Who wants to see 19 PPV’s this year!? I guess I do! Backlash opens with a scroll remember the 9/11 attacks and the wound that still stays with us and a lot of the free nations on Earth. Wasn’t flashy and appropriately done.

We get a long, long opening intro, I am expecting a lot of this considering the matches we have tonight shouldn’t take up 3 hours. Yes, we are opening with Shane-o Mac to cut a promo. It appropriate that he comes out and reigns in the return of brand specific PPVs but I am not sure you need to start a PPV off with a promo you could have done on Smackdown, or on the pre-show. I mean Shane and Daniel got separate entrances. Literally nothing in ring happens until the 8 minute mark. Shane works the crowd and he welcomes us to Backlash. The fans are responsible for Smackdown’s success…Talking about the Smackdown stars getting opportunities they would get otherwise? Who, Randy Orton? AJ Styles? Who? Heath? Anyways, this all leads up to the Women’s introduction and our first match!

Match 1: Six-Pack Challenge for the Smackdown Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella vs. Nikki Bella


Highlights: Eliminations in order: Highlights, sort of, in the overall.


  • Alexa Bliss via Holy Shit look at that!
  • Naomi via Sharpshooter
  • Natalya via TKO
  • Nikki Via Rollup
  • Carmella via Disarmer

Your Winner and NEW Smackdown Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch

Overall: God we got like 5 minutes of entrances. I hate Carmella’s music by the way, which I guess is ok now that she is a heel. We not only got a waste of time with the entrances, they did a recap of what Carmella did to Nikki in between her and Nikki’s entrance. God, if this is the pace I can look forward to tonight I am not looking forward to what is to come. Sloppy start to this match. We immediately got down to two people and the formula began. So good moves from Nikki and Naomi and we did get a Tower of Doom spot between Nikki, Carmella, and Nattie.


Alexa is still green but she seems to be showing a lot of potential. She gets it. Carmella I am still not sold on. Naomi’s dive onto the pile outside was shaky but overall she executed it perfectly and got the crowd to pop. However, for every move they did that got the crowd to pop we get a Naomi looking like she is try to expose her ass to Nattie wait for Nattie to put her head in her legs and climb over the ropes. The rush to the finish after 15 minutes wasn’t bad, but sudden. Becky winning was the right choice. The match overall was a bit messy but they kept the crowd in it and they stayed hot, disregarding the moment Natalya and Naomi lost them with the shit. Good start to the night! Becky is so good at cutting such a low key, believable, babyface promo! She didn’t cry, she didn’t pander, she just spoke.


What the hell did I just watch? A promo for a television show? However, we make up for that crap with Bray injuring Randy Orton. Guess reports we right and Randy is still nursing an injury.

Match 2: Hype Bros vs. The Usos


Highlights: Look at those white kicks on the Usos! Mojo with a huge back body drop! Zack with the springboard splash. Facebuster and some fiery forearms onto a Uso in the corner. Zack plays keep away from both of the Usos and hits a dropkick from the apron followed but a huge shoulder block by Mojo sending the Usos into the barricade.


Zack gets sent into the middle turnbuckle and heads outside. Backbreaker by Jay into Jimmy’s flying nothing to the throat of Ryder. Spinning enziguri by Jimmy. Jay hits the ass to the face onto Ryder. Ryder reverse into the neckbreaker onto Jay. Hot tag and Mojo runs wild on Jay. Mojo presses Jay over his head and slams him down. Frankensteiner by Zack for a 2. Mojo misses a flying nothing into the barricade . Jay chop blocks Ryder’s leg and tags in Jimmy. Tequila Sunrise by Jimmy causing Ryder to tap out.


Your Winners: The Usos

Overall: Match was pretty good. Formulaic as hell, but overall the story build up to the Usos using the cheap, not illegal, tactics to get the win and it was where the match needed to go. I like seeing the return of the Tequilla Sunrise and the Usos having a submission finish is a really good idea.

Stupid backstage segment with Heath and Rhyno with Heath, I guess, shitting himself. Whatever, I told you I saw Fonzi on the bike heading towards that shark and he may just be getting to the ramp.

Match 3: Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz © for the Intercontinental Championship

Highlights: Quick single leg takedown by Ziggler. Ziggler continues his amateur moves with a bunch of cradles for 2 counts. Miz starts laying the boots to Ziggler. Big dropkick followed by another into a Superkick attempt by Ziggler. Miz with the bow and arrow on Ziggler. Back and forth leading to Ziggler being sent to the outside, off the slingshot. Miz with the dropkick through the middle rope to the outside. Ziggler, going about 88 miles per hour, missed a splash into the corner.


Miz with the inverted surfboard followed up by the stomp to the locked in calves. Miz, continuing to steal Daniel Bryan’s moves, hits multiple dropkicks onto Ziggler into the corner. Corner clothesline by Miz. Ziggler gets the rollup off the Skull Crushing Finale attempt by Miz. Flurry of clotheslines, into the splash, into the neckbreaker by Ziggler. Rebound sitout powerbomb by Miz for a long 2. Fame-asser by Ziggler.


Ziggler locks in the backpack sleeper, Miz fights it off, gets back to his feet and sends Ziggler headfirst into the turnbuckle to break the hold. DDT by Ziggler leading to a very long 2 count. Ziggler attempts the Superkick but Miz hits his DDT and locks in the Figure Four. Ziggler fights, and fight, and reaches to get the bottom rope. Ziggler pushes Miz off of him and hits the Superkick and gets the 1…2…foot on the rope by Miz. Miz tries to run away but Ziggler goes and gets him. Miz tries a O’Connor roll but Ziggler rolls through. Miz kicks out sending Ziggler into the ropes, where Maryse sprays a foreign substance into Ziggler’s eyes allowing Miz to get the Skull Crushing Finale and the 1…2…3!


Your Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

Overall: I really liked this match. Was it a little bloated? Yeah. However, the match was very well executed, with good, crisp work between the two. The ending was fine in my opinion because I think this allows Ziggler to lose, but have a storyline going into their rematch.


He lost, but he shouldn’t have. Miz didn’t look weak, but still won by heel tactics. Ziggler and Miz really did mesh well tonight and they were given a long time to tell a story. It didn’t slow down that much in the middle, and the ending was fast and furious. Overall, job well done between the two and they have gotten me interested in seeing Ziggler win that belt.

Match 4: Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

Highlights: That 10 count by Lil’ Natch! That pose on the corner by Bray!


Your Winner: Bray Wyatt

Overall: 5 Stars!

Match 5: Bray Wyatt vs. Kane

Highlights: Short-arm clothesline by Kane. Clothesline on the floor by Kane. Kane cleans off the Spanish announce table but this allows Bray to use the bell and crushes Kane in the head. Flying body cross by Bray. Bray hits Kane in the knee with the chair. Hoe-Train by Bray. Multiple chair shots on Kane. Kane kicks out at 1 off those shots.


Bray tries for the Rock Bottom but Kane reverses and hits the DDT on the chair. Goozle by Kane but Bray fights him off. Kane gets the goozle again and attempts the chokeslam on the table but Bray fights him off and hits a very nice lariat on the outside. Bray lays Kane across the table and climbs another. He looks out into the crowd, mock Randy Orton with Randy’s taunt and hits a sick looking senton through Kane and the Spanish announce table.


Bray tunes up the buzzards in the corner and goes for the Sister Abigail but Kane, finally, hits the chokeslam for a 2 count. Urinagi onto the chair by Wyatt for another 2 count. Randy is seen on the entrance ramp.


Randy comes in the ring and hits the RKO. Kane with the chokeslam and the 1…2…3!

Your Winner: Kane

Overall: While the match was nice. I didn’t like Bray losing to Kane tonight. Now I know, I know he lost because of the RKO and it is going to push their story forward, but I could have went with one PPV where Bray gets his hand raised. I love Kane, I always will, but Bray really needs a win on PPV, and it would have made more sense for Bray to win and then Randy hitting the RKO and walking out the way he did. I just didn’t like this finish at all. Now, again, the match was pretty good and Kane and Bray went at it and put on a pretty decent brawl.


The senton through the table was awesome. I guess I am just left wanting more due to the ending.

Match 6 for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Usos vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno


Highlights: Rhyno and Jay get the early back and forth. Heath is sent outside with a punch to the stomach. Suplex into the ringpost on the outside by the Usos. The Usos keep working over Heath for an ice age. Belly-to-back suplex by Jay for a long 2. Jay pulls Heath away from the grasp of Rhyno. Heath, finally, gets the hot tag to Rhyno. He goes bananas and sets up for the Gore. Heath tags back in off the missed Gore. Neckbreakers to both Usos. Heath fires up and hits the imploder DDT for a 2 count, broken up by Jay. Superkick to Heath but Jimmy turns around and eats the Gore by Rhyno. Heath slinks over and makes the cover for the 1…2…3!


Your Winners and NEW Smackdown Tag Team Champions: Heath Slater and Rhyno

Overall: While I must admit I am super happy Heath and Rhyno won the belts, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the fact that this really hurts the Usos. Newly heel Usos shouldn’t be losing this soon. I think this isn’t a good move on Smackdown’s part. However, I think Rhyno and Heath winning it was awesome but I would have kept the Usos away from this win and “suspended” them for their actions against American Alpha. In the end there wasn’t much to say about the match. Heath got beaten up for a while. Gore to end it by Rhyno, and here we are with Heath Slater and Rhyno as our Smackdown Tag Team Champions.


Match 7: AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose © for the WWE World Championship

Highlights: Quick pin attempts early by AJ. AJ talks shit and gets hit, well shoved, by Dean. AJ works over Dean and sends him throat first into the ropes. Dean with the headbutts and punches to get away from AJ but AJ hits the Phenomenal dropkick getting the advantage back.


High knee drop to the face of Dean. Ambrose takes advantage of AJ’s methodical offense and goes all Stone Cold on AJ and stomps a mudhole in the corner. However, Dean is too fast and AJ avoids a charge into the corner causing Dean to hit his shoulder into the post. AJ goes for a splash in the corner but misses. Dean takes AJ up to the top rope facing the floor and hits the belly-to-back suplex off the top sending AJ over onto his belly upon landing. Ambrose with a HUGE running clothesline followed by a twisting backbreaker. Dean with an elbow to the outside onto AJ.


Dean face plants AJ for a 2. AJ tries to roll into the Calf Crusher but Dean rolls him through and ultimately AJ hits a suplex into the turnbuckle. Dean goes for the Dirty Deeds but AJ reverses. Dean into the corner and AJ catches his leg, driving Dean’s knee into the mat. AJ continues to work the knee. Dean gets out by driving his leg, repeatedly, into AJ’s face. Suplex attempt by Dean but AJ rolls him through and gets the Calf Crusher onto Dean. Dean crawls, and fires up to get the reach and the rope break. AJ gets the move back on but Dean hooks AJ’s head and slams it, multiple times, into the mat. Style tries for the Styles Clash but Dean blocks it. AJ sends Dean over the top and kicks him in the head on the apron. Styles goes to piledrive Dean onto the ring apron but Dean catapults AJ right into the ring post. Dean with the running bulldog for a long 2 count. Fireman’s carry into the neckbreaker by Styles for a 2. AJ with the Styles Clash attempt again, but is back body dropped. Dean attacks, however,  AJ catches him into the spin out powerbomb for another 2.


AJ hits the springboard 450, which looked like Dean was supposed to move out of the way of, for another long 2 count. Dean comes back with a neckbreaker. Dean with a bunch of strikes sending AJ out towards the floor. Dean dropkicks him the rest of the way out. Dean with the suicide dive onto AJ sending him over the announce desk. Dean sends AJ out into the crowd.


Dean runs over the two remaining announce desks and leaps onto AJ into the crowd. Dean gets the action back into the ring and AJ hits the Pele kick but Dean rebounds off the middle rope and hits the big clothesline. AJ runs into the ref, low blows Dean and hits the Styles Clash for the 1…2…3!

Your Winner and NEW WWE World Champion: AJ Styles


Overall: Wow! I know I said last week that I thought they should maybe not put the belt on AJ and that I thought it would mean more as a face with him chasing it. However, AJ is fantastic and this was fantastic. AJ winning this belt is awesome. He is the most over guy on Smackdown right now and his character does have some legs to it. He is such an asshole, and the character is amazing because, for the most part, he doesn’t work like a heel he just talks shit. The match was really good and I was glad to see a motivated Dean Ambrose in there with AJ tonight. I am excited for him and I can not wait to see where we head from here.

Show Overall: I must say that I enjoyed tonight. The beginning was a bear as it got started but overall all the matches we entertaining. You could tell they were fighting to get the length of the show to match up with their 3-hour commitment, but the matches didn’t feel worse for them being longer than they normally would be. Ziggler and Miz had a pretty entertaining match and AJ and Dean had a very good main event. Becky as champ is awesome, and I am looking forward to what Heath and Rhyno are going to do with those belts. Do we have a short reign with the Usos taking them on Smackdown? We will have to wait and see. I must say I went into this show not looking forward to the whole thing, nevertheless, I walked away impressed and satisfied with tonight’s showing! So…

Until Next Time,


Monty the Yank