Episode 1: Sharpshooting the Sh*t

This is the Pilot episode of Heel Marks! Danielle and Brady are two lifelong friends who LOVE talking about wrestling and will now be doing it every week for your listening pleasure! Kevin Owens is champion which means all is right with the world. What does this mean for the JeriKO bromance? How did Big Cass look in his first main event match? What does this mean for the Seth Rollins and what did Triple H just do? All this and more on the first episode of Heel Marks!

Episode 2: Heath Slater, Please Adopt Us

Kevin Owens is still the Champion! Dean Ambrose is finally starting to act like one. What do Sheamus and Cesaro need to do to elevate their careers to the next level? Brady and Danielle talk Survivor Series predictions, how to get adopted by Heath Slater and more on Episode #2 of The Heel Marks!

Episode 3: Wrestling fans are like mutants…in a good way

Did you miss us? Danielle is back from meeting beautiful wrestlers which means it is time for Episode 3! What did The Heel Marks think of Backlash? What means more: the Universal Championship or the WWE World Championship?  Danielle talks about her chance encounter with Zack Ryder & Emma. Who does Brady think is the Professor X of professional wrestling? All this and more on another edition of Heel Marks! 

Episode 4: Sharpshooting the Sh*t part 2

Are the cruserweights in good hands on RAW? Did Becky Lynch cut the best promo of the week? Is Daniel Bryan the WWE’s biggest asset and does Danielle still hate The Club? All this and more in episode 4 of Heel Marks!

Episode 5: You just made the list!

Episode #5 is here! Is RAW still the “A” show? Have Trailer Parks become advanced? Will Sheamus and Cesaro capture lightning in a bottle? Who do Brady and Danielle think should have won Rock the Promo? All this and more on another episode of Heel Marks!

Episode 6: And We Are…The Heel Marks!

The women were the main event of RAW! Will we see them main event a PPV? Do The Heel Marks have psychic abilities? Are they better best friends than Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho? Will Heath Slater have to return his double wide? No Mercy Predictions and so much more – Episode 6 of Heel Marks is here!

Episode 7: Give James Ellsworth A Chance

Did the right match main event No Mercy? What is next for Dolph Ziggler? Did The Heel Marks cause Naomi to get a push? Should Mauro and Corey Graves join forces to become the ultimate commentating duo?   Is there a bigger name in wrestling today than James Ellsworth? All this and more on episode 7 of Heel Marks!

Episode 8: James Ellsworth for President

James Ellsworth has taken over the WWE! Is the world next? What do Brady and Danielle think about Goldberg/Lesnar II? Are the women outshining the men? Where does Ambrose fit and more! Have no fear, episode #8 of Heel Marks is here!

Episode 9: Just Blame Brady

Wait no longer – Episode 9 of Heel Marks is here and we have our first special guest! Did the right match main event Hell in a Cell? Did the right woman leave with the championship? Is WWE dropping the ball with The Miz again? How is Survivor Series shaping up and is Brady to blame for all that goes wrong in the world? BradyDanielle and their guest Damon discuss all this and more on episode 9 of The Heel Marks!

Episode 10: But Dadddd

Fresh off WWE’s trip to Scotland The Heel Marks get into everything wrestling!  Is singing when a woman is trying to speak, the best way to get her to “be your girl”? Is Chris Jericho the best to ever wrestle over 45? But more importantly, did  Brady  and  Danielle  just come up with the BEST CARTOON EVER?!? Judge for yourself on this week’s installment of The Heel Marks! 

Episode 11: Save Us M2J

Get ready for Survivor Series with episode 11 of Heel Marks! What in the world is happening with Dolph Ziggler? Will Miz be a transitional champion? Is Becky Lynch being overlooked? Will Goldberg make it to Survivor Series? All this plus Survivor Series predictions on another episode of The Heel Marks!

Episode 12: Demons love the number 13

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And what better way to kick off the holiday than with another edition of Heel Marks! This week Brady and Danielle are joined by M2J of the Doing the Job wrestling podcast. Are The Revival professional wrestling’s best tag team today? Was Goldberg/Lesnar the shortest main event of all time? Is there a TENolution happening and is it true that all demons love the number 13? All this plus the debut of M2J’s poetry slam on episode 12 of The Heel Marks!

Episode 13: Hot Potato

Are we having deja vu or is there a serious game of hot potato happening with the women’s championship? Is Charlotte coming for her Daddy’s record? Will we ever be okay with the idea of Roman Reigns as Universal Championship? Is John Cena at odds with WWE? And back by popular demand, another edition of M2J’s Poetry SLAM! All this plus  Danielle  and  Brady  make their TLC Predictions in Episode 13 of Heel Marks!

Episode 14: It’s a Conundrum

I’ve got a fever and the cure is more Heel Marks! The women of WWE are on fire! Is Bayley being left out of the fun? Are The New Wyatts revitalizing the tag team division? Is the WWE Universe ready for James HeelsWorth? Is Roman Reigns the biggest heel in the WWE?  Danielle  gushes over Randy Orton.  Brady  knows how to say “Gallagher”. TLC thoughts, favorite RKO’s and another edition of M2J’s Poetry SLAM! All this and more on episode 14 of Heel Marks

Episode 15: The Swerve of Jericho

Dolph Ziggler thinks he can win the World Championship again – does anyone else? Fresh off a 30+ minute Ironwoman match, is the right woman champ? What is left for New Day now that they’ve broken the record and are no longer champs? What is next for new champs Cesaro and Sheamus? Is the wrestling world ready for “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes?/ Is there a bigger badass than Neville right now? Is there anyone with more personality than Jack Gallagher? Brady and Danielle look at the aftermath of Roadblock: End of the Line, make early predictions for who will win the Royal Rumble and more on Episode 15 of Heel Marks!

Episode 16: What did the 5 fingers say to the face?

A happy and a Merry Christmahanakwanza to all and to all another edition of Heel Marks! Who is the best heel in the WWE today? Is Neville on his way to a huge WrestleMania moment? Is  Baron Corbin  on his way to being the next big superstar on SmackDown? Would you watch a Veagan cooking show hosted by Brock Lesnar? Brady  and  Danielle  talk Royal Rumble, women’s wrestling and the smack heard round the world on episode 16 of Heel Marks!

Episode 17: The First Annual Heel Markie Awards Part 1

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Heel Marks are celebrating the New Year with a 2 part special featuring the first annual Heel Markie Awards!  Brady  and  Danielle  go over their picks for best of the year including best heel/baby face, comeback, promo, and much more! Who improved the most? What was the best PPV? Find out who walks away with most awards in Part 1 of The Heel Markies! 

Episode 18: The First Annual Heel Markie Awards Part 2

It is time for the main event! The dramatic conclusion to the First Annual Heel Markies is here! Who is the best male and female wrestler of the year? Who is the most underrated? Does Brady surprise himself with who is overrated? Has Danielle changed her tune about The Club? The Heel Marks talk the rest of the best including the Match of the Year! Do you agree with their picks? Only one way to find out! 

Episode 19: Heel Turns, Title Changes and Pastrami Sandwiches

Did the match of the year take place 4 days into 2017? Is Dolph Ziggler ‘s heel turn too little-too late or just what his career needs? Is there any  #Heel  better than  The Miz right now? Is there a better feud right now than  AJ Styles and  John Cena  Danielle  and  Brady  give their thoughts on why fans hate  Roman Reigns , what we can expect from  #WrestleMania  and the amazing  Paul Heyman . All this and more Royal Rumble predictions on Episode 19 of Heel Marks! 

Episode 20: Heel Life and Spirit Animals

They are the Champions of the Universe and America! What is next for  Kevin Owens  and  Chris Jericho  and what does it mean for  Roman Reigns ? Is the sky the limit for  Baron Corbin ? Has the WWE dropped the ball with The Wyatt Family again? Will  Alexa Bliss  and Becky Lynch  Main Event  #SDLive ? Will M2J finally grace us with another “Poetry SLAM!”?  Brady  &  Danielle talk Royal Rumble pics,  #CarmEllsworth  and spirit animals in Episode 20 of The Heel Marks!