One of the strangest and disheartening of stables in WWE in the past few years to say the least, the Wyatt Family consists of an array of characters. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erik Rowan & Braun Strowman. What are the chances of the latter, Braun Strowman one day holding up the gold? Is this just fantasy booking gone mad, or could the huge monster make his way to the top of the card?


Braun Strowman is a monster, as clear as day. Let’s face the facts. He’s tall, and he is built like a monster, he is a powerhouse who could easily clear the ring in a 30 man rumble quite easily without any effort made. Yet he is still stuck in a rut having to deal with local talent jobbing to him, with no real storyline progression towards his character going forward and a lack of experience actually wrestling due to these ‘jobbing’ matches. For the past few months, week after week we have had these local talent come in and get decimated by Strowman. he basically plays with them until they’re no good and then finished off with the reverse chokeslam. (A pretty devastating move when performed right).

Who will ever forget the infamous James Ellsworth, one of the many local talents who got destroyed by the monster, and believe it or not is now one of the most popular guys in WWE. Since beating up these jobbers on a weekly basis, Braun wanted some proper competition, yet Mick Foley just gave him more competition, not necessarily better. In the form of handicap matches. 2 vs. 1 & 3 vs. 1. Of course, Strowman best the living daylights out of his opponents as expected.


The question that needs asking is who is going to defeat Strowman? Will it be Zayn? As they kind of had a feud starting off but in the midst of Survivor Series I think that’s been set back a little. There needs to be someone on the roster right now to dethrone the monster, I don’t want it to be a David vs. Goliath situation either, I don’t really think that will be too enjoyable. But I do believe a mid carder can take the reins and get the big win, add some momentum to their game as well as having a good feud with Strowman.

Whether or not WWE will carry on with the Zayn vs. Strowman feud after Survivor Series, I do think it’s in their best interest to do so. Zayn hasn’t really had a big feud since his Payback match with Kevin Owens which was a 5 star classic & without a doubt the best match on the card. Zayn needs a good feud to progress him towards the upper card. Who better than Braun, the monster who can’t be defeated. Even if this program happens and Braun loses, it will be a loss that won’t hurt him and that will elevate him too.


Once Braun has had a good few months feuding (non title wise) he really needs to start being put into the title scene, especially for the United States Championship. If by then, Roman is still the champion and it’s Braun vs Roman, that’s a match, or a series of matches I would love to see. Two completely different styles going against each other in a battle power for the championship. It’s pretty inevitable that Roman is going to be placed in the Universal championship title scene pretty soon, and when he is, Braun is the perfect guy to drop the title too. A good long run as the champion will be good enough to establish Braun as a top Champion and a top heel. (Braun can never be a Baby-face it just wouldn’t work for his character). All of this is his way of getting into the main event picture.


When you look at guys in the ring such as Kalisto or Sin Cara, TJ Perkins, Rich Swann or Neville, amongst many others the quickness and agility they perceive is second to none. They can outrun larger opponents and turn the match around in 1 second using their high-flying skills and maneuverability to their advantage. This is where you would think Braun has a disadvantage against many opponents, however, for a 6ft 9in & 386lb man, Braun has some superior agility and quickness on his side. Many men his size are slower movers and restrict themselves to what they can do due to this, I believe Braun’s sheer quickness makes him capable of just about anything. That’s a dangerous thing for any superstar facing him. I can only imagine what running into a brick wall must feel like, as I can imagine that’s how a Braun Strowman clothesline feels.


You’ve got to wonder that now with the brand split & Raw & SmackDown being separate brands, the fact that the Wyatt family have been separated from each other if this will change things. After all, Bray Wyatt is on the opposing team against Braun at Survivor Series. What will happen if those two are tagged in at the same time, either they have a good ol’ fight, or they save it for a rainy day and tag their partners in. After all, they are The Wyatt Family.


It also makes me think if Braun is competing in a title match, and him and The rest of The Wyatt Family are still on good terms, if some kind of interference could be on the cards. It would make sense, maybe they’re separated on different shows but they still want family to succeed right? Unless Bray or Luke Harper tries to screw over Strowman for some most likely idiot reason they can think of, to start an interbrand feud which in itself would lead to some interesting viewing.

Is Braun even capable of winning any championship from a business point of view? As we all know, Vince has the complete final say on everything that happens in WWE. If it’s on your TV, then it’s only there because Vince has approved it. Everyone by now knows Vince likes the big guys, he’s always been highly favourable of them as compared to the likes of Neville, Sin Cara etc.

I firmly believe Vince is 100% behind a future Braun Strowman title reign, and the first of many I would say so. As it’s not just the look. It’s the speed,the power and most recently the mic skills too.As a nation we kind of tend to generalise the population. For wrestling this can be something like big guys can’t high fly, or small guys can’t powerbomb. Women can’t be technical or good on the mic, and over the years this hasn’t kind of gotten stuck in the minds of the audience, expecting what we know is basically going to happen. It’s little things like these in which talents come from places that you totally don’t expect that further enhance the characters and make you believe in them more so.


So what’s the time scale for a potential World Heavyweight title win for Braun? I would quite likely say within the next 2 years, but then again plans that are 100% confirmed today can be completely re-written by tomorrow. It all depends on who is champion, who gets called up, and who is given the opportunity and takes it and does everything they possibly can.

I mean in the next 2 years it’s highly likely we will see top guys from NXT be called up.

Samoa Joe, Nakamura, Roosevelt, Aries & many more who could quite easily take the top spot as much as Braun possibly could.

But I’ve got to say the chance of Braun becoming either a Universal Champion or WWE Heavyweight champion (considering potential trades) is pretty much guaranteed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a champion who is feared as a total monster in which Braun is. To go on a non stop run of destroying opponent after Opponent and rack up an unstoppable winning streak. I can tell you it’s definitely a vision I can easily imagine, not just because I’m a fan and want it to happen, but because it’s a great business decision that can really get a great monster heel have a run as champ and have a bit of legitimacy towards it.
Here’s to the 2017/2018 Universal title run of Braun Strowman, with a potential title defense against Nakamura. Braun Strowman vs. Nakamura. I’m calling it right now.