David Mathie

Here is an interview with me, David Mathie. The founder of this very website and a very passionate professional wrestling fan. Enjoy

Name: David Mathie

DOB: 21.04.1988

Country: United Kingdom

Why did you create this website? I love professional wrestling and I wanted a website I could go to to read about stuff I was interested in without add getting in the way. I’d never found one so thought hey, why not create one myself.

Who are your favourite wrestlers? All time favourites have to be Shawn Michaels, Bayley, AJ Styles, Sasha, Triple H.

What are your aims for the site in the future? I am hoping to make this site a success. I write articles myself aswell as a few select others. But I really need an official dedicated team to get the site really going, now I know that’s probably going to cost money to get going so it’s probably going to take a while before I get there.

I hope I can make a career in wrestling journalism. That is my future goal and this website is one way to get there and get my content noticed out there in the wrestling world.

Favourite match? 2 favourites really. Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker at WrestleMania 25. An absolute classic of a match and both wrestlers put everything into that match.

My second is Bayley vs Sasha at NXT Respect 2015. Such an emotional and turning point in the Womens division. I cried during this match because the passion those had in the ring that night was second to none. Two absolutely deserving superstars of the wrestling world.

How did you first get into wrestling and what is it you love about it? I don’t actually remember watching wrestling for the first time. Or what matches I seen which made me start watching. I just know that I’ve been watching it for as long as I can remember and I am very passionate about it myself.

I love everything there is about wrestling. The actual wrestling for a start, the storylines and how silly and strange they can be. The feuds between superstars and classic good guy vs bad guys. You get lost in the drama and excitement of it all and it’s just the best thing to watch.

Is there going to be new features added to the site in the future? I’m hoping so. Atm I’m getting started on implementing a forum. Should be ready within the next few weeks. Also I know I have a news section on the site, but without the right people I’m unable to offer this atm. As it would need a large group of people to write constant updates, of which I don’t have just yet. So hopefully for the future yes. Aswell as other things there will be lots of additions in the future which I am working on.

If you could meet any wrestler, tag team, manager etc. Who would you choose and why? Although my favourite wrestler is Shawn Michaels I’ve gotten say if I could meet anyone it would be Vince. He has been in the business his entire life and has so much experience. So many stories I would love to hear. I could listen to him talk about the business forever.