant but Matt grabs Al’s hand and starts biting him. Matt snaps and starts beating up Al and then beats the hell out of one of the Tribunal allowing Jeff to beat the other one with the Twist of Fate! Jeff yells at Matt after the match and starts hitting all of the Tribunal, including Al Snow, with Twist of Fates while asking if Matt thought that was obsolete. Jeff goes to the outside, while Matt laughs, and sets up two table on the outside. Jeff takes Snow to the outside and lays him on the table. Jeff hits a springboard splash through the table. Matt looks on with odd approval. Jeff gets back into the ring and tells Matt “The only one that punishes me is myself.” Jeff goes to the top and hits the Swanton through the table into no one. He starts screaming and laughing and finally tells Matt that he is Broken and he is Brother Nero.

Your Winner: Brother Nero and Broken Matt.

Overall: Match was fine, the story was awesome. I liked this ,I liked that Jeff snapped and is going to go along with Matt weirdness. I like it because it could lead to either, A. he is crazy along with Matt, or B.he is tricking Matt so he helps him by admitting defeat and becoming “broken” along side Matt. I want to see where this goes, I want to see them win the belt as the crazy duo, and I want to see them implode as we go forward!

Decay backstage! Creepy and awesome. I love this group.

Drew Galloway interview in ring: Drew talks about being screwed in the Bound for Glory playoffs. He tells the crowd he isn’t an idiot and three times being screwed by EC3 wasn’t an accident…he tells the crowd not only is EC3 looking like the Hulk he is green with envy. He proposes EC3 and Drew Galloway should happen and it should be for the chance to main event Bound for Glory. He says this should happen if EC3 has any guts.

Overall: Drew seemed a bit heelish here and I liked that. I have been waiting to see dirty heel Galloway happen for a while now and it looks like this may happen soon. He explains that he could have come down and screwed EC3 in the finals but he didn’t. He uses this to demand a match with EC3 and he is right, but this is something that I think can shoot him into a nice heel role very quickly.

It’s time for your MAAAAIIIINNN EVENT!

James Storm © vs. Bobby Lashley © © for the TNA Heavyweight, X Division and King of the Mountain Championships

Overview: We get the big match feel start with intros in the ring. RIght away Lashley jumps Storm and Storm hits the superkick but the ref isn’t there for the pin and Lashley kicks out. Storm immediately sends Lashley to the outside and hits a move of the apron. They brawl around the ring for a while. Early going, Storm keeps outsmarting Lashley. He keeps being one step ahead. Lashley is sent back outside and tries to take Pope’s action figure but Storm cuts him off as we head to break. We come back with Lashley dominating. Lashley keeps up the pressure and drives Storm down and then drives his knee into the neck of Storm. Lashley is in control for a long time. Lashley drives the shoulder into the gut of Storm in the corner. Suplex of the stalling variety by Lashley. He goes for the spear but Storm runs away and hits the Hart Attack to stop the onslaught. Lashley gets it back quickly with a crossbody for a 2. Lashley goes for a big punch but he is blocked and Storm hits the back cracker. Storm gets Lashley up and hits the Eye of the Storm for a long 2 count. Storm gets Lashley into the corner. He tries to roll him up but Lashley rips off the turnbuckle pad. Storm rolls Lashley up but he is sent head first into the turnbuckle. Dominator by Lashley, spear by Lashley and a 1…2…Kickout by Storm! Lashley tells Storm to stay down. Storm pushes Lashley away and hits two Last Calls for the 1…2…Kickout by Lashley! Storm goes for the Last Call again but is blocked, Lung Blower by Storm but Lashley rebounds off the ropes and hits Storm with the spear for the 1…2…3! After the match Aron Rex is on the apron staring down Lashley as Lashley gathers up his belts and stares right back at Rex as we head off the air.

Your Winner and Triple Crown of TNA champion: Bobby Lashley

Overall: Great, fast paced, well thought out match. Storm used the wily veteran gimmick for a while and used his smarts to keep away from Lashley. Once Lashley sunk his teeth in Storm was screwed. Lashley kept the advantage for a long time and didn’t give it up until Storm finally outlasted Lashley’s onslaught. The ending had some kicking outs of finishers but it was perfectly placed. Storm had just enough to get out of the spear but once it was hit again he didn’t move and inch on the pin. I love this match! Find it and watch it.

Show Overall: I liked this show tonight. The women’s match being the exception, everything else tonight just worked. Aron Rex coming out was a big deal, for TNA and the main event stayed good, got both guys over, and, in the end, Lashley looks great with all the gold. They are foreshadowing Aron’s feud with the champ but they have another story to tell before this happens. The Matt and Jeff storyline progressed in a positive manner, the EC3 and Galloway storyline is looking to change up some of these guys in the way they do business and today’s movement of management in TNA looks like we may get a fresh coat of paint on TNA. I don’t know what to expect but I am definitely wanting to see what happens next week. TNA needs to ignore WWE and what they do, and continue to just do the business they are doing on the show. The behinds the scene stuff needs to get better and they should look at ways to make some money with this company, but the in ring product is good. A name change perhaps is required, but I love the show and have loved it for awhile. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank