So with Elimination Chamber rolling around and SmackDown outperforming RAW in terms of how it’s female performers are presented, what are the chances of a women’s Chamber Match this February?

I’d say pretty damn good.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and former champ Becky Lynch look to be wrapping up their program sooner rather than later, so a Chamber match for the belt seems a logical and progressive step.

The SmackDown women have been killing it in every segment and match presented since the re-introduction of the brand split. We have new match possibilities with the call-ups of Alexa and Carmella, as well as a rich and organic history with the recent feuding of Nikki Bella and Natalya, which makes for an exciting prospect in 2017.

The Chamber allows for multiple feuds to grow all in one match. It’s an inevitability that six competitors in such close quarters will all interact, thus allowing more possibilities for both current and future feuds.

And with a more concentrated women’s roster in comparison to the men, this may actually prove beneficial – the women have all interacted at some point (except Mickie James……Oh My God, she’d be perfect!), so it allows an organic build and flow for the match.

The recent Championship Tables match at TLC shone the spotlight on Bliss and Lynch, while proving women are capable of holding their own in stipulation matches. As a direct result of this, the two women will go at it in the first Steel Cage match featuring women IN FOURTEEN YEARS. As someone who loves women’s wrestling and cage matches (*cough* and Alexa Bliss *cough*), I’m hyped for this. The stipulations aren’t limited to SmackDown either; we’ve recently seen Sasha Banks and Charlotte headline the Hell in a Cell PPV inside the titular match and go at it again in only the second-ever Iron Man Match to feature female performers.

Another point is that with such a young Championship, WWE really needs to be building it’s legacy, a Chamber Match would increase the prestige of the SmackDown Women’s Championship tenfold. By allowing these women to show they can tear the Chamber down, it shows not only faith in the product, but faith in the division and the Championship it’s built upon.

This makes the possibility of a Women’s Elimination Chamber that much more realistic and, arguably, even logical.

Let us know, in the comments below, what you think of a Women’s Chamber match, and who would make the best combination. 

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  • David A Clark

    I’ve wanted this for a while, now. I hope they announce this next week or right after the Rumble (I’ve also wanted a women’s Rumble match, even if it has to be smaller). All six of the active women on Smackdown would be great for this. I agree that this would do wonders for the championship, it being only four months old. What an exciting time for women’s wrestling.