August 22nd 2016 was a pivotal moment in Bayley’s career, her official debut on WWE Raw. After competing at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 2 nights prior for the NXT Womens championship, losing against Asuka in a very hard-fought battle and emotional loss, Mick Foley announced he had signed one of the hottest free agents right now, Bayley’s music hit and the crowd roared. This was a special moment for Bayley, as she has wanted this moment for so long, and so have the WWE Universe. However I personally would have changed a few things about her debut and booked it just a little bit differently. Here’s what I would have done differently:


First of all, I wouldn’t have announced it like Mick did, I know it was a huge moment after all as Bayley has deserved this for such a long time so nothing could have ruined Bayley’s debut, however I do feel that the way it was announced had a little less shock and surprise as compared to her just making her debut running down the ramp with her music hitting. I also would have kept her debut to the Raw after SummerSlam, as it would be fitting to call her up after her loss to Asuka.

Charlotte would be in the ring, mouthing off about her victory over Sasha the previous night and how she defeated her to reclaim her Womens Championship. Charlotte would mention many times, how she had defeated Sasha without the need of Dana at ringside, without her dad and she is capable of beating any of the women in the locker room.


Charlotte tells how Sasha was injured due to how vicious Charlotte was in the ring with her and how he didn’t care if she injured Sasha, as she would do anything in her power to win and become Womens Champion once again. In addition, Charlotte tells the audience in the arena and at home to stop chanting “we want Sasha” and tells them they are chanting for Sasha to return. Who in her first title defence as Womens Champion, lost. Doesn’t that tell you something. “Sasha is a loser”. This gets so much heat. Once Sasha returns after her injury, Charlotte warns her to stay away because she will injure her again and she will not be losing her championship belt again.

Smiling towards the camera with her protégé, holding down the ring ropes to let Charlotte out of the ring:



The crowd goes absolutely insane chanting “Bayley, Bayley, Bayley”. As Charlotte and Dana are in shock, and by the looks on their faces, a little worried too. Bayley hits the ring to Charlotte, gets on mic and announced she is the newest addition to WWE Raw! Bayley tells Charlotte that she hurt her friend and had better stop talking trash otherwise she will have Bayley to deal with. Sasha is one of Bayley’s closest friends and Bayley is going to take Charlotte out for injuring her.


Some off mic trash talking between the Charlotte and Bayley ensues, as the three women in the ring are about ready to battle it out there and then, when Charlotte suddenly throws her belt to Dana, who attempts to take Bayley down with it.

Dana fails to Charlotte’s disappointment, Bayley hits. The ropes and comes back with a double clothesline taking them both down. A series of moves and reversals shows down between the three and the final moment ends with Bayley performing a double Bayley to Belly suplex on both Charlotte and Dana simultaneously.

Bayley looks down, standing over their motionless bodies and looks towards the WWE Womens Championship. She stares it down with pure fire and passion in her eyes. Gets on the mic and tells Charlotte, “Bayley is here, and you should be worried”

Bayley exits the ring leaving the championship belt in the ring with a huge smile on her face and the entire arena chanting “BAYLEY, BAYLEY, BAYLEY” This is Bayley’s night
I believe what I have just described would have been a much better debut for Bayley, however, I am not taking anything away or being negative whatsoever with the way she made her debut in Raw, as it was still a perfect moment and was a very long time coming. But the wait was definitely worth it. I can honestly say I had a mark out moment during her debut and got excited as hell. I’m totally looking forward to where Bayley goes forward now and my dream is for her to become Womens Champion at WrestleMania.


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