CWC Episode 6:

It’s round 2 of the Cruiserweight Classic, the show has hit its stride and things are going great. This week give us three matches as opposed to the previous weeks offering of two which is a little unfortunate as the matches will have less time to impress than the others. That being said there is more to enjoy with a good couple of matches on offer all of which bring something different to the table which is the whole point of the CWC.

Match 1: Akira Tozawa vs Jack Gallagher.

Jack G

I was hugely impressed by both of these men in the first round; their opponents too. So when I learned that Tozawa would be taking on Gallagher in the second round I was salivating at the prospect. Needless to say the two did not disappoint. The two started the match well with something we don’t really see much of anymore in pro wrestling, comedy spots. I love comedy spots when they are done right and the two we saw in this match we exactly right. They were done early enough in the match to express the character of each man and not ruin the drama that would follow. They were really well done. The first of these spots was a leg lock with added swagger from Gallagher and the second was something I don’t think I have ever seen before. Gallagher tied Tozawa up using his own limbs then rolled him over. Tozawa then sold that he was stuck on the ground, with screaming and wriggling. It made for a really entertaining start and I’m sure it’s something I’ll remember for a while.

These two working together was so entertaining it wasn’t a surprise to learn that they had worked together previously as they had such chemistry in the ring. Even as the intensity ramped up the two still worked extremely well together and demonstrated their respective styles. Strong strike from Tozawa and a beautiful Irish whip sequence that displayed what the technical British style is all about. I said it last time he wrestled and I will say it again. Gallagher wrestles the way I had hoped to see Zack Saber Jr wrestle. Both men looked incredibly strong and the offence was sold properly with Tozawa struggling to stay on his feet at points until he finally hit his deadlift German Suplex for the win. I am a little sad to see Gallagher out of the competition but I will be sure to what him in future having seen what he can do. That being said I’m looking forward to what else Tozawa can do in the quarter finals.

Akira Tozawa wins.

Match 2: Noam Dar vs Hoho Lun


I’m sorry to say this but I really wasn’t looking forward to this match. Both Hoho Lun and Noam Dar didn’t impress me all that much in the first round. I don’t what it was but I couldn’t get myself excited, especially following the great match that had just been on, I found myself getting set up for disappointment. That being said the match sizzle real did a lot to make Hoho Lun look strong it was edited well I found myself more impressed than I had been watching his match so in that regard things started pretty well. I was further surprised to see Hoho Lun more invested in his own character, really selling his gestures and taunts before the match, he looked a lot more confident going into this second round which I think is great. In fact I was pleasantly surprised again when the match started.

A really good sequence opened the match and showed how slick Dar can be in the ring. He had some really smooth reversals and took the lead early so to speak. The crowd seemed to die down a little from the last match because it didn’t have the same intensity there flashes of it but it fizzled out quickly. One thing the crowd did do however was chant Dar’s name to the imperial march something that happens on the Indies, so that was nice to hear. From there the only stand out spot was a scary looking Michinoku driver from Hoho Lun, whether it was intentional or he dropped Dar it looked vicious and the match carried on. Unfortunately my main complaint from Dar’s last match also made a return when he won with his kneebar submission, something I really don’t like.

It can be said that Dar hasn’t had the best opponents yet so he hasn’t had a chance to shine but if his match is anything like this in the next round it will be a real shame when guys like Jack Gallagher and Cedric Alexander have been eliminated.  Not too sound too harsh, I want to like Noam Dar I just need to see more from him.

Noam Dar Wins.

Match 3: Brian Kendrick vs Tony Nese.

Tony Nese

In a bit of a lull from the second of the night’s matches. Brian Kendrick vs Tony Nese had a lot to do if they wanted people engaged. As a big fan of Kendrick this was the match I was looking forward to most so it was fitting to see it go on last. Tony Nese was dominant in the last round so I wanted to see a more balanced match this time to see how he would switch things up and Kendrick certainly had the credibility to pose a challenge.

The match started with Nese going hard. He layed out Kendrick almost immediately cementing himself as one of the stronger guys in the tournament.  Kendrick quickly rolled to the outside and then we started to see some really clever spots. My favorite thing about this match was how creative they were when it came to using the ring as a weapon. Both men used the apron to facilitate reversals and it lead to a nice Superkick from Nese on the outside but that wasn’t the only time they used the ring in clever way in the match. Throughout the used the ring in new and intelligent ways, a key moment was when Kendrick pulled Nese’s arm through the turnbuckle and he got stuck allowing Kendrick to get some offense in. The sequences weren’t flashy but still very entertaining and showed how a Heel Kendrick is playing smart since he is older, it was good character work from him. Of course Nese blew him away with his athleticism hitting a crazy outside dive and landing a devastating Turnbuckle powerbomb that looked more painful than any other I had seen. The match wasn’t flashy just good. The pacing was great and I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout. The finish was good but it was something we had seen done earlier in the night with the finishing move being reversed once before it finally being hit.

Brian Kendrick Wins.

CWC is still a strong point in WWE programming but Noam Dar needs to pull something special out in future round if he want to impress people. Overall it was a good episode but I would say one of the weaker ones. With the final instalment of round 2 next week things are really heating up and once again I can’t wait.