Lord Crewe

Real Name: Sean Stewart
Ring Name: Lord Crewe
Début: 11/6/2015
Trained by: Roger Ruffen at Bonekrushers National Pro-Wrestling training center.
Trained for how long: 2 years
Current promotion: NWF
Championships won: NWF Unified Championship




What made you decide you wanted to become a professional wrestler?
It is something I have always wanted to do, and due to some career changes it opened the door to allow me to start, so I seized the opportunity.
What promotions have you worked for?
Where do you see your career going in 10 years time?
I plan to take opportunities as they come, and shoot for the stars. I feel as if the hardest part of the journey is over, and that is getting started, there’s only one direction to go from here so I just have to keep on working, training, continuing to get better, and take the opportunities as they come.
Who were your influences as a child?
As a kid I loved Macho Man, Undertaker, HBK, Razor Ramon, too many to list but all for unique reasons.
Who would you love to face and why?
There are a lot of people who I would love to step into the ring with, but I’m just happy to be in the ring, so whoever, whenever.
What is your wrestling style and how was it influenced?
A lot of power moves and heavy striking. A lot of my in ring style is influenced by American Badass era Undertaker.
Where did your ring Name come from?
My trainer/promoter Roger Ruffen came up with it when building my gimmick.
Any advice for aspiring wrestlers?
Spend the money to get trained correctly by a reputable school. There are a lot of goofs out there and you cannot put a price on good training. I feel so blessed to have lived in the city where Roger’s school is, he’s the best in the business. He has trained a lot of good talent including WWE Superstar Karl Anderson, TNA’s Abyss, TNA’s Wildcat Chris Harris, amongst others.
What was the hardest part of the training and why?
The hardest part of training is building the nerve to take that first step. Once you do that and get in and get over the initial nerves, everything starts pulling together.
what’s you’re favourite wrestling match of all time?

HBK vs. Hogan at Summerslam ’05, anyone who is reading this and has never witnessed it… Do yourself a favor.

Any last comments before you go?
Keep an eye open for what’s to come, this is only the beginning.
Thanks for having me!

All images courtesy of NWF Wrestling.

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You can find Lord Crewe wrestling for Northern Wrestling Federation. View their website here for more information.