Pen, Writing, Letter.


I am about to embark on something I have dreamed about my entire life. I have watched professional wrestling ever since I can remember. It’s always been a huge part of my life and now I am about to start training to hopefully become a professional wrestler myself. My name is Jenson. This is my journey.

Day 1

I’m pretty nervous about what’s going to happen. I’ve never seen a ring up close let alone been in one. I don’t really know what to expect or what happens but I know this is what I want to do. I’ve dreamt of being a wrestler since I first watched it and love everything about it.

So here we go, I’ve arrived at the center ready for my first lesson. I walk in and greet the two trainers, Stefan & Simon. They’re pretty nice guys and welcome me to the group. They introduce me to everyone. Including me there are ten students. (The school has only just recently opened). One of the trainers sits me aside for ten minutes to get me to sign some paperwork and explain a bit about what happens each lesson. Pretty excited right now and he asks me am in ready to begin. A huge smile comes across my face.

The centre has one ring which is already set up. (The trainer asked me to come an hour later to allow for the ring to be set up first, he said I can help with that the next lesson). Pretty huge ring, 20 x 20ft. White canvas and blue ropes. WWE style turnbuckles. God I can’t wait for this.

So Stefan takes 5 of us in the ring, and Simon takes the other on the padded mats outside (I’m in this group).
We do an hour of stretches and loosening up our muscles ready. This needs to be done every single lesson without question otherwise can result in injury. Once we are all warmed up the trainer starts getting us in the ring. He teaches me how to get in.

Getting in a wrestling ring for the first time in my life is a pretty damn awe-inspiring moment. It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be in real life. Looks smaller on television. Simon & Stefan say we are going to ‘bump’ now. This means basically how to land safely. Now I’m getting nervous. They both hit the ropes and drop down and land on their backs with a smack to the canvas. I’m thinking Ow. It looks painful but I want to do it. After everyone else has taken their go, because I’m new they teach me how to bump. To start off either crouching or if in feel confident from a standing position. I want to show my confidence so I do it from a standing position. I bump on the canvas and wow. That didn’t hurt as much as I thought it did. The ring has a bit of give to it.

We do different variations of bumps and rolls for the next hour. Back bumps. Front bumps. Somersaults. Jumping over opponents etc. Apparently we will always spend an hour bumping every lesson as it’s the foundation of everything you will learn in wrestling.
I’m getting pretty tired and this is very physical and you need to be in great shape. Something I have been working on ever since I found out about the school.

Next, the trainers move onto lock ups, the thing that happens most matches at the start. This is called a collar and elbow tie up. They tell us to always have your left foot forward and to go in strong and powerful. Take two steps in and make sure your left foot is always forward. After I have my go the trainer tells me I did a very good job for my first tie up. I’m pretty proud of myself right now.
We spend another hour doing tie ups and showing us how to get into various holds from the tie up such as the wristlock, hammerlock, snapmare and headlocks. This is so damn interesting I love it.

We have a break for something to eat and then move onto the next bit.

Running the ropes is up next. I found this bit pretty easy, apparently it is easy all you need to do is make sure you grab the rope with your right arm when you hit so you don’t fall out of the ring. Which is an easy mistake to make apparently. My trainers have seen this happen many many times.

Next our trainers move onto some basic moves. Bodyslams and suplexes. They tell us that every move you are doing in the ring you are there helping your opponent. To the audience you need to look as if you hate each other or you want to kick their ass. But, in reality you are working together to help each other perform a great match. For example, when doing a bodyslam. Your opponent picks you up but you use yourself to support yourself onto them, so they are not basically deadlifting you. You have a huge part to play. Something I never knew before. I’m sure I’m going to learn lots.

The last section was an hour and a half of doing a match. A tag match where we put everything into practice. The trainers asked me if I wanted to take part or sit out as it’s my first lesson. I asked to sit out and if I could watch. As I wasn’t confident enough yet. They said that was perfectly fine. A few of us sat out.

What usually happens is one trainer will be in the tag match and the other will help the other students with anything they want to go over or learn something new, so I went with Simon, and two of the other guys who sat our and we went over the basics again like bumping, tie ups and we also learnt a few submission holds. Simon asked me to put him in the figure four. I was pretty excited and apparently did it well.

Everyone started to take the ring down as the lesson was now over. Every lesson we put the ring up and take it down. Stefan told me I didn’t have to. They prefer if students in their first day sit out and watch how a ring is put up by others, then they can feel a bit more confident of what goes where and when, because from then on in I’ll be helping set the ring up and take it down every lesson. It’s a part of the learning experience.

Simon came over and asked me how i felt. I told him a bit sore and he told me that’s to be expected. That tomorrow morning I’d wake up in lots of pain. But once I’ve been doing it for a few weeks my body will be conditioning itself and get used to it. He said i did pretty well for my first lesson and hopes I carry on coming.

I definitely will be. This is an experience I just can’t even explain properly. I shall try my very best to succeed at this and I am going to blog every single day of it. What happens and how I get on. Today has been one hell of a day. I can’t wait for the next lesson to see what we learn next.

Note: This is a weekly work of fiction from one of our writers.