Will The Wyatt family work as a cohesive tag team?

According to Daniel Bryan, TLC was the last time Miz & Dolph would face each other one on one for the Intercontinental Championship. Over the past few months they have had a great feud, with a match of the year candidate at No Mercy last month. Either of the two could have walked out of TLC as champion and I would have been ok with it. They both bring their own unique vision to the Intercontinental Championship.
But now that this feud is seemingly done and dusted, what’s next for them both.

Miz needs a new challenge and a new championship contender. After Baron Corbin’s win on TLC, and requesting to be put in the main event, I’d personally like to see Bryan put him into the IC title picture first,even though Miz & Baron are both bad to the bone, it could be interesting as they would both take it to the next level.


Corbin needs a new feud, Kalisto needs to be done now, he has been beaten and Corbin is potentially a future WWE Champion with definite promise. Placing him in the title scene is a good move to get him on his way to his first Championship. What better way than with the Miz, culminating in a WrestleMania match maybe?

Now, on the other hand. Dolph needs a new direction now. Dolph has lost and lost and lost, but his short title win put him back in the game. Dolph now needs a good feud now to prove how good he is. Yes, the losses he has had against Miz has hurt his character but he can come back from it. I’m just not totally sure who can compete with him next, and I hope WWE doesn’t go back to him jobbing. Since the brand split Dolph has been one of the shine out stars and very well so because he is one talented son of a bitch.

Is Alexa a transitional champion or here to stay?

Personally I hope it’s the latter. Since the brand split, there were a few call-ups from NXT:

  • Alexa Bliss
  • Bayley
  • American Alpha
  • Mojo Rawley
  • Finn Balor

Of all of these call ups, Alexa, in my opinion has been the most successful. The master of the facial expressions is now the SmackDown Womens Champion. I never seen it coming as I was sure Becky Lynch would retain and slam Alexa through a table.

However, Alexa’s time has come, and it really showed how much it meant to her, breaking down on Talking Smack completely out of character. But that’s ok, this is a huge moment for Alexa and she totally deserves it. She works so damn hard and is one of the best females on the roster. Her wrestling skills constantly improve every time she goes out there, her mic skills are great and her character is just awesome and she plays it absolutely perfectly.
Alexa now needs to have a length run with the belt. Establish herself as the top female in WWE. Becky will surely get her rematch, basically begging for a rematch.

Is there a turn on the way? Only time will tell, but Alexa needs to be chased for the championship by Becky, or even potentially Nicky.

Who is next for AJ Styles?

I’ll be honest, I was fully expecting Undertaker to show up at TLC, after Styles’win over Ambrose. The rumours around the internet have been AJ vs. Undertaker at the Royal Rumble. I was very hopefully he would show up, call AJ out and the PPV would end on a high note with AJ looking on in fear.

No show by Undertaker but all is not lost. We still don’t know if Undertaker vs. AJ will actually happen as it’s still just a rumour. What we do now is that this Tuesday on SmackDown, James Ellsworth will be getting his WWE World Championship match against AJ. After turning on Dean & sending him crashing through two tables costing him the championship.


TLC is potentially the end (at least for now) of the AJ /Dean feud, hopefully Dean will now be focused on a programmer with Elsworth. As stupid as that sounds, many people are already complaining about Ellsworth being on TV too much, but he’s signed with them now, and needs to start getting serious. A programme with Ambrose could potentially do that.


Now onto AJ. Other than the UnderTaker, the only other option I see is a returning Cena, I can’t really see too many competitors available for a feud for the World Championship right now. Orton & Wyatt are the tag champions so they are out of the question. Miz & Dolph will be in another programme with other guys so again no. Undertaker is the next genuine threat I can see and if so it would be a great programme to watch.

What’s Heath’s motive going forward?

It’s a sure sign that The Wyatt family will be the tag champions for a lengthy time now. I don’t see Slater and Rhyno recapturing the titles again now. Previously heath’s gimmick was he needs a job and he has like 20 kids and needed a contract to get his above ground pool. It was so entertaining to watch and Heath was given new life and ended up teaming with Rhyno and becoming so over with the crowd and winning the tag team championship.

Since then, he’s kind of fizzled out of that character. Don’t get me wrong, Heath is a talented individual and great in the ring. But I think he’s starting to go a bit stale character wise now. So perhaps him & Rhyno will disband? Mutual agreement or they can have a feud together but I don’t see them winning the championship again. So I’m not sure of the next direction for Slater at all.