Mike Bell

Our next interview is Mike Bell, a current trainee of RWA based in Runcorn. So let’s get straight to it.

Name: Mike Bell
Ring name: Still working on one.
Age: 26
Country: England, North West
Wrestling school and/or promotion: RWA based in Runcorn and Winsford.
How long have you been training for: Half a year
Who are your trainers: Andy Baker (wrestled in OVW and NXT)
Wrestling school/promotion websites: http://www.rwawrestlinguk.com/

WWUK: What made you want to train to become a professional wrestler?

MB: Prior to joining wrestling I had lost all motivation and direction, watching wrestling made gave me something to look forward to, upon seeing that being a wrestler was a possibility, I found something to motivate me again and gave me a brand new challenge which I was lacking in my life.

WWUK: Who are you main influences?

MB: Started watching when Brock Lesnar returned, as I was a fan of his since I was a child and followed him through his UFC days. Once the Shield Debuted I haven’t missed an episode so you could say Brock and the Shield are the reason that I am interested in Wrestling.

WWUK: What style of wrestling do you do and is it influences by anyone?

MB: I am still working on my own style, I would like to be technical with a bit of a brawler style, recently took up brazilian jiu jitsu and boxing so that I can improve my technique. I have started watching the WWE Cruiserweights. As a collective, they seem to be allowed to use more varied technical moves and there strikes seem very strong. Plus am in that weight and size category.

WWUK: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

MB: Am very optimistic about my ability to work hard to achieve what I want, regardless of any barriers so I would love to say that in 5 years I will at least be riding the independent circuits in america,hopefully getting the chance to travel and wrestle all over the world along the way.

WWUK: What do you want to get out of the wrestling business?

MB: If all goes to plan I would love it to be a career, WWE being the ultimate goal, obviously right now that’s a dream I share with every wrestler out there. I can’t think of a better way to see the world.

WWUK: What is your best experience to date?

MB: Since my wrestling journey is currently a few months in, I don’t have any great match stories or experiences but last week I got to be part of my first show, I was able to be the referee for a few matches, something I found very bizarre as the time before I was in the crowd, It was a great way to learn how a match is worked and a great way to be introduced to the full roster.

WWUK: Any funny stories regarding trainers/wrestlers/etc

MB: Unfortunately not just yet, although training has it funny moments, they are more ‘you have to be there’ moments, however being part of a promo class with Rip Rogers and Dave Taylor was one of the funniest moments I have had in wrestling, somethings you just can’t begin to describe.

WWUK: What’s been your most difficult experience regarding training so far?

MB: I find the most difficult thing is remembering moves and different holds, I feel like I do all the drills and exercises pretty well, however tell me to freestyle and my mind goes blank. I am improving with this as my training progress but I would put it down to nerves, also expect to make a fool out of yourself at any point during wrestling, luckily it’s part of the fun and we all do it.

WWUK: If you could give any advice to our readers wanting to live their dream what would you tell them?

MB: Stop wanting and start doing, honestly the longer you keep telling yourself that you are going to do something, the less likely you are to do it. When I started I had been out off the gym for 9 months, as I got told by doctors that I had 3 disk out-of-place in my neck, I really didn’t feel like it was the right time to start but am so glad I did otherwise instead of thinking about making my debut in December I would be thinking about starting to train still.

WWUK: Top 3 wrestlers you would love to face and why?

MB: Anyone of the Shield members would be amazing, as they are why am even in wrestling. Triple H, one of my favourite heels throughout the years and a great role model, would learn so much wrestling him. Kevin Owens. Think he is one of the best at the moment, entertaining in and out of the ring, I feel that he would definitely bring out the best in me.

WWUK: Other than WWE what other promotions would you love to work for if possible?

MB: I would love to work for new japan, not seen much of the stuff but I like the idea of working in Japan and getting to witness the culture and traditions first hand, also Ring of honor seems like a great place to work and a great place to build a fanbase.

WWUK: How do you work training around other commitments?

MB: I tend to work day shifts, currently in a warehouse order picking, so that allows me to eat on time, get an afternoon gym session in and train in either BJJ or boxing depending on the day and wrestling is weekends so I put them before work. Honestly it’s just about sacrificing my social life and downtime.

WWUK: Who do you believe in your own personal opinion is the best wrestler in the world?

MB: Currently I have so many people in my mind and for many different reasons, I would say John Cena is still the best when it comes to the big picture of reaching out to the world and putting on consistently good matches, however the best wrestler in terms of actually winning a match I would say Brock Lesnar. I would have to say Bray Wyatt is the best at promos, he has such a unique character and his promo delivery is unreal and makes it feel real. AJ Styles has to be the best thing in WWE at the moment, really enjoying his WWE run. In the past I classed Chris Benoit as the best wrestler regardless of out of ring events. he was a small and quiet wrestler yet still managed to become world champion at WrestleMania, while being one of the best technical wrestlers out there and came across as a legit and dangerous fighter. It shows what hard work and dedication can do. I classed Triple H as the best heel in my past, people just hated him. I also feel that the Rock was the best on the mic regardless of being a heel or face his delivery was perfect and entertaining.

Thanks to Mike Bell for taking time out of his schedule to interview for WrestleWorldUK. We wish you good luck in your training and hope it leads to a long and healthy career.

Mike currently trains under RWA, you can fins out more information about training as well as their shows here.