Bound for Glory….I knew you’d come…Well I didn’t actually, I thought it might not happen. Anyways, It is time and it is going to be AWESOME! Well, hopefully.

We open with Matt Hardy telling Maxul a bedtime story about the Great War. Funny enough, I think Maxul may end up talking like this since Matt uses that voice around him so often. Anyways we get a quick start and we are heading to ringside. Josh and Pope breakdown the night.

Match 1: Trevor Lee vs. DJ Z © for the TNA X DIvision Championship

Recap: We open up with a little back and forth, with DJ Z taking the early advantage. DJ Z makes Trevor powder early, and he works over a bunch of different arm drags. Early submission attempt by DJ Z with the double arm, but turns it into a pin attempt for a 2. Trevor to the outside again and DJ Z hits him from behind. DJ Z tells the ref to move, this allows Trevor to get the advantage. Trevor choke DJ Z with the ropes but loses his momentum with a counter and a flapjack. DJ Z with a top rope hurricanrana. DJ Z with a springboard back elbow. We have dual planchas by Trevor and DJ Z. Trevor hits the, give myself a powerslam move…it just looks weird. DJ Z counters a German suplex attempt into an electric chair position and the reverse frankensteiner. DJ Z goes for the ZDT (Still not sure), however, Trevor counters and rolls through with a nice German suplex. DJ Z fights off Trevor, but Trevor counters another ZDT with a double stomp. DJ Z hits a huge modified Canadian Destroyer into the ZDT for the 1…2…3! What a great start to the night. Trevor and DJ Z have such great chemistry in the ring, and in having that, can pull off some great moves. Their chain wrestling at the beginning was great, and Trevor used his power to take out DJ Z. DJ Z ended up being too quick, and hit that amazing Canadian Destroyer counter! I was super impressed with these two guys, this is how you start a show!

Your Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: DJ Z

Drew Galloway is in the back talking about being taken out of tonight’s match. He says he wants to fight but he is not allowed to do so. He ends up saying that he will not recognize the champion of this belt, not until they face him.

Match 2: 10-Man Gauntlet for the Gold Match: Jesse Godderz, Rockstar Spud(With Smashing Pumpkin music), Braxton Sutter, Eli Drake, Robbie E, Baraka, A Grado, Dax, Tyrus, Shera

Eliminations in order:

Braxton Sutter (Eli Drake)

Grado (Rockstar Spud)

Dax (Robbie E)

Robbie E (Baraka)

Baraka (Jessie)

Rockstar Spud (Tyrus)

Shera (Eli Drake)

Tyrus (Jessie)

Jessie (Eli Drake)

Your Winner: E-LI DRAKE

Overview: Yeah, Dummies, Yeah! YEAH! Good battle royal. A lot of spots. Grado coming in and getting eliminated right away was awesome, and the guys in the ring clapping and dancing along was a nice touch. Ending saw Drake steal the victory! I loved it I really loved this match! DUMMIES! YEAH!

Backstage we see Mr. Gail Kim and he talks shit to Maria and Mike Bennett. Right after that we get a promo by Maria and Bennett, good little spot.

Mach 3: The Miracle Mike Bennett vs. Moose

Recap: Moose gets a bunch of people dressed up like football players. Well, apparently not just people, an actual local football team, nice touch TNA. Bennett spits right into the face of Moose to start it off. He immediately runs away but is hit quickly with a nice dropkick. Bennett hits a plancha but it look like it hurt both of them. The Miracle has a pineapple right square in his butthole. Brawl between to two on the outside seeing Bennett backdrop Moose onto the steps. Chops in the corner by Moose. Bennett slows it down and works Moose’s leg. Moose with an ugly looking suplex into the corner. Huge powerbomb by Moose into the senton for a long 2. LARIIIIAAAATTTTTOOOO by Moose for another 2. Bennett rakes the eyes and hits a tornado DDT, followed by a piledriver for a 2. Weak punch spots by Moose and Bennett. It picks up a bit with Bennett’s forearms. Moose jabs, seeing Bennett try for the cutter but Moose counters it. Moose crossing attempt turned into a cutter of sorts for a long 2. Go to Hell by Moose and hits the discus forearm for the 1…2…3! Good match between the two. There were a few sloppy spots but they did a good job building the crowd, and the ending was where it needed to be, Moose winning and moving onto bigger and better things. Bennett looked a little blown up at the end, which was weird.

Your Winner: Moose, Moose, Moose, Moose

Match 4: Eddie Edwards vs. Aron Rex for the TNA Grand Championship

Recap: Good news is that they made a championship match three, 5-minute rounds. First round saw some good back and forth between the two. Eddie got the advantage with some nice chops and a frankensteiner. Aron can’t get the advantage back for long, because Eddie hits a nice enziguri sending Aron outside. Suicide dive by Eddie, but Aron hits him and stops the attack. Eddie keeps sending Aron out of the ring. Eddie hits the suicide dive outside but it looked like Aron sent Eddie into the barricade, however, both sold. Huge missile dropkick by Eddie for a 2. Your winner of round 1: Eddie Edwards. Round 2 sees Aron working Eddie over but keeps taking big moves by Eddie. Eddie goes to the chop spots. Aron locks Eddie’s leg in the rope and buckles the knee. Indian Deathlock by Aron…and the lights go out…and we get a pay your light bill chant. Lights back on and Aron locks in the reverse sharpshooter. You winner of round 2: Aron Rex. Rex turns up the pressure, but Eddie does come off Bret’s rope with a Codebreaker for a 2. Fight on the top with Edie winning the advantage. Eddie off the top and misses, allowing Aron to hit the “what a maneuver” for a 2. Running neckbreaker by Rex for another 2. Blue Thunder Bomb by Eddie for a 2 of his own. Moonsault missed by Eddie, Rex goes for the Revelator but Eddie clotheslines him. Shining Wizard by Eddie as we see a punchy, punchy end to this fight. Your winner of round 3: Aron Rex. I really found myself enjoying this match. Aron and Eddie worked well together and Eddie having the sub wasn’t something that just comes easy. Aron got booed however because Eddie is such a face. I think I would have had Aron win on a pin and not have it go to the time limit. However, they did, and they put together a well thought out match.

Your Winner and New TNA Grand Champion: Aron Rex

Gail Kim Hall of Fame ceremony: We get the return of Christy Hemme, Taryn Terrell (Pregnant), Awesome Kong(With some sweet hair), Dixie Carter (Oh God). We get a recap of Gail Kim’s career. Say what you will about TNA, but they have done a much better job of putting over women, and their importance to the show than WWE has ever done. WWE is now trying but they had Gail, twice, and they just did nothing with her. Also, Corgan is telling the truth, in mainstream wrestling, it took Kong and Gail to show that you can push women’s feuds like you push men’s. Let them work, and the story can be told! Very classy from Gail, done like a Hall of Fame induction should be done!

Match 5: The Broken Hardys vs. Decay (C) for the TNA Tag Team Championship

Recap: We start off with Reby playing the piano. She plays the Obsolete song on the piano, as we get the entrance of Broken Matt and Brother Nero. Nero sings the song once he enters! My mind is blown, honestly I loved that! So, unfortunately, Billy couldn’t get Manson to come in and sing Decay’s song. Right away all three members of the Decay spit the mist into the eyes of Reby. Jeff with the double leg drop on the nuts of Abyss, as Matt works Steve’s head with the steps. Huge clothesline by Steve as he screams out, “Let’s break his back!” Rosemary and Steve try to suplex Matt but can’t. Steve, improvises, and used the trashcan. Rosemary hits the Van Terminator into the trashcan, crushing Matt into the ropes. Abyss tries to staple Jeff’s head but Jeff blocks. Jeff tries to sunset flip Abyss and has his head stapled for his efforts. Matt and Abyss are backstage, Abyss takes out the ref. Jeff is taking it to Steve in the….ladders room? Steve launches a ladder at Jeff’s face. Apparently there is a lake of rejuvenation in a bucket that Jeff reaches for…Steve, like an idiot, pours the water onto Jeff, who disappears. Yeah, may not want to dump the fountain of youth onto Jeff, just saying. Pumpkin’s fly from offstage onto Steve, Smashing Pumpkins might a say? As Matt and Abyss fight outside. Jeff becomes another form of himself…I honestly don’t know who it is. Matt and Abyss about get hit by a car. Rosemary helps Steve, but Jeff puts a jack-o-lantern onto Rosemary’s head. Rosemary spits the mist into his eyes as Steve tells her to go help Abyss….Abyss tries to take out Matt with Janis but the guy that they stole the truck from about a month or so ago comes back and distracts him. Matt…sets Janis on fire, while Jeff becomes Willow. We get the return of King of the Road as Matt and Abyss fight in a truck. Vanguard 1 come to the aid of Matt and takes out Rosemary. Jeff…with a two count. Steve and Willow are back by ringside. Steve can’t reign in the ladder so he just cannonballs into Willow, set up against the steps. Thank god the truck was heading back to the arena, as Matt and Abyss make their way back in. Suplex by Abyss on the ramp. Jeff has returned and baseball slides into Steve. Abyss grabs the thumbtacks but we get the Poetry in Motion by Matt, and Jeff. Swanton Bomb by Jeff but Abyss kicks out. Abyss chokeslams Steve onto Matt but Jeff breaks up the pin. Abyss grabs out the barbed wire board, well two of them. Abyss goes to chokeslam Matt on the board but he gets kicked in the nuts. Matt adds the thumbtacks and Side Effects Abyss onto the board. He then hits a Bret’s rope elbow onto Abyss, who was sandwiched between the two boards. Rosemary “breaks up” the count but is powerbombed through a table for her efforts. Jeff runs Steve throat first into the post with a chair around his neck. Twist-of-hate on Steve, who still has the chair around his neck. Matt tells Jeff to indulge into his addiction and come off the ladder. Jeff climbs the ladder, Jeff comes off with the Swanton, which missed but hit, and Jeff pins Steve for the 1…2…3! The fuck was all of this? I loved this match. It had garbage, it had some final deletion mixed in, and we saw a hell of a brawl between the two. Abyss going through the barbed wire was sick and the ending ladder spot was crazy! I loved this…now never do it again!

Your Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: The Broken Hardys

Match 6: Gail Kim vs. Maria © for the TNA Knockouts Championship

Recap: WEEOOOOWEEEOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOO. Allie lets it slip that Maria is cleared to wrestle. I am honestly out of gas for this match. Maria takes all of the early part of this match. Bennett comes in and throws the brace to Maria, who was winning…,, Maria uses the brace but Gail kicks out. Maria tells Allie to give it to her…Allie throws it over Maria’s head but Gail throws it aside. Gail throws some ground and pound to Maria. Maria is caught in the ring post Figure Four. Gail, flips off Maria, slaps her, and then hits the Eat Defeat for the 1…2…3! Overall there is nothing to say. Match was a quick back and forth leading to Gail finally getting her revenge over Maria. Good showing. Bennett says he is tired of being screwed by TNA. He says he is going to shut this show down. This brings out Cody Rhodes. We get a brawl between all of the Rhodes and Bennett. Rhodes hits the beautiful disaster as we get a kiss from Cody and Brandy in the ring.

Your Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim



Match 7: EC3 vs. Lashley © for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Recap: During the introductions Lashley spears EC3 right out of the ring…he waits, however, to get his introduction and then goes to “check” on EC3. EC3 tells the ref to, “Ring the fuckin’ bell.” Lashley keeps on EC3 early but EC3 gets it back quickly with a suicide dive onto the back on Lashley. Lashley tries to leave, but is baiting EC3 up the ramp. Spinebuster by Lashley onto the ramp. Lashley throws around EC3 back and forth onto the ramp. Back in the ring, Lashley charges into the corner, and EC3 ribs. EC3 hits a…throw your head to the mat. Lashley.  goes for a fireman’s carry but EC3 gets the Zbyszko hold onto Lashley. Lashley throws EC3 off, to break the hold. EC3 hits the single-arm powerbomb onto Lashley. Lashley goes and gets the belt but misses and EC3 hits the TKO, but can’t get over for the cover. EC3 with a scary German suplex onto Lashley. Spear by EC3. EC3 hits a shitty looking TKO on the steps. Frog splash by EC3 for a long 2. EC3 charges to the corner but Lashley moves, and hits the spear for a long 2 of his own. Lashley goes and gets a chair and starts working over EC3 back. Lashley, Steve Austin’s, EC3 with the chair. Rock Bottom by Lashley and he holds on for the head and arm. Triple German’s by EC3. EC3 hits the 1%er but Lashley kicks out at 2. EC3 gets the chair and starts laying waste to Lashley. EC3 and Lashley fight on the top. EC3 is pushed off and Lashley hits EC3 with a spear coming off Bret’s rope for the 1…2…3! I loved this! This match? No it was just OK. But, where they are heading is awesome. Lashley and Moose needs to be where they are heading and I am looking forward to that. I must admit, I am not a big fan of EC3, but even if I was ,there is a story to tell elsewhere with him. He is not who I would be revolving the next set of taping around. I loved the ending and I love Lashley coming off of Bret’s rope for the spear!

Your Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Lashley

Show Overall: I actually really loved this show. I loved the way everything was set up. Often I have to look at, if 40 bucks was worth the price of admission to a PPV show and I must say I got every penny’s worth on this show. All of the matches had a payoff we expected, besides maybe the main event for a lot of people. I came into this show wanting to see the Final Deletion and in the end I got what I wanted and more with that match. I can not believe what those guys did to get this story over, and the ending, saw Abyss take some crazy bumps and Jeff came off the large ladder and about killing himself. I was very impressed with all of the people in the ring tonight and was thoroughly entertained throughout the night. So….

Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank