Let’s Talk About- iMPACT 12/01/2016- The return of the Broken One-Plus Jade and Rosemary in a Cage!

Match 1: Aron Rex (C) vs. Moose for the iMPACT Grand Championship

Recap: Finally!  Rex isn’t happy, as he issued an open challenge. He begged off Moose, and ran away for a good portion of the first round. Moose hits the Discus Clothesline for the 1…2…3! Good for Moose!

Your Winner and NEW iMPACT Grand Champion: Moose…Moose…Moose

Jeff is backstage talking about what Matt Hardy we will see tonight. He says no matter what they will be defending their tag team championship!

DCC…in the ring…talking like robots, with James Storm clearly not talking and trying to mime along with what is being said on the speakers. Jeff comes out but doesn’t get to speak very long, as he is taking out by the DCC. DCC’s “music” hits and the lights go out in the iMPACT Zone! Matt Hardy is back. Jeff says, “Brother Moore, I knew you’d come!” Matt talks about them being the holders of the tag team belts. Good little bit to get us to their match tonight.

Braxton Sutter vs. Mandrews vs. DJ Z (C) for the TNA X Division Championship

Recap: Triple lockup starts us out. We trade rollups between the trio. Mandrews with a nice Northern Lights Suplex into the standing Moonsault for a 2. Braxton with a nice powerslam onto Mandrews. Standing switches between Braxton and Mandrews leads to Braxton being taking out of the ring. We get a Moonsault off the steps by Mandrews onto the other two combatants. So, to make this sort of lame, Mandrews gets onto his skateboard and tries to ride it down the ramp. He is back elbowed by DJ Z,. Good! Finish saw Mandrews going to the top, he hits the Shooting Star Press onto Sutter, but he is rolled up by DJ Z and gains the victory. I really hate the roll up, I really do. Nice thing was though, we get a Mandrews heel turn, and rightfully so.

Your Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: DJ Z

Now it may look like a missed a segment, but I just refuse to talk about this Maria, Laurell, and Allie storyline. It is so past the shark, I believe the motorcycle is making a turn, and heading back to sacrifice itself for being so atrocious.

Match 3: DCC vs. The Broken Hardys for the TNA Tag Team Championship

Recap: Hardys take it to Bram and Kingston early. Back-to-back double, suplexes by the Hardys. Matt off of Bret’s rope with a elbow for a 2. Poetry in Motion by the Hardys onto both of the DCC members. So, for most of the match Jeff, and Matt take it to Bram. James Storm, finally, interferes, and allows Kingston to get the tag and take over the momentum. Kingston and Bram take turns keeping Jeff grounded. Jeff gets the hot tag to Matt. Matt bites the arm of Kingston, and Bram, followed by a double clothesline. Bulldog, clothesline combo by Matt, into the Side Effect onto Kingston for a 2. Twist of Fate is broken up by Bram. Kingston couldn’t put Matt away. Twist of Fate by Jeff, into a Twist of Fate by Matt onto Kingston and they secure the pinfall victory. Match was good, I am just not sure if I understand this story, with the DCC eating a decisive loss, when I think there is more of a story to tell between these two teams.

Your Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: The Broken Hardys

EC3 and Eli backstage. EC3 tells him that when he wins the TNA Championship that he will give Eli a match anytime. Eli just has to say the word. Eli just stares at EC3 as he walks away.

Al Snow with a very fiery promo on the Tribunal. He is demanding a strap match against the Tribunal! This could be fun…or a trainwreck, we will have to wait and see.

EC3 comes out to the ring, for reasons. Well I mean he is the number one contender to the TNA Heavyweight championship, but I am not a fan of a promo segment, when I really just want to see Rosemary and Jade in a cage! Babyface promo by EC3, but then we get babyface Eddie Edwards out to the ring…Who is going heel folks? Maybe, nobody? So the babyfaces try to out babyface one another. I was sort of bored. It was fine, just pointless. “I Will Win!”, says EC3. “No, I will!”, says Eddie. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that Eddie Edwards still had the belt, and still feel the Eli should have been in this match. Too much EC3 for me. He isn’t a very good babyface. He is a good heel, but as a face, he is just bland, and lame.


Match 4: Rosemary vs. Jade for the TNA Knockouts Championship: Six-sides of Steel

Recap: Have I said that I love the Decay gimmick? Well, I do. Also, I love Hebner’s face when Rosemary tried to lick the belt. He just no sold it. Immediate brawl between Rosemary and Jade. They take it outside of the cage. Josh, while I hate him with a passion, is very good at explaining rules and telling the story that we need to sure up questionable moments. Series of kicks, Josh’s words, not mine, from Jade. Nice, gutwrench suplex by Jade. Rosemary take back over in the match with a flying clothesline onto Jade. She then rakes Jade’s face across the cage. Rosemary, licks Jade, who sells it like it was poisonous. We head into the finish with Jade going to the top of the cage and flying off onto Rosemary with a nicely, executed crossbody. However, Rosemary is just too much and she kicks out of the move at 2. Jade goes to the top rope, like a stupid face, but has the yellow mist spit into her face, and then the Red Wedding is hit for the 1…2…3! Very well paced, and entertaining match! I liked this a lot, a lot more than I liked the Hell in the Cell match between Charlotte and Sasha. Honestly, they didn’t go out to one up anyone. They didn’t try anything stupid to outdo someone else’s spot. They just went out and put on match that set out to make their title, and their feud mean something. We didn’t get a million kickouts. What we got was a match that I would compare to a lot of cage matches in recent history. I really enjoyed this match!

Show Overall: A good, solid show this week. TNA has done a good job building to PPV style television shows once a month. It is sad though, because I would really like to see them having a PPV every month/every two month instead of seeing the payoff on TV. On the other hand, I am cheap and like to see the payoff for free on TV, but I know they aren’t making any money off of doing this. Hardy’s and DCC match was really good, but is missing something, as I want more from this story, and this felt like the blowoff. I want to see a heel Mandrews facing off against DJ Z, and maybe getting away from the six-man tags they have been doing on iMPACT. I really want to see Jade and Rosemary go back at it. The only issue I have is that I am not looking to forward to EC3 vs. Eddie Edwards. This is due, in part, to me not being a huge EC3 fan, and being someone that is tired of him being the main storyline, and in the main title picture for the better part of two years now. He also needs to be a heel, as he is so drab as a face. All in all I like IMPACT because it refreshes my love for wrestling every week after watch a lot of lame stuff on WWE programing. So…

Until Next Time,

Monty the Yank